Clan Rathskeller by Kevin Hearne

HearneClanRathskellarWhy I Read It: It was a short story tacked onto the novella The Grimoire of the Lamb.

Where I Got It: Own it.

Who I Recommend This To: The Iron Druid Chronicles and urban fantasy fans.

Narrator: Luke Daniels

Publisher: Random House Audio (2013)

Length: ~30 minutes

Series: The Iron Druid Chronicles Short Story (Book 0.5)

Atticus, a 2100-year old druid in hiding in Tempe, AZ, and his faithful Irish wolfhound companion Oberon take a stroll to the local mall during the winter holiday season. Pretty soon, they spot not only some drunk college students, harried gift shoppers, jolly men dressed as Saint Nick, but also some hobgoblins posing as elves. You know, Santa’s elves. Of course, Atticus doesn’t want his cover blown, as he has spent years fleeing some powerful, and grudge-holding, deities. But before he can take a back seat to whatever is about to unfold with the hobgoblins, one recognizes him for a druid. Uh oh!

I’m only going to give you the set up, as I don’t wish to spoil anything. If you have not enjoyed The Iron Druid Chronicles yet, this is an excellent place to start (if you just want something short to see if it is for you). I love Atticus’s wit, Oberon’s blossoming vocabulary, and yes, the bare-ass shenanigans. Ah, what a visual. And, in this particular story, coupled with a very humorous, and public, scene. Kevin Hearne has this short story up on his website for a free download as a PDF. Also, the download of The Grimoire of the Lamb has this story tacked on at the end.

Luke Daniels is our most excellent narrator. His hobgoblin voices were quite humorous and of course he is the voice of Atticus in my head even when I read the physical books.

What I Liked: Humor left and right; starts off with mystery and ends with action; bare-ass shenanigans.

What I Disliked: Too short? Well, that isn’t a good criticism. It was meant to be short. Maybe I am just greedy for more Kevin Hearne. I am sure he will forgive me.

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  1. I know I’m biased since my cat is named Atticus, but I love characters named Atticus. And your criticism seems like the best endorsement.

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