Lord of Chaos Read Along Part X

JordanLordOfChaosBannerWelcome all! Here we are at the end of the book and it was a crazy, intense one! Eivind, our awesome commenter, came up with this week’s questions and you can read his thoughts below in the comments.

Spoilers run free and uninhibited below!

1. There seems to be a serious lack of cooperation in Ebou Dar, and things are not so easy as they seem. Do you expect the girls to be able to complete this mission on their own (without Mat’s help)? We know that the key to finding the bowl is to find the one who is no longer. Have we already met this person?

I think the ladies will need someone’s help…maybe not Mat’s, but someone’s. Perhaps when they find ‘the one who is no longer’ they may even politely ask for assistance. Maybe.

So, who is ‘the one who is no longer’? Well, if it is someone we have met before, it is also someone who has moved on from the earthly plain, majorly transformed themselves, or is from a past age recently reborn into the world again but hasn’t woken to the fact. When put like that, that leaves the door open for all sorts of people. Moiraine and Lanfear fell in battle through that freaky doorway. What if one of them is back in some guise? Then the Big Dark One resurrected 2 Forsaken, so either of them could qualify. And Mat and Rand and probably a few others carry other, ancient folks & their memories in their heads.

I think I will enjoy seeing who Jordan puts in this role.

2. Two escapees from Salidar. Logain flees with Egwene’s help, and Moghedien by Aran’gar’s doing. Where do you see the story going for these two? Was Egwene right in setting Logain free? Should she, in hindsight, have executed Moghedien earlier?

I think Logain wants to bring down the Red Ajah, and perhaps the White Tower. So I see him joining forces with someone who can make that happen. Hopefully he chooses a decent sort – like Rand – instead of the indecent sort – like Padan fain.

Moghedien will do what Aran’gar tells her to do, and right now that is to report the DO at his semi-secret batcave. Moghedien is great at disguise, so I expect she will be set to spy on someone. Should be interesting once Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve, or Birgitte catch up to her. 🙂

I think Egwene was right to free Logain since she could not make him an open ally of the Salidar Amyrlin. She may have to kill him later if he turns towards the dark side, but I think she can handle it.

And, yes, Moghedien should have been executed earlier, but I can see all the reasons while the ladies held off doing that. She was a maid, a source of ancient and lost knowledge, and generally didn’t cause a ruckus. So the ladies would have been executing her on past mideeds and her reputation, and not on her current somewhat helpful demeanor.

3. Lan returns to the story as Myrelle’s warder, with a heavy heart and apparently near death. Nynaeve is none the wiser. Does Myrelle even know about their relationship? Has she agreed to send him on to her? Do you expect this to happen soon, or will she have to be forced?

I am not sure Myrelle knows of Nynaeve’s relationship with Lan, but Myrelle did make some passing thought-comment about wanting to keep him alive long enough to fulfill her orders. It is possible Moiraine had an agreement with Myrelle, or just plain ordered her, to pass on Lan’s wardership to Nynaeve once Nynaeve was a real Aes Sedai. Or Myrelle was ordered to pass Lan on to yet a different Aes Sedai, who will then pass him to Nynaeve.

If this is so, Lan will be passed around like a toned stripper at a bacherlorette party. 😉

Or Myrelle is really one of the bad guys and some middle-management Dark Friend gave her orders to pass Lan off to trollocs or myrrdraal or such. Who will then pass him around like a blow up doll at a campsite beer brawl.

Either way, Lan is not going to like NOT being in charge of his life.

4. The loyalist Aes Sedai seem to have really gone out of their way in torturing Rand after he killed a couple of warders. Justified? What do you think this has done to Rand’s psyche? Could there be a connection to the first genuine direct conversation with Lews Therin?

