Unidentified Funny Objects Read Along Part I

ShvartsmanUFORoughly a month ago, I brought you an interview with the editor of Unidentified Funny Objects, Alex Shvartman. He’s pretty fascinating to read about, so check that out if you get a chance. There is also the read-at-your-own-pace read along going on on Goodreads, if you would like to join us. I enjoy blogging, so I plan to do posts here and put up links on the Goodreads Group.

For Part I, I have little mini reviews of the first 5 short stories in this collection. Honestly, these were so fun to read, that I read them all in one night. As you will see, there is quite a variety.

Timber! by Scott Almes (who can be stalked on twitter: https://twitter.com/Scott_Almes)

In this silly tale, Dunri is mistaken for another in a world of treant activists. The lead activist is Merri, a charming young lady. Dunri has been paid a tidy sum to sabotage the activist efforts so that the treants can be harvested as treant wood is quite valuable. Now before you go all mushy on the treants, keep in mind they do eat sheep. Yep. Not so peaceful and majestic now, are they? Oh, and this story had giant, tame fire flies for your dining pleasure.

The Alien Invasion As Seen In The Twitter Stream of @dweebless by Jake Kerr

This was a quick, humor-filled read. There are Canadian jokes – which I feel quite comfortable indulging in being married to one. Essentially, the aliens have found Earth, come in force, and are invading. Unfortunately, they try to communicate their intentions through twitter. Yep, twitter. Needless to say, folks don’t take them seriously at first, or second, or third. Lots of laughing by this reader ensued. Oh, and there are Nickelback jokes….and being a closet fan, I had to laugh at myself on top of all the other laughing I was doing. You can read this story online HERE.

Dreaming Harry by Stephanie Burgis

Elizabeth and Dan are the parents of an almost average, normal 6-year-old son, Harry. Harry is a bennerol baby, his mom having taken the prescribed drug during her pregnancy; she and many, many other mothers. Now there are many children like Harry, that when they dream Things Happen. There is also a spooky doctor who is very interested in Harry and his abilities. I got rather attached to Harry for a short story.

Fight Finale from the Near Future by James Beamon

Brody Omen and Katya team up to go against M. Vella and the Doomverse Device. There’s a demand for the world’s treasures or the world will end, etc. Luckily there are some snarky product placements to help the heroes along, and The Observer (who may or may not play a role in saving the world). A quick, fun read that had me giggling and groaning by turns.

Temporal Shimmies by Jennifer Pelland

45-year old physics professor Nadia is in a belly dance class. And it is kicking her butt! But then young, rhythmic Joy March joins and puts them all to shame. Poor Nadia has belly envy. And this leads to some whacked physics, crazy time travel, and multiple futures. I enjoyed the lead female, the envy-driven quest for the perfect shimmy, and the satisfying ending.

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