The Republic of Thieves Read Along Part V

LynchRepublicOfThievesGermanSo we are finally here at the end of The Republic of Thieves. *sniffle* But I will definitely take my sweet time going around visiting everyone’s final blog post so I don’t have to say goodbye (if only temporarily until the next book comes out) all at once.

Our host this week is Tethyan Books, so make sure to swing by her place to see what everyone else thinks.

Major spoilers for the book, and the series, reside below!

In Espara…

1. The Republic of Thieves:  It’s the first and final performance!  What did you think of the play?  Were you entertained, or eager to get on with the rest of the story?  Also, how do you feel about how the play fits in the novel, in terms of the story and the characters who play the parts?

LynchRepublicOfThievesThe costumes for Locke and Sabetha in their lead roles explains this fancy cover. I really, really like this cover, but I couldn’t figure out how it related to the story until we got to this part of the book. As for the play itself, well, I was just kind of waiting for it to be over to see how the real, and more important, act and deception went. It was fun, but yeah, I wanted to know what would happen with Boulidazi’s corpse and the GBs and the acting troupe.

As to the play fitting into the novel, or being a reflection on the Karthain story line, well, I didn’t spend time analyzing that. I guess if Jean and Locke had some major falling out like Orin and Therin there would have been a parallel. Locke and Sabetha were an item in Espara and got to be an item again in Karthain, so e can call that a parallel. But, yeah, I didn’t put much thought into it.

2. The Other Performance:  Of course, the GB and company had another important performance to get through—the one that ensures none of them end up hanged!  What was your favorite part of this scheme?  Do you agree with their plan for dealing with Moncraine’s treachery?

My favorite part of the scheme was blaming Moncraine for it all, which in a way was a bit true. If Moncraine had not hit Boulidazi, then there might have been the chance that Boulidazi would not have been hanging out with the actors, even if he did patronize the acting company. If Moncraine had simply politely turned him down, then there might not have been any contact at all. Boulidazi would still be an ass, and one that deserves killing sooner or later, but it wouldn’t have been on the GBs watch.

Oh, I also liked them forcing what’s his name to dress as Boulidazi in a mask on stage, and then make a run for the cart, hiding under a tarp….next to the corpse, which had to smell a bit by then, was probably a bit oozy, and probably also had some early beetle or fly larva going on. Oh hell, I would want Jean to knock me unconscious before hiding with the corpse.

And yes, I totally agree with how they blamed Moncraine for everything. And that little extra bit of letting Chains know what an asshat Moncraine is – can we have a deleted scene on Chains reaction to that? I would love to know how Chains deals with Moncraine.

In Karthain…

3. The Election:  It seems Lovaris was indeed the final trick, and the election is over.  Are you satisfied with how things turned out? Do you wish that the election had focused more on the political problems of Karthain, or are you satisfied with the mudslinging and pranks that went on between Locke and Sabetha?

As I said last week, I was a little surprised at how quickly we got to Election Night. The pranks, etc. were fun to read about, but didn’t build suspense for me over the election. I didn’t feel anything was truly at stake because none of the issues were covered, we didn’t really meet any of the politicians in depth – so I couldn’t hate or love them.

Anyway, the Lovaris trick was fun and clever and I was satisfied with it. Not only does Sabetha win, Locke and Jean don’t lose, and it also kind of screws up the Karthaini politics.

LynchRepublicOfThievesAudio4. The War: Do you have any speculation on what specific issues might have escalated the two Bondsmagi factions rivalry into this kind of violence?  What do you think the surviving Bondsmagi will do next, with all their gathered money and knowledge?

The reasons behind the war between the Bondsmagi factions were a bit obscure to me. Once Patience did her little reveal, or complicated lie, to Locke, some of the other Bondsmagi made up their minds about what they were going to do. Though I am still a bit in the dark as to whether or not that had anything to do with the war between the factions. Perhaps if they believes Lamor was soon the be back in all his glory, then they would either side with him or against him….and I am not sure what side the old Lamor would have sided on, though he seemed bent on using his powers to the limit. Would he still do that knowing what it cost him the last time?

