Don’t Call Me Victim by Carrie Crist

Narrator: Rick Gregory

Publisher: Carrie Crist (2017)

Length: 39 minutes

Author’s Page

The police have arrested Paul on suspicion of kidnapping and harming Terri. However, they can’t find Terri. Interrogating Paul only brings up more questions. He’s convinced that Terri is really his ex-girlfriend Missy, who he is still obsessed with. Who did what to whom? The police may never get the full story.

This was a clever little bit of fiction in which the reader is never quite sure who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Also in regards to Paul, his version of the facts may be a bit skewed. At first, I was totally on Terri’s side, believing Paul to be a bit unhinged. However, later my sympathies shifted a bit. I still thought Paul was a bit unhinged but Terri obviously wasn’t being totally forthcoming.

If you need just a short break from your humdrum life, this is a great short piece of psychological thriller. There’s a few bloody scenes but it’s not a gorefest at all. I decided in the end that while I didn’t want to be best buds with any of the characters, I did find them quite interesting. There’s definitely something more going on than what first meets the eye.

The Narration: Rick Gregory did a really great job playing an unhinged Paul. He portrayed the various emotions quite well and sounded engaged in the story all the way through. His female character voices could use a touch more femininity.

What I Liked: Story always had me guessing; there is more going on than we first suspect; my sympathies shifted from character to character as I learned more.

What I Disliked: Nothing. It was a very interesting short story.

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