A Hat Full Of Sky by Terry Pratchett

Yes, Stout really is that sweet.
Yes, Stout really is that sweet.

Why I Read It: Tis a favorite, and there was this read along

Where I Got It: Own It.

Who I Recommend This To: Anyone who enjoys humor, sheep, creative swearing (PG rated), or cheese.

Publisher: HarperCollins (2005)

Length: 407 pages

Series: Tiffany Aching Saga Book 2

In this installment of the Tiffany Aching saga, Terry Pratchett has her battling an ancient malevolent enemy, meeting other young witches her age, learning to ride a broomstick, and bonding with adult witches. It’s her first real trip off the chalk as Tiffany sets off to go be the assistant to Miss Level in the mountains. Now Miss Level is interesting in and of herself, having once been part of a circus. She also has milk goats and is daily down at the local village seeing to their needs. Tiffany takes on learning how to make a proper shamble, dealing with another bullying girl, and facing some of her deepest, but perhaps not best, desires.

I truly believe that these books, the Tiffany Aching saga, are Terry Pratchett’s best Discworld books. In fact, you don’t really need to know anything about Discworld in order to enjoy these books. The Feegles, or Wee Free Men, that we met in Book 1 are back in Book 2, causing mayhem, misdirection, and the occasional questionable humor. I believe the humorous and serious notes of this book are even better balanced than Book 1, The Wee Free Men. Tiffany is 11 in this book, and her grandmother has been dead and buried for some years, yet she still has a strong presence in Tiffany’s mind. Mistress Weatherwax, who showed up at the end of Book 1, has a much greater role in Book 2, and there is even bonding over pickles and voles. Indeed, Tiffany has a lot to learn and this adventure takes her up against the wall to find out how strong she is.

What I Liked: The cover; the humor; the serious parts; this book made me feel, and feel all sorts of things, and that is why it has a permanent place on my book shelf.

What I Disliked: There was one chapter that ended abruptly and then the next starts in a completely different place – it fools me every time and I keep thinking the editors must have taken something important out.

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10 thoughts on “A Hat Full Of Sky by Terry Pratchett”

    1. Awesome! We are planning to read along Books 3 & 4 of the Tiffany Aching saga in October-ish. I’ll put up an announcement post when we get ready. Join us if you like and have the time.

  1. I just finished reading this one recently. Such a fun and funny book, with those deeper insights too. I loved getting more of Granny Weatherwax, and watching Tiffany’s growing up.

  2. My favourite in the Tiffany Aching series (I hope he writes more) was Wintersmith, so mysterious and unique! And I loved the parts with Granny Weatherwax in this one.

    1. I love all 4 books. We’ll be doing the last two (Wintersmith and I Shall Wear Midnight) as read alongs in October. I can’t wait to share them with folks.

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