Guest Posts Invited to Dab of Darkness

Inkitt publishes 4 algorithm-picked books & launches iOS app

Inkitt: The First Readers-Driven Book Publisher

Using Fiction to Interest Young Readers in Non-Fiction by Henry Herz

The Art versus The Artist by Darrell Drake, author of A Star-Reckoner’s Lot

Fairy Tales and Fairies and Fae (Oh, My!) by children’s book author Henry Herz

Wizard Talk! 10 Magical Phrases for Potterheads!

Bubonicon 47 – Tea Time! by David Lee Summers

Burt Weissbourd and his book Teaser

Catching the Muse and Bittersweet by Barbara Venkataraman, author of the Jamie Quinn mysteries

Christmas Wrapping the Cat by Stephen Kozeniewski, author of Braineater Jones

Cruelty is Needed by Sarah Dalton, author of The Blemished

Dabs of Darkness by Burt Weissbourd, author of Inside Passage

Dinner Guests by Henry Herz, author of Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes

Horror Abroad: Delving into Our Fear of the Unknown by Adrian Rawlings

If I Couldn’t Write, I Would Be a Time Traveler by Liesel K. Hill, author of Persistence of Vision

Jim Bernheimer, Author of Prime Suspects

Listening to Your Muse – by Linda Bell Brighton, author of Wolgast Castle

Massive Multi-Author Book Launch Coming September 1,  2015, Cheri Lasota introduces us to the Paradisi Chronicles

Mythical Creatures: Loving Them Means Sometimes Leaving Them Alone – by Garrett Calcaterra, author of the fantasy Dreamwielder

Of All the Perks Of Time Travel, This Has Got To Be The Best – by author L. K. Hill

Sex! Perversion! Nudity!  – by Jame DiBiasio, author of Gaijin Cowgirl

Victoria Simcox Returns! Chatting about her second book, The Black Shard

Why Is It I Can Wear Pants But He Can’t Borrow My Skirt?  – by Oliver Pearl, author of The Last Gentle Dentist

Me Guest Posting Elswhere

The 114-Long Wheel of Time Read Along Post over at SF Signal – a wrap up post chatting about the experience of reading the entire Wheel of Time series with a group of friends on line.

Bloggers who WIN: Dab of Darkness – me being interviewed over at BookStore-BookBlogger Connection

Mind Meld: Science Fictional Technologies That Are Just Around The Corner (from SF Signal)

Science Fiction Author Brian Stableford (posted on The Little Red Reviewer)

Fun and/or Thoughtful Stuff

Apex Magazine Short Fiction Podcasts #11-15

Apex Magazine Short Fiction Podcasts #6-10

Apex Magazine Short Fiction Podcasts #1-5

That Strange Beauty of Apex Magazine – April 2017 Subscription Drive

Vintage SciFi Month 2017

So, What’s Up with that Face Leash?

2017: In the Beginning, Challenges Were Made

The Best & Worst of 2016

The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

A Time Travel Tagging

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Bloggity Award & Other Stuff

Upcoming Read Alongs & More

What 2016 Holds

2015: The Worthy

Around the Blogosphere March 2015: SF Signal Wheel of Time post, Audiobook Blast, rhino & goat,

Zombies & The Football Apocalypse

A Round of Tag

Around the Blogosphere January 2015: Brandon Sanderon’s Reckoners series, BBC dramatization of Good Omens, Scott Lynch’s The Effigy Engine, Warp’d Space, and Talk Nerdy to Me

Best of 2014

Around the Blogosphere November 2014: Brandon Sanderon’s Legion: Skin Deep, Little Red Reviewer’s Vintage SciFi Month, and The Pigeonhole

Prepping for the 2014 Santa Fe Renaissance Fair

Science Fiction Villains

Around the Blogosphere May 2014 – Catherine Asaro kickstarter, Little Red Reviewer interviews R. Leigh Hennig, N. K. Jemisin interview, The Once and Future Nerd audio

2014: What’s Next?

My Book Loves of 2013

Around the Sphere June 2013 – Assassin’s Creed & Skyrim music videos, Fahrenheit 451 in 3 minutes, Saladin Ahmed, & more

Around the Sphere May 2013 – Acapella Hobbit music, R. A. Salvatore interview, 10 odd scifi movies you’ve never heard of, & more

Around the Sphere April 2013 – Third Riddick movie, female super heroes – with clothes!, bloggity awards, scifi landscapes in your backyard Communist country

Around the Sphere March 2013 – Disney Spoof, Jane Austen Fight Club, SFF Donkey Kong, & more

Authors, Please, Take Your Time

Stardust: Book or Movie?

Bubonicon 2014: Friday

Bubonicon 2014: Saturday

Bubonicon 2014: Sunday

Bubonicon 2013: Great Start

Bubonicon 2013: The Meat

Bubonicon 2013: The Afterglow

Prepping for Bubonicon 2013

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Bloggity Update: Thankfulness

2015: A Shift

A Thankful Halloween (2014)

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