I Shall Wear Midnight Read Along Part II

PratchettIShallWearMidnightWelcome back everyone! Here we are at the second week of reading I Shall Wear Midnight. This week, we covered chapters 7-10. Tiff seems to be in even more trouble than were we left her last week!

Spoilers lurk below, ready to jump out and embed themselves in your deepest psyche!

1) This section featured some characters from the Night Watch, who are featured in other books. Did you enjoy the cameos? If you haven’t read the Night Watch books, did their appearance pique your interest?

I have been very hit & miss in reading the Discworld series over the years. So I was only vaguely aware that there was some sort of city watch, and isn’t there a book actually titled Nightwatch? I enjoyed these interesting characters and I think a book or a few focused on these guys would be highly amusing.ย  Wee Mad Arthur who was raised by gnomes would be fascinating ot get to know after only knowing the ‘wild’ kind of Feegle.

2) Roland sure is harsh in this section! What do you think is the source of these drastic changes in him? What, or who, would you delete in his life to makes things better?

I want to say that Roland is somehow being strongly affected by the Cunning Man. The awkwardness we saw at the beginning could just be him being an idiot, but now with the grief of his Father’s passing, the impending wedding, and him taking on the mantle of Baron, I could see the Cunning Man taking advantage of all that stress.

Let’s see, who would I delete? *evil grin* We could ‘remove’ the Duchess. I am even tempted to send Letitia off to art school, to give both her & Roland time to become real adults. Let’s see….Miss Spruce seems to have disappeared on her own, but if she turns up again, I would pack her off to a convent that believes hard labor is the greatest form of prayer.

3) As Mrs. Proust predicted, Miss….Smith of the Unreal Estate found Tiffany. How do you think Ms. Smith’s info on the Cunning Man will be used by Tiffany? What would you fear stumbling over in the Unreal Estate (I originally had University here – my bad), a place where magical bits are constantly bumping into each other?

Well, she on purposely told Tiffany that the Cunning Man had been defeated before, and then just as purposely told Tiff that she has to figure out her own way to knock him flat. Seemed like a bit of a tease to me. I expect that Tiffany will hold on strongly to the idea that the Cunning Man can be defeated (whether Miss Smith was telling the truth on that or not we may never know), and that believe will be key to her reigning triumphant at the end of the book.

Living things that magically turn into inanimate objects I find disturbing. For instance, if I lived with salt-shaker sized sparkly flying pegasus for 2 weeks and then all at once they all turned into space heaters that magically spray glitter along with heated air, I would never, ever be able to use those space heaters. What if they turned back? How would I explain the over use? And worse, what if they only have turned back – can you hear the wee little whinys? Perhaps there would be small pegasus apples (terds) left behind the heaters. Disturbing.

4) Tiffany & the Feegles return to the Chalk to find Roland’s men about to dig up the Mound. Luckily, Tiffany is able to make them see sense and they put away their shovels. If they hadn’t, what do you picture would have happened?

I am so use to seeing Rob Anybody comical, and never truly angry as he was in this scene. If Tiffany had not been able to diffuse the situation, I believe the Feegles would have killed the men. They might not have stopped there, but might have taken the fight to the Baron himself. Even if the Feegles only killed or badly maimed the men digging up the Mound, the Baron would have to react. Of course, how would the Baron find the Feegles when they don’t want to be found? Well, he wouldn’t be able to, but he would be able to find Tiffany. So she is the one he would punish. Sucks to the be the Witch of the Chalk.

5) The Duchess seems ready to cause everyone a bit of pain, especially Tiffany. While Tiff seems to have checkmated her for now, what do you think the Duchess’s next moves will be?ย  Did you find it hard to hold your tongue during that standoff too?

The Duchess is a Control Freak. So I expect that she will move the wedding along as quickly as possible. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if she encourages Roland to order Tiffany’s immediate family off the land – The Duchess may even go so far as to order the castle guards to do it ‘in the name of the Baron’. If that happens, I expect the guards and the town and the farms will mutiny. Should be entertaining for us readers ;).

Haha! That stand off was great. It was soooooo hard for Tiff to hold her tongue, but luckily I was saying all the things she couldn’t. In fact, i read that scene off to My Main Man, who found it quite amusing and he had some comments of his own. Poor Tiff. Holding in such things is a kind of self-imposed torture, isn’t it?

6) We’ve met a very interesting guard, Preston, the newest of the bunch. He’s a bit of a bookish nerd. Do you see him being of further assistance to Tiffany? How do you think this will affect his long-term employment at the castle?