Those Aes Sedai are idiots in so many ways. Their torture was not justified as Rand was in self-defense mode. Their treatment of Rand has definitely reinforced his own natural distrust of Aes Sedai, but has also reinforced/reawakened Lews Therin’s distrust, even hate, of Aes Sedai. This is going to make things so much more difficult between Rand and Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve (people he once trusted). Egwene plans to boss him around. Elayne plans to warder him (not sure if she will ask permission first). Nynaeve will demand to heal him (that still half-healed wound in his side) regardless of his desires on the matter. So, I can’t say I would blame rand for shying away from these women.

5. The Battle at Dumai’s Wells really had everything, didn’t it? Except for the Seanchan and the Whitecloaks, it seems every faction was represented. As Liesel suggested, feel free to nerd out about it here. 🙂

My favorite parts were Perrin and his wolves. I loved when he was requesting aid from the wolves and explained to them the Aes Sedai had Rand. Their response was simple and eloquent – We come! Things are so simple with Perrin’s wolves. Though I was a little surprised he didn’t warn his people, so as not freak them out.

Then later, Perrin kind of brings Rand down to earth by shouting at him about how many people have died for him already that day. Perrin and Loial want out from behind the protective shield so they can go tell the team to retreat since Rand is safe. And that is when Rand joins the fray with Mazrim and the asha’mon. It was excellent.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this fight scene. Oh, and I loved how Rand treated all the Aes Sedai, including the ones who came to ‘rescue’ him. Haha!

6. It seems likely that our heroes would have been defeated without the timely arrival of Taim (you could say he was “on Taim”). With him having put his life on the line to save Rand, do you think he can now be trusted?

Was Taim’s life ever at risk? Really at risk? The dude brought an army, wields the Power, and can create a door in the middle of anywhere to a save place have a world away, if needed. If Taim is really a bad guy, or perhaps he is just on the fence about the matter, then this would be a fairly safe thing to do in order to try to gain Rand’s trust.

But I did notice that Rand wouldn’t allow Taim to heal him. I think Rand’s paranoia is going to be extra high for a while, and I can’t say that it isn’t wise.

7. “…and the world was changed forever.” Rand now has nine Aes Sedai under his command. Do you expect this to lighten or heighten tensions between him and the rebels and/or the loyalists? What other things might come from this?

First, how true is the sworn loyalty of an Aes Sedai, especially one under duress? Will it hold? If it holds, I think this will create stress between Rand and Egwene. Who would the Salidar Aes Sedai obey first – Rand or Egwene? Next, the leaders of the White Cloaks are convinced that Rand uses Aes Sedai to perform all his Power tricks, and this will just add credence to that lie.

Now Alanna is sworn to Rand, right? And Rand is her Warder. That could get messy, mostly for Alanna. She hasn’t been able to force him to do anything through the bond. Can Rand force her through her oath? Will be interesting to find out.

8. After their second thorough defeat, have we now finally seen the last of the Shaido, or do you think there are there still misdeeds to be done? Sevanna was thinking about some “call boxes” given to her by a wetlander. What and who could this be?

Much of the Shaido is captured or killed. Those captured have to do their servitude time and I am not sure how many will hold to those ‘old’ ways. Those Shaido that retreated….well, I am not sure how Aiel treat those who flee from battle, even when it is obvious they will lose. Perhaps some of those will go to the other Aiel clans and go into servitude for a time to repent for their stupid, mislead ways. Some may instead regroup and build strength before being pains in the asses again.

I don’t recall Sevanna and her call boxes. Sounds like some long-range communication device, one that doesn’t rely on birds. I am going to guess that Padan Fain is involved in that one.

9. Herid Fel was assassinated by… something. Why? He seemed harmless enough! We also learn that the Daughter of the Nine Moons is likely someone related to the Seanchan, and that they have designs on Ebou Dar (or at least spies there). With Mat in town this seems like a prime opportunity for some first-class prophecy fulfillment, no? Who do you expect her to be? Have we perhaps already seen her?

