The Shadow Rising Read Along Part VI

JordanShadowRisingBannerThis book keeps getting more intense, doesn’t it? This week’s questions come from Eivind, our illustrious commenter. Leave your links in the comments so we can all visit.

As you may have surmised, there are spoilers lurking around every corner, just waiting to mug you of your innocence. Avoid this post if you have concerns.

1. Wow, Fain seems to have taken crazy to a whole new level. What on earth could he want with a Myrdraal?

Let’s see. If I had a captive Myrdraal that I had enslaved, what would I do with it? Hmm… plenty of menial chores need doing, but I have other slaves for that. Random acts of violence? Well, there’s the trollocs for that. Myrdraals have those flying beasts, so maybe reconnaissance or transport. They can flit from shadow to shadow appearing almost human, so perhaps stealthily sneaking into somewhere and putting a blade to someone’s throat.

Yes, I can see a few pointed and violent purposes for Myrdraals.

2. Lord Luc, selfless heroic noble with only the best interests of the locals at heart. Or so he would have you think – Perrin doesn’t appear to agree. What do you make of this bloke?

Fame and adulation seeker. Lord Luc obviously hasn’t grasped fully what is lurking in the woods around Emon’s Field and the Two Rivers. He could also be spying for the White Cloaks, or even for Fain. Since Eivind has asked about him, and Eivind has read this book at least once, I have to wonder what harm Lord Luc will cause before the book is through. Part of me thinks him winding up amongst a horde of trollocs would be educational.

3. We finally learn about the Aiel side of Rand’s parentage. Was this about what you expected? Who might Shaiel have been? (If you have been paying attention, you should be able to work out who Rand’s half brother is.)

I was hoping to learn more of Rand’s parentage, but I was surprised when the Wise Women started telling him about it. I expected it to be a long drawn out piecing things together, not the simple telling it turned out to be.

We know that Shaiel was blonde and stubborn, and had the guidance of an Aes Sedai. This all points to royalty. His half brother is a few years older. And while I think I have payed attention, no I don’t know who his brother is. Of course, I am considering the royalty we have come across – and my eye is drawn to blond Gawyn. But that might make things a bit awkward between Rand and Elayne.

4. Egwene is caught red handed in T’A’R without supervision. What do you think of Amys’ reaction?

Well, I think Amys is of two minds. 1) Egwene gave her word, and a promise to and among the Aiel is super important. It is unwise to make an empty promise to an Aiel. 2) Amys is nosy, like any good Wise Woman and wants to know what Egwene was up to. I certainly like her scare tactics and Egwene needed a little calibrating. She is easy with her little lie about being Green Ajah, so finding out that means very little in the Waste should be good for her.

5. So we might see a bit of Aviendha/Rand interaction coming up. Teacher, student, spy and spyee. What do you expect from these two? Is Aviendha acting a bit… odd? (Even for Aiel.)

Loyalty is huge with the Aiel. Aviendha has loyalty to Elayne and she perceives Rand’s reactions, or lack of them, towards Elayne to be insufficient. I think bonding among the Aiel must be fairly straight forward: A simple statement of attraction, perhaps a kissing game or two, and if that goes well, a mutual promise to set aside weapons and make whoopee. Obviously, nothing is going to be that simple for Rand.

Aviendha just came from Ruidean where I expect she had a similar experience to Rand’s: she saw slices of the lives of her ancestors and probably learned the double edged sword that is He Who Comes With the Dawn. Couple that with her irksome attitude towards Rand on Elayne’s behalf and you have one conflicted Aiel.

Perhaps she will also turn into yet another love interest for Rand – because he obviously doesn’t have enough women’s troubles. Pretty soon Rand is going to be singing country music to himself….something about all his exs living in another state. Anyhoo, if Aviendha learned in Ruidean that her fate is somehow coupled with Rand’s, she might be a little pissed off about that too.

6. “We ride with evil, now” Rand claims. What do you think he means? Could this somehow be part of his plan?

We all think of Mat as the gambler, but I think Rand is the one who is throwing his metaphorical dice and hoping some mad scheme of his works. Obviously, he doesn’t trust the traders they came across. It is a little convenient – they hadn’t found or been found by a guide and they were so close to Ruidean. So far, we have seen 3 people – the trader, his wife (I think), and a gleeman (briefly). For all those wagons. Hmm… suspicious. Then Rand payed close attention to the trader’s eyes as he was confronted by the Aiel and learned how close he was to the forbidden Ruidean. Sooner or later, Rand has to confront some of the puppeteers with his new found powers, and I think this trader is a spy or agent for those puppeteers.

Other Tidbits:

Aviendha describing Elayne in detail to Rand was priceless. She is so straight forward, so honest about Elayne’s physical attributes – it really is complimentary. Then offering to arrange for Rand to see Elayne in the bath was really quite polite of her. Alas, Rand is not ready for such a straight forward, uncomplicated love life.

Perrin may be in for some trouble, and I don’t mean trollocs, Fain, and White Cloaks. He is hanging out with some Aes Sedai – Verin and Lana (?). I am doing the audio and not sure of spelling. Anyway, this second Aes Sedai seems quite…. focused on Perrin. couple that with Verin’s playful threat of bonding a man as a Warder against his will (apparently it can be done) and her subtle warning about Aes Sedai who stray due to lust. Perhaps Perrin will be forced into servitude as a Warder for part of the series. As sexy as that sounds, I would not want to piss Perrin off.

