Vintage SciFi Month 2017

WoodruffeTheSecondEarthClementineOnce again, my yearly foray into vintage science fiction will be lean. I do so love this yearly reading activity but I’m rather scattered this month with our planned trip to California for my big surgery.

Once again, I will be giving this beautiful book, The Second Earth, by Patrick Woodroffe a try. It is magnificently illustrated. My mom found it at a thrift store or perhaps a garage sale in Taos a little over a year ago. I actually started reading it last year for Vintage SF 2016 but a hospital stay waylaid my reading schedule. One of the things I really like about this book is that the author is also the illustrator.

Heldig getting a tongue bath from Tofu
Heldig getting a tongue bath from Tofu

Then I also plan to reread The Book of Frank Herbert, a little DAW edition. I read this oh so many years ago and really enjoyed this collection of his short stories. While I was stuck in doctor’s waiting room last week, I started this book and even got the first story read.

Vintage SF Month is going on all January and anyone is welcome to join. The rules are simple – it has to be in the science fiction or fantasy genres and must be originally published 1979 or earlier. Check out The Little Red Reviewer who came up with the brilliant idea and has been hosting the event for years.