The Path of Daggers Read Along Part IV

PathOfDaggersBannerWelcome everyone! This is the third week of the dissection of Robert Jordan’s Book 8 of The Wheel of Time Series. Anyone is welcome to join us, so check out the schedule over HERE.

This week, I am you host. Our walking WoT encyclopedia, Eivind, can be found in the comments. Make sure to also check out Sue from Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers and Liesel from Musings on Fantasia.

This week we covered Chapters 16-21. Spoilers run free and in their birthday suits below!

1) Egwene has shown the Salidar Aes Sedai some of her strength. Do you think they will fall into line now or continue to push for power of their own? If you could step into Egwene’s shoes for a few minutes, how would you handle some of the more ‘uppity’ Aes Sedai?

I totally expect for the some of the stronger personalities to keep pushing Egwene. Actually, I am kind of looking forward to it as that means Egwene will have to put them down and I expect that to be highly amusing. So far, Egwene has mostly played by the rules but I expect her to come to a point where she needs to break, change, or bend some significant rules, and in public. Of course, she will need to make the Aes Sedai aware of her strengths when she does this and I am expecting that to be quite awesome.

If I were in her shoes, it would be terribly tempting to smack certain Aes Sedai around. Doesn’t make it right. But still very tempting. Ok, maybe I would do it. Can I possess Egwene’s body for just a few minutes while I smack Romanda’s and Lilaine’s heads together? Or perhaps I can lock them in a very small closet together for a day or two.

2) Siuan has constant advice for Egwene, telling her the Secret Histories of other Amyrlin Seats. Do you think the irritation of her constant advice will outweigh the knowledge she is passing on and Egwene will snap and tell Lord Brynne of Siuan’s affections? Or do you want to know more of the Secret Histories?

Well of course I want to know more about the Secret Histories….but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want Siuan and Brynne to finally come to terms with their burning and adolescent love either. Maybe I can have both? Surely Siuan would eventually 1) get over her anger of Egwene (or myself) telling Brynne of her crush and 2) would eventually need to come up for air from kissing Brynne that she could continue the Secret Histories lessons.

I was very taken with the idea of the Secret Histories. I wonder how many long term rulerships through out history have had something similar that very few have ever been privilege to. While fascinating to me, who will likely only ever rule over the home washing machines, I can see how any rulership would have to closely weigh the pros and cons of having any Secret Histories, whether written or oral. What if the wrong people, like the public, got a hold of them?!?

3) Roedran Almaric do Arreloa a’Naloy has a plan to use the Band to unite the Murandian nobles behind him. Do you think it is that simple and will go so easily? Should Talmanes listen to his inner heart and go fetch Mat instead?

I don’t think things will go so easily. Either the fates won’t allow such simplicity to exist…..or Roedran is smarter than he looks and is planning to use the Band for something more. I can see how things may very well get out of hand. It is human nature to not want to put their toys away without playing with them once they got them out of storage. Basically, a large united armed force is going to want to tussle with another large armed force before going home.

Sooner or later, Talmanes is going to be pulled by the ta’varen and will head towards Mat. Personally, I vote he does so right now and screw any plans with Murandy. And screw Egwene’s orders too. But, I doubt things will fall out that way. Instead, I expect things to get messy with Murandy, and Talmanes will need to flee with what he can pull together of the Band, and why not flee towards Mat? We all know he needs assistance due to how things were left last book.

4) War on Elaida has finally been declared and Egwene plans to have the Salidar Aes Sedai and their warriors Travel in one month. What could possibly go wrong with this plan?

hehe….So much could go wrong with this. First, Egwene has given all the idiots surrounding her one month to raise any and all possible objections and subtle obstacles. Secondly, she has also given the evil ones among her group time to muck things up. Sigh……Plenty of entertainment for me (from a reader’s perspective) but not so good for our heroine.

Romanda and Lilaine are going to be tarts about the whole affair. Halima has her own agenda of course, so I expect Egwene’s headaches to intensify. This also gives any nearby nobles with any differing plans or ulterior motives time to mess with Egwene’s plans. Yes….all sorts of problems might very well crop up in the next month.

5) Elayne has been playing with the angreals. In fact, she was playing with a rod when something happened. No one will tell her what happened, though everyone grins when it is mentioned. What do you think that angreal is and what do you think Elayne did and why can’t she recall?