Anyway, I hope the few surviving Magi leave the known world and go be academical in a secluded spot for some generations. They won’t be for hire anymore, which indicates they either bought a small island nation and plan to use the indigenous people as slaves, or the bought a small empty island and plan to see to all their own needs and be academics. Either way, I expect that sooner or later Locke and Jean will track them down and make their lives miserable. 🙂

5. Patience: Given the final revelation that Patience does hate Locke for what he did to the Falconer, what do you make of her behavior towards Locke throughout the book?  Do you think her plan of vengeance is well suited to Locke?  What do you make of the Black Amaranth story now, as well as the prophecy she threw on top?

Patience laced her lying vengeance with truth, making it perfect for Locke. He will tear himself up trying to figure out how much of what she told him is true; he will stay up nights searching his (Magi?) soul for any speck of magical abilities. He will torture himself over Sabetha – wanting to track her down, having promised not to, and yet being a peeved with her over leaving due to some redhead painting Patience shoved under her nose.

In short, he will make Jean miserable.

I don’t know what to make of the prophecy. I listened to the audiobook and don’t recall it line by line. I would advise Locke to take it with a grain of salt.

6. The Epilogue: Speaking of vengeance, do you think the Falconer’s vengeance against his mother was merited or excessively cruel, given the circumstances?  On that note, how do you feel about the Falconer’s transformation and possible status as a continuing villain?

I will say that it was expected. If the Falconer could come up with the means, he would kill his mother. I was a little surprised it happened at the end of this book instead of the next. He regained his wits, his ability to crap by himself, and his Magi abilities all within the space of perhaps 30 minutes. He’s been out of it for 3 years, insane, weak in body, without his magical abilities. I’m just saying he made a remarkably swift recovery.

But now that he is back at full fighting strength, I look forward to him going toe to toe with Locke and Jean. He is a good villain to wreak havoc for Jean and Locke to undo, shut down, and stamp out of existence.

LynchRepublicOfThievesSubterranean7. Wrapping up:  Thus ends the third book in the Gentleman Bastard sequence.  How do you think it compares with the first two?  In the end, do you prefer the Espara storyline or the Karthain storyline, or did you like them both equally?

Books 1 & 2 were wrapped up better. I had lots of questions at this end of this book. I also felt that each of the subplots in the previous 2 books were more fleshed out. In this book, the whole political race felt a little incomplete. I don’t want to complain much. I mean it is still Lynch and a 4 out of 5 star Lynch book is like a 9 out 10 star book for nearly anyone else. For 90% of it, I was highly entertained.

I preferred the Karthain storyline. I never really go into the Espara play. I liked seeing all the GBs together, being young and stupid, but in the end, the tortured, tormented GBs of Karthain were more interesting.

M3 with some throwing axes cosplaying Jean Tannen.
M3 with some throwing axes cosplaying Jean Tannen.

Other Tidbits:

One of the ‘Asino’ brothers escorted Moncraine to the holding house with the money….and lost him. At first, I was like, “What the hell? How stupid!”. But then I remembered just how young all the GBs were then. How could they know?

Early on in the book, Sabetha says she must win for not only her sake, but for Locke’s and Jean’s sakes. Did I miss the conclusion to that? Does she ever explain that statement she made before putting them on a boat? Did anyone else want a second epilogue or even a third – one to wrap up the Espara timeline (Did the GBs make it home uneventfully? What did Chains think of Moncraine’s betrayal? How hard was it for Jean to leave Jenora?) and one to wrap up Karthain (Did Locke finally tell Jean about the creepy Mage in the vault that threatened Locke? Did they investigate the war that created so many refugees? And where do all those refugees go now with Karthain all fucked up? Did they not know, or hear about, the large fire balls that took out the Magi prior to Patience showing up in Locke’s bedroom?)