I think we met Preston in Part I of the read along, but just briefly. Then we see him at the Duchess-Tiffany standoff wondering where to put the goats that are housed in the dungeon, and finally we are really starting to get to know him. My little inner cupid whispers that maybe Roland isn’t the only interesting and available male on the Chalk. Preston doesn’t seem to be put off in the slightest that she is a witch. Hooray! I expect he will continue to assist Tiffany as he can. Though he may no longer be employed at the castle by the end of this book. We shall have to see.

7) Finally, we learn something very interesting about Letitia. It appears she is a witch. Will Letitia and Tiffany join forces to defeat evil? What do you think Letitia did, if anything, to bring the Cunning Man?

Letitia’s unending tears up to this point had been a bit annoying. But I am glad that Tiffany is finally getting some very meaningful conversation out of her. Obviously, Letitia thinks she did something to bring Tiff her current difficulties and Letitia has guilt over that. So she can’t be all bad. I expect they will join forces so that Tiffany can see what she can do and so that Letitia can assuage some of her guilt.

I’m still not sure Letitia did anything magical against Tiffany. We know she wished her ill, and she went through some motions or a ritual to bring Tiffany bad luck, and that was not nice of her, but did it really do anything? Perhaps. If Letitia can pick up any bramble branch and make light saber light trails with it, perhaps a silly ritual is all she needs to set the drunken cook on her, of the Duchess.

Now, bringing the Cunning Man is something else entirely. If Letitia is inherently that powerful enough to cause Tiff some headaches in the form of abusive idiots, then perhaps she is the witch the Cunning Man is really seeking. But he bumped into Tiff first and has been following her around being a pest thinking she is The One. We’ll see.

Other Tidbits:

I love the way the Night Watch is ever so polite in ‘locking’ Tiffany up, letting her have Mrs. Proust for company, a spot of dinner with wine, and a very comfy cell.

Miss Smith is a time traveler. Very interesting. And she seemed to know a lot about the origin of the Cunning Man, so I have to wonder if she happen to be there and that I why she tells the origin tale so well.

I love that they offer to take the goats out of the dungeon to make Tiff more comfortable. She chooses to hang with them, which I can understand. Unless there was a billy. Billys not only ejaculate on themselves, but also urinate on themselves – so that they are properly perfumed to attract the ladies. Yeah. But if there are no billys in the herd, then goats are usually pretty clean.

13 thoughts on “I Shall Wear Midnight Read Along Part II”

  1. So, great answers. Why can’t I come up with these thoughts when it counts!
    First things first, you know that phrase ‘Billy no mates’ – well I guess you just explained why!!
    Preston – I did wonder when he winked at Tiffany if something was being alluded to. Also, he’s a bright little so and so and would be able to match Tiffany in a battle of the words.
    I wonder if the Duchess is some sort of evil witchy type? Maybe not – she does seem very insecure about witches.
    I wanted Tiffany to give the Duchess a real piece of her mind but I suppose it wouldn’t really have helped. Maybe she’s a bit more mature than me.
    Lynn ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Interesting point about the Duchess possibly being a witch – that could be a possibility given that Letitia is definitely witchy . . . perhaps that is her dirty little secret, or perhaps she realizes what Letitia is and is mortified about anyone finding out.

    1. I hope you enjoyed your camel ride! We have plenty of llamas and alpacas in this area, but most are far too small, and ornery, to ride.

      Yes, i am very interested to see how Tiff deals with the Cunning Man. I hope that the strange conversation with Miss Smith becomes more clear by the end, as it seemed pretty nebulous to me.

  2. 1. I’m almsot surprised that there isn’t an entire series devoted to Wee Mad Arthur. One of the great things about Discworld is that it contains many sub-series, so you can pick and choose which aspects to read about without having to slog through all of them. I haven’t read any of the Nightswatch books, but most of the ones focussing on Death, and they are hilarious.

    3. Unlike with the Nightswatch and the witches, I felt as if I was really missing something with Miss Smith because I hadn’t encountered her before. Her ‘help’ was more than a little nebulous, so I was left feeling a little underwhelmed by her appearance.

    4. That little view of Rob terrified for the safety of his family is one of the things I love about Sir Terry. You think you have a character completely understood and labelled and then he goes and shows them in a completely different light.

    6. My inner cupid is muttering about Tiffany and Preston too . . .

    7. You have an interesting idea there about Letitia being the real target for the Cunning Man . . . I wonder if all those tears mean that she is too soggy to be burnt at the stake?

    Thank you so much for that information about billy goats . . . TMI!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I love the Death novels too! It has been years since I read Mort. Perhaps that subseries needs to end up on my sooner rather than later reading list.

      Tiff seems pretty impressed with Miss Smith, and time travel should impress folks, but I am not sure Tiff gained any useful knowledge from the conversation.

      True, Letitia would not burn well as a witch. Perhaps drowning? We could collect her tears for a day and then stand her in the vat we filled with them.

      I am glad you gained knowledge from reading my little tidbit about goats ;).

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