Elayne trying on Sea Folk attire in T’A’R was awesome. Who hasn’t wished to be able to do a simple cosplay at home to see if tatts or piercings or body paint or a full hijab would be charming? It’s great that she was willing to entertain the idea of a few body modifications. I am guessing that growing up in court, she didn’t get to experiment much, even with dying her hair.

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9 thoughts on “The Shadow Rising Read Along Part VI”

  1. Good morning!

    1. This is one I’m legitimately curious about. Yes, I’ve read the books, but I can’t remember anything coming of this, or if it did then it certainly went straight over my head. At least it shows that Fain is definitely more than merely a darkfriend at this point. Moiraine said as much at the end of Hunt, but now we know for sure.

    2. Sooo… yeah, I have discovered that this question asking business is not easy, and I have problems not asking leading questions :(. With that said, I had difficulty even finding six sensible questions this time (I didn’t really want to ask about Fain, but I didn’t want to send out just five either.)

    But yes, there’s a reason I am drawing your attention to Luc. Since we’re reading this passage from Perrin’s perspective, our opinion on Luc is probably coloured by Perrin’s, and he doesn’t have a very high opinion of him. Still, we haven’t seen Luc doing anything bad, and in fact his intentions seem good (if not truly selfless).

    3. Well, we’ve heard before how much Rand looks like Tigraine, the Andoran Daughter-Heir who went missing. In a previous week we (or at least Sue) considered the possibility of Tigraine being Rand’s mother. The timing matches, too, she disappeared something like 5 or 6 years before the Aiel War.

    4. Amys doesn’t fuck around. Well, we knew that already, but this fake wakeup trick threw me for a loop the first time I read it, too. I’m not sure I would have been able to not ask her to accompany me to the meetings.

    5. Yes. What I was looking for is this, actually. When Aviendha returned from Rhuidean, Rand thought she had gone through the same ter’angreal that he did. We know however that Aviendha was told to find a three-ringed object and use that instead (and NOT the columns). Rand wasn’t there when this happened, so he is somewhat of an unreliable narrator here.

    So in all likelihood, Aviendha’s dislike for Rand stems from some other source than his being the Car’a’carn, and, indeed, it’s more likely related to Elayne.

    6. I wish I could say I knew what Rand was thinking, but I don’t. He certainly couldn’t have been planning to meet this peddler caravan right then and there, but from his behaviour it seems like it’s all part of his plan. The guy’s confusing even me, who knows what happens. -_-


    Yeah, Aviendha going on about Elayne was hilarious :D. It always reminds me of that old lady on “Airplane!” describing Elaine (coincidence?) to Ted.

    Oh, and that other Aes Sedai is Alanna.

    There’s nothing in the warder bonding that requires consent of any kind, but bonding someone against their will is considered not much better than rape.

    1. I think your questions are fine. I know when I am coming up with questions, I am challenged to devise ones that you and Liesel (the experienced readers) can answer fully without giving away too much. That challenge is half the fun.

      Now I need a massive WoT genealogical chart. I too remember Sue commenting on Tigraine.

      I bumped into a spoiler about Rand and Elayne like back when we were reading Book 1 or Book 2. So, I have some idea of what will happen with that relationship. Perhaps some of that is due to Aviendha’s meddling.

      I had totally forgotten about that Airplane scene. I will have to watch that movie again – too funny!

      And thanks for giving me Alanna’s correct name – and I agree about forced bonding. Since it has been foreshadowed, I would be surprised if it did not rear it’s ugly head this book.

    2. I agree that questions are hard to come up with, without leading. I’m sure that’s especially true for those of us who’ve read it before, but I think you do a good job balancing. I’m always afraid that when I answer questions on my blog, I’ll end up revealing too much and not even realize it. 😀 I don’t remember what the captive Fade or Rand’s comment about riding with evil portends either. Knowing…how things turn out with the people in the caravan, I almost wonder if Rand senses something here. Either something evil, or the Shadow, or something of saidin. Hard to say. Interesting to read it the second time through knowing what happens hereafter, though. 😀

      1. I feel as if there are so many nuances that I am missing! I will most definitely have to reread this series eventually . . . .

    3. I always find it difficult to chose the wording for my questions, so you are certainly not alone in that one!

      Aviendha’s description of Elayne was definitely hilarious, mainly because it made Rand so embarrassed. I think the Aiel are so much more honest and straightforward that the Wetlanders and Rand really struggles with that.

  2. Your comment about Lord Luc amidst a horde of trollocs being educational is right on the money, but I won’t say any more about that. Eivind has already mentioned Tigraine, so I’ll say you’re close with looking at Gawyne, but not quite there. Despite Tigraine having the red-gold hair of Andor, her husband, Taringale was a dark-haired Cairhienin, so her child, Rand’s half-sibling, isn’t necessarily light haired. I also loved when Aviendha started describing Elayne in her bath. So funny! 😀

    1. Perhaps Lord Luc won’t turn out as pompous and perhaps evil-minded as I think. Maybe he is a fairly harmless glory seeker that hasn’t had to deal with trollocs that have a penchant for human cuisine before.

      Now you are going to have me guessing about all males a few years older than Rand, especially those of royalty.

  3. 2. I’m not sure about Lord Luc being a spy, but he is certainly not what he appears to be, so I don’t trust him at all.

    4. I hope that Egwene learns a little humility and self-control from the Wise Ones because she is getting rather over-confident and reckless.

    5. I love the idea of Rand singing songs that start “My woman gone left me . . . ” 😀

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