Herid Fel was working on new weapons for Rand, but also researching whatever he could find on the Aes Sedai-Warder bond. I think Rand really, really wants to break that bond. I know I would, like a recurring blister in a most uncomfortable place. So, who controls a golem? We haven’t seen golems before, right? So if they are a Sea Folk or Seachan thing, then I say Herid was killed for his masterly skills at coming up with new weapons. If the Aes Sedai, like Alanna, control golems, then I say he was killed for his research in the Warder bond.

Yes! It is time we have Mat meet the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Honestly, I really don’t know who to expect, and I don’t know if we have met her before. Robert Jordan is great at pulling in characters from previous books and showing them in a new light or putting them in a new situation. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we have met her, that she is a Seanchan warrior badass, and that Mat and she detest one another from the beginning. Haha! Perhaps Mat loses a bet and therefore his money bag, his clothes, and his unmarried status.

Anyway, I look forward or jumping into the next book to see what happens.

Other Tidbits:

Perrin physically removed Berelain from the room, yelling at her! Go Perrin! But Faile didn’t spring up and thank him, or kiss him, or reassure him that his actions were appropriate. Sigh….

I am really, really glad that Rand and Lews have finally got a dialogue going, one that useful, like breaking out of Aes Sedai jail. I am just sorry to say that it took nearly a week of Rand being bent over double smelling his own ass crack for this little communication breakthrough to occur.

12 thoughts on “Lord of Chaos Read Along Part X”

  1. Yup, agree on all counts! I don’t think we’ve actually seen the gholem before, but I think he might have been mentioned once, though I can’t remember where. Poor Rand. It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here. 😀

  2. Sorry that I’m so late – power and internet have been somewhat missing over the last couple of days . . . stupid ice storm! 🙁

    1. I’m not sure that “the one who is no longer” will be someone that they want to be within 1000 miles of . . . but I agree that they do need some help. Reading your interpretation of this character makes me wonder if it could be Birgitte or one of the Forsaken . . . so many options! Argh!

    2. I agree that Logain will probably want to do bad things to the Red Ajah, but I cannot see him going over the the Dark Side, so I expect him to end up at the Black Tower. I love your idea of the Dark One having a batcave! 😀

    3. OMG! Lan as a stripper!!!!! 😀

    4. Yep, they were doing so well with their plan up until the moment they started with the beatings – total idiots!

    5. Snap! I also wondered what the others would think of all the wolves suddenly springing out of nowhere, but I guess that if they were running towards the enemy everyone would work out what was happening fairly quickly.

    6. Taim = bad IMO.

    7. I guess the value of their oath will depend very heavily on whether or not they are Black Ajah. We know that the Blacks are not held by the Oath Rod, which is why they can lie, so that might affect the strength of their oath to Rand.

    8. I’m not sure that any of the other clans would accept Shaido into their ranks, but i might be wrong. Also, I’m still not sure that the Shaido believe that they have done anything wrong. Shudder . . . Sevanna and Fain . . . now THAT would be a horrible, HORRIBLE combination.

    9. I just assumed that the golem was only available to the Forsaken . . .

    I was expecting Faile to be impressed by Perrin’s removal of Berelain, but that didn’t work for him, so I have no idea what he needs to do to win her round: stupid woman! 🙁

    1. Yes, Lan as a stripper and Faile as a silly, childish, jealous woman.

      I like your idea that Birgitte might be ‘the one who is no longer’. that would give Team Rand one more ally.

  3. Hey, sorry about this. :s

    1. Mat had dice rumbling in his head which stopped when he picked the inn. This is supposed to signify that it’s important in some way that he picked precisely that place. Maybe he has already helped the quest in his own way? Could the one who is no longer be found there? Wonder how long it will take the girls to get a wind of that (if it’s true) and how exactly that will happen…

    2. I hope Logain really will make his way to the Black Tower as suggested. This will really elevate that storyline from “oh this Taim fellow might not be trustworthy” to… well, who knows? Logain is promised glory beyond measure. I can only wonder how he will find that there. (Well I don’t have to, but y’know.) I think Egwene did the right thing, at least in the greater context of saving the world (which, after all, is what is important).

