The Fires of Heaven Read Along Part III

JordanFiresOfHeavenBannerHello everyone! Week 3 of the read along covers Chapters 10-16. Sue from Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers is our host this week, so make sure to swing by her place for intelligent conversation.

I have not been a responsible WoT Quad reader this week. I am behind by a few chapters. So, some of my answers will make sense and others will be utter nonsense. Shall I leave it up to you to figure out which are which? hehe… Well, I should probably mark them with an astrix (am I spelling that right?) or smiley faces or something. I’m at Bubonicon this weekend and will be traveling back home tomorrow. So don’t be alarmed if I am not with it until Monday after 2 PM. Let me apologize. Part of it is a busy week and part of it is exhaustion from some intense events that have speckled my life lately. I am digging out of all the stuff I am behind on.

1. Do you think that it is possible that Nynaeve and Elayne will be more cautious in the future and avoid the next very obvious trap that arises? Also, any ideas where the extra pigeons were going after Mistress Macura’s recovery?

I expect Nynaeve & Elayne, and possibly Egwene, will fall into more traps. They haven’t learned obvious trap avoidance precautions yet. Dorks. Part of being strong, self-sufficient, independent women is basic situational awareness. these ladies need a community college class on this, for starters.

So one pigeon went to the White Tower. I expect another went to a specific aes sedai – perhaps like Moiraine has ladies that send her messages. Perhaps Moiraine or Verin received that second pigeon. Then that sneakybeak dude copied her message and sent a note off – perhaps to the Seanchan, because others send them love notes and mystery tidbits all the time.

2. We now know that the Blue Ajah is massing in Salidar, and I wonder if other renegade Sisters will head that way as well. Is anyone else feeling that their choice of meeting place is nice and convenient for our wayward Amyrlin? Do you think that Nynaeve and Elayne will hear the location and join up with our merry band?

Was it Nynaeve that was wanting to spend some quality time with Siuan with her unable to channel? Foreshadowing *nudge nudge wink wink*. So I expect they will meet up, but once Nynaeve learns of Siuan’s stilling, she won’t be a jerk. Probably. Maybe. Perhaps the Wheel is pushing everyone together for a hugfest in order to balance out the negative nipple twisting sisters of the White Tower?

UPDATE: Ok, I caught up in my reading. So, yes, I expect Nynaeve will here the location name sooner or later and hopefully it will dawn on her swiftly, and not chapters later in the wrong direction.

3. Were you surprised to discover that Gareth Bryne had the hots for Siuan? Are we going to have a soppy love story involving fishing metaphors?

OK, I haven’t even gotten to this chapter and I am not surprised by this turn of events – so I have to say that it was probably pretty darn obvious. I mean, I have missed all sorts of other ‘obvious’ stuff as my fellow WoT Quad members have probably noticed, yet I didn’t miss this one.

I bet Siuan will wiggle enticingly for Bryne like a worm on a hook before a fish. My Bryne’s fishing spear by straight, strong, and have decent heft.

UPDATE: So, Bryne has remembered exactly where he had seen Siuan. Awkward. I hope he does catch up to her and they can have a heart to heart about that past meeting.

Little Fella sniffing the book.
Little Fella sniffing the book.

4. Is anyone else hoping that Birgitte will have a larger role in the story in the near future? Is Egwene really a prude or do you think that Nynaeve’s dress in Tel’aran’rhiod was amazingly slutty?

Of course I want more Birgitte – strong, knowledgeable, good with weapons, snares, wild animals, and small children. What’s not to like? Egwene is a prude. That is one of her defining characteristics.

A woman, or a man for that matter, can dress in a skimpy outfit and still not be slutty. I haven’t gotten to Nynaeve’s dress, but I expect that she probably felt uncomfortable or very self-aware in it if Egwene found it slutty. I personally belief it is good to let the cleavage or legs show from time to time. People who dress skimpily every day at work, etc. don’t leave much for special occasions (exceptions include people whose professions require little to no clothing such as life guards, exotic dancers, and shark baiters).

UPDATE: I expect we’ll see more of Birgitte. Whether her love is spun out into the world by the Wheel or captured, Birgitte will have a role to play. She’s willing to break some rules some of the time. I like this.

Nynaeve was playing dress up in a somewhat private place (in a private moment anyway) and clothes alone don’t make a person slutty. We have bikini pageants all the time here in the US and we hold those up as respectable pieces of clothing in that context. What would Nynaeve or Egwene make of the bikini?

