Phoenix Island by John Dixon

DixonPhoenixIslandWhy I Read It: Shallow me, it was the cover that drew me in.

Where I Got It: A review copy from the publisher (thanks!).

Who I Recommend This To: Have issues with authority figures? This book might let you exercise some of that angst.

Narrator: Kirby Heyborne

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2014)

Length: 12 hours 25 minutes

Series: Book 1 of the series (which I can’t find a name for at any of the regular places)

Author’s Page

Carl is in a lot of trouble. In fact, he’s been in trouble for quite some time, which explains why he has been shuffled from foster home to foster home. The courts have had enough of him and he is being sent to a somewhat secret boot camp island prison called Phoenix Island. He will have to endure there until he turns 18. Carl is also a champion boxer and since he keeps slamming his fists into bullies, and Phoenix Island is run by bullies, I expect Carl will have some trouble there.

Phoenix Island is a mix of tough boot camp, abusive authority figures, really nice kids in the wrong place, and illegal science experiments on humans. Carl, our all-around boyscout, tries to help the weak and gets a few more scars for his efforts. His sidekick, Ross, is always quipping off some reply to the wrong person, which earns him a few more scars. The romantic interest is Octavia, who tries very hard to blend into the background and not draw attention, but things don’t work out that way and she earns a few new scars too.

Eventually, Carl’s physical abilities draw the attention of the Old Man, the guy who runs Phoenix Island. Carl is given a gift, one that enhances his physical prowess. Even more important, the Old Man becomes the caring authority/parental figure in Carl’s life as Carl is given further training in hand-to-hand combat, small arms training, and a taste of the Old Man’s zero tolerance policy for terrorists…….But perhaps the Old Man takes it too far.

I think if I had a lot of angst towards authority figures, I would have enjoyed this book quite a bit more. At first I questioned Carl’s all around good-guy-in-a-bad-situation character, I got use to it and thought he would be an exception. How many kids go through foster homes like crack-laced popcorn and stay boyscouts? But I settled into it. But then we get o the island. Seems like all of the ‘good kids’ are innocent cherubs inadvertently stuck in hell. There’s some bad kids, but they are totally bad, spoiled, rotten – not redeemable. There are definitely black and white (good and evil) characters in this book and not much in between. I count this as the only big flaw for the book because it made things predictable.

That issue aside, I enjoyed this book for the suspense. It was like a mix of The Island and Lord of the Flies. The innocent eventually suspect they are being used for something more (what really goes on in the Chop Shop?) while the baddies start to hold sway (maybe there will be a really exciting hunt?). Still, I kept expecting the innocent to somehow out trick the baddies and win the day. The ending did surprise me. Nice little twist at the end sets it up just right for Book 2.

Narration: Kirby Heyborne did a good job as narrator. He was a believable Carl and he did great bullying voices (and there were lots of bullies). His feminine voices could use a little more work, but each was distinct.

What I Liked: Mystery island; through the main character, I was able to vent some angst towards authority figures; twist at the end.

What I Disliked: The characters were pretty black and white (they were either good or bad) and this made parts of the book very predictable.

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4 thoughts on “Phoenix Island by John Dixon”

  1. That’s a really good point, I was put off by a number of things with this one but I don’t think I realized that the black and white characters was probably part of it! I got frustrated also because of the mysteries on the island that were never even approached. If there are crazy butterflies and half of an island that even the bad guys are afraid of, I want to know why!

    1. I just thought the butterflies were attracted to the urine smell of the kid.

      But, yes, I hope the author wraps up some of those outstanding mysteries in the next book. Though I couldn’t find any info on a sequel.

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