As a final bonus, My Main Man (M3) did a little cosplay as Jean Tannen for me. He’s a bit shy so you only get part of his face. Yes, I am a lucky woman. Oh, and you know how Jean got that extra training from Jenora in Espara. Yeah, I am a very lucky woman. 😉

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M3 cosplaying Jean relaxing with a good book and questionable cats.
M3 cosplaying Jean relaxing with a good book and questionable cats.

21 thoughts on “The Republic of Thieves Read Along Part V”

  1. 1. I hadn’t thought of any parallels either! Had to wrack my brains to come up with a few to answer this question.

    3. I’m dissatisfied with the election, because I don’t understand what influence any of them had, except for Locke and Jean’s trick with Lovaris. I liked that they at least screwed with Karthain’s politics, although that society is thoroughly fucked now anyway.

    5. I’m not so sure Locke will agonise over his identity, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to agonise over Sabetha. But it’s Jean I feel sorry for, having to put up with it!

    OH MY GOD yes: Why does Sabetha say she needs to win for all their sakes? I was wondering about this in an earlier post, and I totally forgot about it. She did say something about it being for the good of Locke’s health, but I thought that was stupid.

    I was also a bit disappointed that the Espara story ended so abruptly, but I didn’t think about it much once I was caught up in the end of the Karthain story.

    The next book is titled “The Thorn of Emberlain” and the plot involves the civil war there, so I’m pretty sure we’re going to learn more what drove the refugees out. We just have to be patient…

    Love your M3 as Jean, that’s so cute!

    1. Good point about the title of Book 4 – so perhaps we will have some closure to some of my burning questions before too long, though I always respect authors for taking whatever time they need. So if it takes another 7 years between books, I will still be in line to buy my copy.

    1. 1. I loved the cover, too, and it’s nice to see that it’s actually relevant to the story! I’ve been using the costume one on all my posts. The bridge one is pretty cool, too, though. Kind of Italian-painter-ish.

      2. It really is kind of all Moncraine’s fault, now that you put it that way. I would like to see that deleted scene.

      3. I never really felt like much was at stake in the election, either. It seemed mostly like a game, though there were fun pranks to be seen, and I enjoyed seeing Locke and Sabetha rekindle their relationship.

      4. That is an interesting point– if the Patience reveal was a lie, maybe it was a lie designed primarily to influence the other Bondsmagi who would be eavesdropping, and secondarily to hurt Locke. Now that would be devious.

      5. “In short, he will make Jean miserable.” Ha, that is so true. Jean will never forgive them for that.

      Nice cosplay, M3! And yeah, even the Sanza twin was kicking himself, once he recognized that it was exactly a trick like he might use. There were a lot of unresolved questions. The one that bugs me the most is your mention of Sabetha’s idea that she had to win “for both their sake”. I don’t think we ever heard anything about what that was all about.

      1. Oh yes, i would love a deleted scene of Chains hearing about Moncraine’s doings. That would be awesome! I can just hear his booming voice now.

        And, yeah, I would really like to know what Sabetha meant by doing as she did for all their sakes. Very intriguing and I bet Lynch doesn’t let us down.

        1. I actually didn’t believe that Moncraine took the money. It seemed very thin. I think Moncraine was done in by Galdo, to set up a brilliant scapegoat for Boulidazi’s death, neatly getting them out of trouble, with the added bonus of getting them the money to take home to Chains.

          As far as Sabetha’s statement, I thought the inference was pretty clear, that as she worked for the Falconer’s party, her bosses would kill Locke and Jean if she didn’t win the election for them. It seemed another sort of parallel, where if Locke and Jean won, Patience would spare them (but the Black Iris would not) and if Sabetha won, then the Black Iris would spare them.