5. Were you surprised by the sudden reversal in the power dynamic between Nynaeve and Egwene? During her testing to become Accepted, Egwene saw herself as Amyrlin, does her increasing self confidence make this future seem more likely?

Again with the foreshadowing. The switch in dynamic was coming sooner or later. I look forward to getting to this part of the book and seeing just how it comes about.

UPDATE: I quite enjoyed this actually. Nynaeve holds too strongly to her near-tyrannical reign over the younger women because she was once Wisdom and perhaps tanned Egwene’s bottom more than once. Things change and Nynaeve needs to get with the program and stop jeopardizing everyone else’s safety just because she feels the need to be in charge.

6. Do you agree with Elayne that Galad would actually hand them over to the Whitecloaks? I can see Thom fitting in with the traveling Menagerie, but how much braid-pulling do you expect from Nynaeve?

Galad has been enamored with the White Cloaks for a while now, so yes, I think he might had the ladies over.

Oooo! A traveling menagerie! That sounds like fun. Can we just snip Nynaeve’s braid off? I mean, she can keep it, but she has to put it away in her purse or luggage for most of the day. She can have it out once a day for all the braid pulling she was denied the rest of the day.

UPDATE: Yes, I believe Galad is having a major moral quandary going on in his head right now. Either way, he will have to take action that Elayne & Nynaeve will not like – sending the ladies back to Morgase or turning them over to the White Cloaks.

Other Tidbits:

Elayne had to admit remembering Thom from her childhood. Luckily, Galad doesn’t appear to have noticed Thom.

Egwene gave Nynaeve quite a start in Tel’aran’rhiod with her mishapen horrors. At first, I thought she might have went a little too far, but then I realized Nynaeve doesn’t learn from small things – she needed a big shock to get the point (hopefully). Also, the ladies now know that Elaida is Amrylin. Egwene and Moiraine now know too. But Egwene left it up to Moiraine to tell Rand. I have to wonder if she will, or if she will sit on the info to dole out later?

6 thoughts on “The Fires of Heaven Read Along Part III”

  1. LOL. The menagerie will be fun, though I can tell you Nynaeve will not lose her braid–at least, not at the menagerie. *waggles eyebrows* 😀 Have fun at Bubonicon! 😀

    1. So no lost braids huh? Perhaps once she marries. I can imagine the Menagerie will be fun after Nynaeve insulted the headman – how much (or little) did she toss him anyway? tsk, tsk.

  2. Hi Sue! Hope bubwhatever is enjoyable. I took my answers to the host this time (and I think I’ll keep doing that – I kept coming here because your post is the only one up when I wake up).

    About traps:

    Thom: I must help you in Tanchico.
    Nynaeve: We never need help.
    Elayne: Yes. We never need help getting captured. Three times in two adventures. Beat that.
    Nynaeve: Now pack away our nice dresses. We like to look our best when getting captured.

    (I’ll let you read some of these once we get past the Lord of Chaos prologue!)

    As far as missing obvious stuff goes, it’s easy looking super intelligent when I know what happens. (Not gonna lie, I do like playing that part, huehue.) Sue is just a natural.

    1. Haha! Your comments always bring me a laugh. Yes, that pretty much sums up traps. I wonder what Nynaeve and whoever happens to be with her will walk into next. Perhaps this is part of the reason that Elayne and Egwene are starting to make plans and act on their own instead of just meekly following Nynaeve’s directions.

      Bubonicon was awesome! It’s the only scifi convention I’ll get out to this year and I had a great time.

  3. 1. They really could do with studying Trap Avoidance 101!

    2. I strongly suspect that Nynaeve will try her utmost to Heal the stilled women and Logain, because she is such a sweetheart . . .

    4. I think Egwene might have a stroke if she saw Nynaeve in a bikini, though I bet Elayne would think it would make her legs look good! 😀

    5. I think Nynaeve also suffers from the diminishing age gap between them. Ten years ago she was an adult (just) while Egwene was still a child, now the age difference is not as important and Nynaeve has just got to accept that.

    1. That’s a really good point about the diminishing age gap affecting both women. It’s interesting that Robert Jordan shows Egwene coming of age by challenging Nynaeve (which seems reasonable to me, given her latest blunders), but then shows Elayne coming of age by trying to bed her mother’s old lover (yuck!).

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