Trapped by Kevin Hearne

HearneTrappedWhy I Read It: Yet another tale of Atticus and Oberon – Who could resit?

Where I Got It: Own it – from

Who I Recommend This To: Urban fantasy junkies and sausage fans.

Narrator: Luke Daniels

Publisher: Random House Audio (2012)

Length: 9 hours, 2 minutes

Series: The Iron Druid Chronicles Book 5

This book takes place 12 years after Book 4, Tricked, and 6 years after Two Ravens and One Crow. Granuaile is nearly complete in her druid training. the last task is to be bound to Gaia through three months of semi-trance as she is tattooed from foot to hand. However, there are multiple people messing with Atticus making this a tough task to complete as her druidic teacher. The Polish god of thunder shows up straight away being harried by Loki, who has somehow been unleashed upon the world. Atticus manages to trick him into going off to the Dwarven realm as he, the Polish god, Granuaile, and Oberon flee his presence. The tale continues with Atticus and Granuaile seeking a place to link Granuaile to Gaia. However, some unknown troublemakers have closed off the ways to easily step to whereever they would on Earth. Only one location is left open to them – Mount Olympus and the surrounding areas. And this is an issue because Atticus is still be sought by a greek diety that wants his head on a platter – with grapes.

Once again, this was an awesome ride. I had my concerns: 1) 12 years since the last full novel?!? 2) Was Kevin Hearne going to turn Granuaile into some badass magic user without an appropriate transition period? 3) I was deeply concerned that Oberon, an Irish Wolfhound, wouldn’t make into Book 5 as Irish wolfhounds have a short life span. So, first off, Granuaile still has much to learn about slinging magic. Yet she has spent 12 years working on staff and throwing knifes, so she isn’t completely defenseless against minor deities, vampires, and other such pesky bad guys. Yes, Oberon is in Trapped and I absolutely love his simple take on the world – as long as there is sausage, all is right with the world. The passage of 12 years did not disrupt the series.

Once again, this is a very fast-paced urban fantasy. I loved that much of it took place in Greece, which allowed for a more worldly take on things. There were more moments of bare-ass shenanigans (which happens every book and a book without such shenanigans wouldn’t truly be the Iron Druid Chronicles). While there was plenty of humor, there were also several moments of greater seriousness adding weight to the underlying premise that Loki truly threatens the existence of everyone – mortal and immortal alike. Yet another excellent read from Kevin Hearne that had me laughing out loud and finding ways to waste a little more time on the computer as I listened to the book.

Luke Daniels was magnificent as usual. He tackles the plethora of accents with bravado and also had a wicked voice for Loki. One of the things I appreciate about is that they have included the first chapter of Book 6 (Hunted, due June 2013) at the end of this book. Book 6 will definitely be something to look forward to.

What I Liked: Oberon is probably my favorite character; Granuiale is a believable apprentice turned druid and I appreciate a person who takes the time to get proficient at knife throwing; bad guys everywhere!; dark elves, dwarves, Loki, vampires, Greek deities.

What I Disliked: Even as well done as this book is, I still wonder about those 12 years – surely there were adventures. Perhaps Hearne will go back and fill them in with more novellas.

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  1. So glad to hear this was still a great read for you. I am worried about that twelve year gap, too. I can’t decide whether to read or listen. Ahh crap. I am going to listen. I adore Luke Daniels’ narration. He is so awesome.

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