    3. I think Myrelle has agreed to send him on to Nynaeve, if not necessarily knowing why. I also think Myrelle doesn’t have a very high opinion of Nynaeve as Aes Sedai at the moment (much like every other sister), so she will probably take her sweet time doing it, if she can. I also can’t remember if we’ve been told, but Myrelle has a history of nursing broken warders back to life. In her… way…

    4. This is basically the lowest point for Rand throughout the entire series, with one exception. He will never be the same after this, and the same goes for his relationship with the Aes Sedai of course, if they are rebels or loyalists. And I want to reiterate my theory about the Lews Therin persona. Rand needed to know about hard and soft points, and how to break the shield, but he had to subconsciously invent somewhere for that information to come from. Enter Lews Therin. This is the first time in a long while that Rand needed specific information and didn’t have Asmodean around to ask, so he got his first direct conversation with LTT instead. And because of this he’s now convinced he is real, because he got “real” information from him…

    5. Really liked the wolves. “We come” give me chills every time I read it. Also note the Aes Sedai who entered the battle in spite of Perrin’s orders. They did this because they can’t use the power as a weapon against non-darkfriends except in self-defence. So in order to be useful they had to put themselves in danger. I also fancy the imagery of Rand’s chest exploding, him stilling the three Aes Sedai and rising like some kind of phoenix from the ashes in the middle of this totally insane scene.

    6. It seems reasonable still to harbor some doubts since his arrival is almost inexplainably fortuitous. You could argue that this was a ploy to make Rand trust him more, but actually there is another explanation. Since the kidnapping was almost certainly planned or at least motivated by Messaana, and since the Shaido betrayal was about to thwart that plan, having Taim intervene could be seen as the way to make the best of a bad situation from the dark’s side. Of course, it could just be that he is a decent guy, too.

    7. Heighten, for sure. Split or no split, the one thing Aes Sedai seem to be able to agree on is the sanctity of their station. Neither Elaida nor Egwene will be pleased to have Aes Sedai of any kind under Rand’s direct control. I wonder if the nine will be able to do something about this… or how they will cope with this situation.

    8. I’m afraid the Shaido still have misdeeds to do, although you’ll be hard pressed at this point to imagine what exactly. Just… wait and see. 🙂

    9. Herid Fel obviously knew something he should not. For the specially interested, you might want to check back to the conversations Rand had with him. No, it’s not about the bond. You must clear the rubble before you can build…

    The gholam is new, yes. I guess it’s reasonable to say that it’s by far the most capable of the shadow’s various tools, and we should be lucky they only have one.

    I’m also excited about the introduction of the Daughter of the Nine Moons, although it won’t happen for a few books yet. With maybe just one exception, she’s the last “main” character to enter the storyline proper.

    1. The things the wolves say always do one of two things to me: make me smile, or give me chills. It’s definitely chills when they come to battle. They were one of my favorite parts of this battle as well. Loial clubbing things with his ginormous ax was a close second. 😀

    2. 1. I just want to slap the girls until they realize that Mat could lead them to the bowl! Doh!

      2. I hope that Logain replaces Taim ASAP.

      3. Yikes: what are you suggesting??!??!

      4. That is deep: Lews Therin as an alternate personality constructed by Rand? I suppose it makes a much sense as anything else.

      6. Taim is just a decent guy? Yeah, right!! I still want to know how he knew when and where to appear . . .

      9. That bit about the rubble is about the seals on the Dark One’s prison, isn’t it? That makes it sound like you need to destroy the seals in order to replug the bore, which would be a little counterintuitive, but makes sense, even if it is terrifying.

    3. Your comment about Lews Therin and Rand being convinced he is real because he got real info from him…well, now it makes me think that Rand needs a place for all his fear and anger to sit, and perhaps he picked the Lews persona to place all those negative feelings in. Perhaps it makes it easier for him to wall it off that way.

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