The Kingdom of Gods Read Along Part III

One of the few times Smudge has willingly held still for her photo.
One of the few times Smudge has willingly held still for her photo.

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Sorry for getting this up late. I know, last week it was vertigo. This week is a combo of acequia cleaning this past week (which means early to sleep) and poor planning.

Chapters 11-13 are discussed below. Spoilers are having a party!

1.  What are your theories on Kahl?  Who is he, and what is he up to?

Kahl seems to be a little psycho. I want to say that he is brother or son or some relative that humanity doesn’t have a language for directly, intimately related to Sieh. And his appearance seems to hint at some bit of chaos, so I have to wonder if there is a bit of Nahadoth or Ahad in there some where some how. We know that he can be super creepy in Sieh’s dreams, and that he will take out Sieh. Now will he take out Sieh as part of his plan? Or is Sieh’s death a necessary sacrifice on the side so that he can fulfill his plans? I haven’t figured that out yet.

As to what his plans are….well, if the honorable Darre are definitely against it and willing to incur godling wrath over defying him, them I am pretty sure he is up to no good. The mask will supposedly grant godhood to the wearer once it works correctly. So does Kahl want godhood himself? Does he want to raise some psycho mortal to godhood to disrupt the balance? Is he working for Itempas and/or his daughter Glee to grant one of them godhood? I am not sure yet but I lean towards Option 1 (All Hail God Kahl!) or Option 3 (All Hail Goddess Glee and her Shiny Father!).

2.  We finally get to meet Oree’s daughter, Glee.  Is she what you expected?  What do you think about her role on the council and her hiding Itempas?

She is very controlled, contained, on top of it. I keep waiting to see the artistic side of her that I expect (hopefully) came from her mother. When does she let go? And what happens when she does? Since I resonated with Oree more and since Oree got to raise the child, and not Itempas, I was expecting a more artistic offspring. Perhaps we simply having seen that side yet.

So far we haven’t heard from Itempas. So is Glee hiding him with his permission, at his request? Or is she hiding him and keeping him captive? I am not sure about her yet. But I sure am enjoying her character.

3.  What’s up with Deka?  Does he really like Sieh, or is he using him for some later gain?

Tough question. Deka initially asked what happened between Sieh and his sister, but later reveals that he had heard of his mother’s plan. Was he testing to see if Sieh would tell him, as a friend would? He has a lot of power himself, but perhaps he tasted (kissed) Sieh to see if he could use Sieh to further his own power. I think that was a resounding YES! if he so chooses to do so.

I am really hoping that Sieh and Deka are still friends, and perhaps will become more, and that together they can patch things up with Shahar. But even if that eventually happens, I think we will have a twisted road to get there.

And are looks really that telling? Is Deka and his sister really some distant offspring of Ahad? Or did Ahad take his current looks from Deka (since gods/godlings can choose what they look like) just to fuck with Sieh and others later? My other line of questioning would be how far back a relative if Ahad/Naha? Could mortal Naha who became Nahadoth at night procreate? What would that offspring be? Not full demon, but maybe something in between, something that wouldn’t kill a god/ling outright with their blood.

4.  In this section, we’re introduced to two new forms of magic–Deka’s use of the gods’ language, and the Darre masks.  What do you think about them?  How do you think the mask will be used?  Does it have anything to do with Sieh’s affliction?

Well, the entire world seems to be changing, progress being made on several fronts, so I guess it makes sense that there would be new forms of magic. The Darre masks seem to be still in the testing phase and I have to wonder if the dead Arameri put them on hoping for something grand only to turn into cooked, melty bits.

Deka’s magic seems the more dangerous right now because he seems to have full mastery of it, and he holds the reins of it. No one else currently can do what he does. If he wanted to put on the Godhood mask, who would stop him? Could a godling stop him? Could one of the Three?

At this point, I don’t think either is the cause of Sieh’s affliction. But his quickly dwindling powers may help keep these new powers from destroying the world. This story is about him. 🙂

5.  What secret do you think Enefa wiped from Sieh’s memory?

Ooo! I have been chewing on this one the entire section. Throughout this section, various characters have told Sieh in various ways that you can be the Godling of Childhood and still be mature about it. I think Deka made a good point about how Sieh chooses to act impulsively even though he is quite old enough and wise enough and strong enough to do otherwise.

Sieh has a few memories of Enefa throughout this section and in one he appears older and he doesn’t feel comfortable in an older body. Enefa tells him not to be afraid. I think maybe the two of them created a new life together. Perhaps this is the new life that Enefa hid away and has recently returned (Kahl?) and is a little psychotic for having grown up alone.

Other Tidbits:

I know the Darre have this gender-priority reversal to many modern societies (women are the warriors, etc.) but it was interesting to see it carry to the baby boys too.

It was very nice to see Lil. And meet Nsa – crazy weird dreamspace! And what’s her face from the Arms of Night. Seems like everyone has strong feelings for Sieh one way or the other – or both!

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3 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Gods Read Along Part III”

  1. 1. I wonder, can the mask make a godling a god, or does it make god(ling)s out of mortals? Both? What’d happen to the world if the Three became the Four? And oh! I hadn’t even thought of Itempas using the mask. That would definitely cause trouble…

    3. I really want to get to the next section to see if Sieh discusses the twins’ heritage with Ahad. Deka’s power seems to suggest that he definitely is a demon, but does Shahar have any powers? I suppose their mother at least would be happy to know there are demons in the family. But shouldn’t she and Remina be demons too then?

    Yay for Lil! Was quite happy to see her too 🙂

  2. I was so happy to see Lil again. She’s my favorite of the godlings; she’s all dark/edgy/scary but seems to deep-down be a nice person who has trouble with mortal rules.

    I’m wondering whether Sieh/Enefa created Kahl, and if Enefa’s death let him gain enough power to leave wherever she had confined him. If so, I think she knew that she couldn’t keep him away forever and that this eventually might happen.

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