  2. 1. Yeah, I couldn’t figure out the parallels to be honest. Something about having a teeny tiny brain in my case! I agree about losing a bit of interest in the play due to the tension over Bouldazi.
    2. I thought blaming Moncraine was inspirational and made the story look more realistic than Bouldazi accidentally setting himself on fire! Plus Moncraine asked for it.
    3. OmG – it seems like we’re going to agree about everything this week . The election was more like fun for me – no tension really and I didn’t care who won (with it seemed like nobobdy else did either!)
    4. Yeah, I didn’t really get what was going on to be honest and I was too busy being gobsmacked by it all.
    5. This prophecy thing – I’m fence sitting. I can’t decide if she’s just playing with her food (like a cat and a mouse) or whether it’s really true – and what’s with the redhead in the picture (oh, my brain hurts)
    6. I thought that was the weakest part of the book (the Falconer killing Patience). I mean, it just made Patience seem so very weak – plus, like you said, it was a rather miraculously speedy recovery. Thought it should have been a bit more stretched out or at least a little bit of fight back from Patience.
    7. I couldn’t choose a book! Did I mention: Fence sitter!
    Your hubby is the man! All Jean’d up and ready to go – and letting you take his picture. He shall henceforth be known as ‘the cuteness’.
    Lynn 😀

    1. The Falconer is now one badass uber villain, but I think his recovery and creating or gathering his powers would have been a little more believable if it had taken just a little bit longer. Same outcome, but I wouldn’t have to tell my practical, scientific side to shut up repeatedly during that scene.

      My man is going to blush so nicely when he sees all these compliments on his cosplay!

  3. I was wondering how it all ended in Espara as well, I mean how they got home and at what point is Sabetha going to disappear now because if I got it correctly, that was the last time they had sex before meeting again in Karthain?

    1. I think Sabetha left shortly after Chains died, and by the sound of it that was five years before the present day storyline in Karthain, so I think they got plenty sex after Espara. 😉

      1. I thought Locke (in the Karthain timeline) said something about Sabetha leaving him 2 days after their sexscapade in Espara. But i could be wrong. Either way, they didn’t get enough practice.

    2. Yeah, many questions to wrap up on both timelines. I think Locke made a joke to Sabetha in Karthain about how they could try having sex twice – and I think he also mentioned her leaving him 2 days after their sexscapde – which I assume was the Espara one. So, if I have that all right and i may be mistaken, then there are so many questions. Like why would she leave the safety of the group?

  4. Wow, you have a lot of questionable cats, I love it!

    As for Locke tearing himself up over whether he’s a bondsmage or not – I don’t really see it happening. He’s more likely to tear himself up over the fact that he can’t go after Sabetha (or at least not without breaking his promise to her). He’s already shown that he can set aside things quite easily (bondsmage threat in Red Seas?), so I expect him to do the same here. He’s just going to gripe at Jean for ages about Sabetha, probably.

    1. The cats love M3. It literally took seconds of him reclining before they were all over him.

      Poor Jean! Whichever Locke decides to agonize over, Jean is going to have to put up with a mopey, gripey Locke. I hope Jean is already thinking of some scheme so that he can get Mr. Mopey back to Mr. Brilliant right quick.

  5. The Espara timeline was lacking. The place was built up as a tough justice city but the GB’s and the actors were able to slip the noose a little too easily. Not all people are fooled so easily by flashing boobs!

    I have to agree with others and say I think the controversy surrounding the Boulidazi events would make it hard for the actors left behind to continue living in the city.

    I don’t think we’ll see the Falconer for some time yet because he’s still trying to master his powers but he will be a major antagonist for the GB’s once again and will be prepared to take away everything from Locke.

    Also, I never liked Moncraine I hope he gets his punishments!

    1. I am curious as to how things turned out between Jenora and Jean. And if Jenora stayed in Espara with her aunt Gloriana, and if either of them were put to hard questioning, well, then the whole deception would unravel, and perhaps the actors + support staff would be executed or mutilated. So, yeah, flashing boobs might be a temporary distraction.

      Or perhaps none of the upper class particularly liked Boulidazi and half of them were planning to off him while the other half were hoping someone would take care of it. So, when he ends up dead, people don’t ask too many questions.

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