2015: The Worthy

So this year, according to my GoodReads account, I read or listened to just over 300 books, ranging from 10 pages in length to over 1100 pages in length. Obviously, I had to put a lot of thought into what books I found worthy this year, there being so many to sort through. So, I … Continue reading 2015: The Worthy

Bury Me by Tara Sivec

Where I Got It: Review copy Narrator: Stephanie Willis Publisher: ListenUp Audiobooks (2015) Length: 6 hours 36 minutes Author's Page Set in 1965,  Ravenna Duskin, who recently completed high school, doesn't feel quite like herself. Two days ago, she had an accident that left her with scratches, bruises, and a head wound. Her parents dote over her as she … Continue reading Bury Me by Tara Sivec