The Shadow of the Sun Read Along: The Schedule

Hello folks, Dab of Darkness shall be hosting the read along of The Shadow of the Sun by Barbara Friend Ish starting April 1st. And you would be a fool to miss out on it. As many of you know, this is the year of bloggity love for Mercury Retrograde Press. Through out the year I will be featuring interviews, guest posts, giveaways, and reviews from and by the authors of Mercury Retrograde Press. This read along is another such adventure. If you would like to know more about Barbara Friend Ish and Mercury Retrograde Press, check out this interview from earlier this year.

Here is the blurb from Mercury Retrograde Press about the book. If you are interested in joining the read along, leave me a comment to that affect and I shall track you down.

IshShadowOfSunA Man Cannot Deny the Gods

Ten years ago, Ellion violated a sacred rule of magic and brought tragedy on his family. Forced to abandon his throne, exiled from the holy Aballo Order of wizards, and severed from his patron goddess, he swore never to work magic again. He retreated into music and a bard’s footlose existence: living in other men’s kingdoms, singing of other men’s victories.

A Man Cannot Escape Destiny

But then the ard-righ, the king of kings, is murdered in an act of insurrection by a rogue wizard who follows the old gods. As the human nations teeter on the verge of chaos and civil war, Ellion tries to slip even farther away to the Tanaan realms, only to discover that they are threatened by the same enemy.

A Man Cannot Hide from the Shadow of the Sun

Now Ellion finds himself the protector of Letitia: a Tanaan princess, daughter of one of the greatest Tanaan heroines, and unwitting key to a great arcane mystery. Pursued by the rogue wizard’s minions, enticed by gods he was taught to forswear, challenged by his former mentor, and tempted by the most enchanting woman he has ever encountered, Ellion must battle his faith, his vows, and the darkness his soul yearns to tap as he races to unravel the secret of the rogue’s power: the Shadow of the Sun.

Here is the schedule:

36 chapters
483 pages

April 1st post: 1-7 (pg. 95)
April 8th post: 8-15 (pg. 187)
April 15th post: 16-21 (pg. 275)
April 22nd post: 22-28 (pg. 386)
April 29th post: 29-END (pg. 483) and then there’s a few pages of glossaries.

Mercury Retrograde Press does this cool thing – if you buy a paper version you automatically get the ebook free, your choice of format. You can also simply purchase the ebook if you don’t have room on your physical shelves.

Looking forward to sharing this book with folks as I quite enjoyed it when I read it some years ago. Here is my Darkcargo Review.

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