The rod angreal is described as wrist thick, a foot long, and smooth like stone. Now the immature imp in me want sot imply that Elayne had some kind of personal affair with this rod….but I expect that is unlikely. From the way everyone grins, it was apparently highly amusing whatever it did. Yet they won’t tell her, so this means it was either unladylike for a royal lady or outright embarrassing no matter who you are. I am going to say that this either grants one the ability to cuss in any language or causes one the extreme need to dance naked before a crowd. ๐Ÿ™‚

6) Narishma fetched something for Rand. What do you think it is? Do you think Rand was a little harsh with Narishma? What would Lews Therin say to all this?

Hmm… OK, I know that I am not the smartest of the batch in this read along. I am not good at guessing such things. I am not sure what Narishma fetched nor why Rand needs it kept such a secret. Is it a surprise that he and he alone wants to unveil at the correct moment to have the most impact? Or is it something for his personal use and he doesn’t want that revealed for fear of whatever weakness that may tell his enemies about?

We know that it is not a large item as it was easily carried. Perhaps some symbolic weapon? Maybe Rand had some new standard or scepter made that symbolizes his rule over more than Illian and Andor? Some sort of rulership symbol that puts his sign above all others in Randland?

Of course Rand was harsh with Narishma and I don’t like that side of him. But as I don’t know what the object is, perhaps it is warranted (depending on the importance of the item). I don’t think Lews Therin would hesitate to kill Narishma – he would kill to keep the secret instead of asking, cajoling, demanding, or threatening. Sick bastard.

Extra Tidbits

Egwene’s wonky chair had me in giggles. There is nothing like falling on your ass due to furniture malfunction to tarnish one’s dignity.

It’s nice that the Aes Sedai got all prettied up for their meeting with the nobles. Light help them if they actually looked like they had been roughing it in winter on the road.

If Elayne has such a reaction to such a mild-looking angreal, I can’t wait for Rand to start going through the male angreal. ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “The Path of Daggers Read Along Part IV”

  1. I went with how I’d like to trip the uppity sisters with the One Power, but clunking their heads together would work just as well. ๐Ÿ˜€ And Rand going thru the angreal? Totally. Actually, it’d be fun to get all of our lovable MCs together and just start passing out objects of the One Power. You know, just to see what happens. ๐Ÿ˜€

    My WoT Post

    1. Haha! That would be so fun – having an angreal party. Perhaps we can set aside the dangerous ones, the ones that tend to explode or fry the user, for the Forsaken?

  2. Yes, I am still alive and getting back on track with my blogging life! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Egwene vs the Hall seems a little like Whack-a-Mole to me, so I agree with you that a little bit of slapping seems to be in order.

    2. I love the way that Siuan is going through her adolescence romance at a more advanced age: who said that us older ladies can’t get all lovestruck and silly at times? ๐Ÿ˜€

    What I don’t quite understand about the secret histories is why the Aes Sedai put up with bad Amyrlins: surely they should just be demoted and replaced openly? But we know that Sisters NEVER admit to being wrong, so it does seem to fit in with their absurd view of the world.

    3. I also find it difficult to expect a simple resolution to anything in this series, so I am braced for some Murandian deception. But I suspect that Talmanes will pull the Band through it quite well.

    4. Good point about this giving any bad guys to plenty of time to foul up her plans. I understand why she wants them all fighting fit and rested when they emerge around Tar Valon, as I doubt that Elaida will give them time to rest, but it is a dangerous plan. I also expect Halima to increase her influence if she can.

    At least it gives the servants plenty of time to get the sick out of the carpets!

    5. Sorry, but I am still convinced that it is a sex toy! ๐Ÿ˜€

    6. I am pretty sure that it was Callandor, and that Rand forgot some of the traps that he left wrapped around it: it’s a wonder the poor Asha’man returned with all his bits intact.

    I wish that we knew what exactly was happening with Lews Therin. He is actually second personality in Rand’s head or simply a version of his subconscious that is paranoid?

    1. Yeah, I agree that the Sisters shouldn’t put up with bad Amyrlins, but this is politics. If a body of powerful people raise a person on high to lead them, and that person turns out to be an idiot, what does it say about the people who raised that person?

      Hehe. I am also convinced it is a sex toy. But I doubt Robert Jordan will ever reveal exactly what it is.

      I too wonder about Lews Therin. Ever since Eivind shared his theory on Lews Therin and Rand’s mind, I have to wonder. Are they in fact two distinct personalities sharing one mind? Or is Lews Rand’s way of holding back his madness?

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