Tiffany Aching Read Along – Books 3&4

My daft, toothless cat, Waffles.
My daft, toothless cat, Waffles.

Hello everyone! I am very excited to tell you that a group of us will be continuing on with the Tiffany Aching Saga by Terry Pratchett. Earlier this year, we group read the first two books (The Wee Free Men and A Hat Full of Sky). Now, several of us return to finish the saga with Wintersmith (Book 3) and I Shall Wear Midnight (Book 4). Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow has enthusiastically jumped in to cohost with me. Hooray!

I have read each of these books multiple times and love them dearly. In my humble (yet sometimes snotty) opinion, these four books are Terry Pratchett’s best works. Tiffany is one of my all time heroines because she wears hand-me-down boots, can make cheese, and knows the worth of a cast iron frying pan as a weapon.

Smudge finds being a bookstand disagreeable.
Smudge finds being a bookstand disagreeable.

If you think you would like to join us, these are quick easy books chalked full of amusement. You could probably even read the first two books if you haven’t already before the read along posts start. If you want to be on the weekly email list to receive discussion questions ahead of time, just leave me a comment with your email address.\

Wintersmith (little mass paperback, 446 pages)
Week 1 9/16 Chapters 1-4, 152 pages (
Week 2 9/23 Chapters 5-7, 144 pages (
Week 3 9/30 Chapters 8-END, 151 pages (DoD)

I Shall Wear Midnight (mine is an odd-sized paperback, 347 pages)
Week 1 10/7 Chapters 1-6, 121 pages (OtER)
Week 2 10/14 Chapters 7-10, 118 pages (DoD)
Week 3 10/21 Chapters 11-END, 107 pages (OtER)

I am very much looking forward to sharing these books with everyone!

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