The Great Hunt Read Along Part III

JordanGreatHuntBannerHere we are again, traipsing through the Wheel of Time ‘verse with Rand, Nynaeve, and others as the hide & seek game with the Great Horn continues. I hope everyone enjoyed this section as much as me! Make sure to leave your link in the comments so everyone can hop around visiting each other. And don’t forget to visit my partner in crime – On Starships and Dragonwings. She will be hosting next week.

So here are these week’s questions, which cover Chapters 12-20. Spoilers are everywhere, they are not subtle, so beware! If you want to check out the reading schedule, click HERE. Enjoy!

1) What do you make of Nynaeve’s initial training with Verin? Is she being too stubborn? Do you think the Aes Sedai are messing with her a little?

Part of me wants to give her a little wake-up slap because if being an aes sedai is important to her, then she needs to buckle down and make an effort. Does that mean she needs to bow, and smile, and kiss ass? No, but she at least needs to take the controlling the power lessons seriously. She would cry hard if she inadvertently tore someone apart due to lack of control.

2) Ooops! Is Rand channeling even in his sleep? Or do you think some other power pulled him, Loial, & Hurin into that alternate plane of existence?

At first, I really wasn’t certain what happened there. But as they rode on, and he kept getting lost in the Void, I started to believe that Rand did the channeling equivalent of walking in your sleep and inadvertently tapped into the transport stones. On one hand, he is lucky he had some back up with him, on the other it sucks he endangered his friends so. And the place was so freaking creepy – limited life, stale water, Hurin smells old violence or imminent violence everywhere.

Pico & Heldig don't often snuggle, so I joined them with a book.
Pico & Heldig don’t often snuggle, so I joined them with a book.

3) Perrin is taking a calculated risk in sharing part of his wolfish gift with Ingtar. How do you think that will turn out?

First, Perrin is very brave to use his wolfish gifts to continue the tracking and hence, the need to at least tell Ingtar. However, I definitely worry that this will either backfire on him (Perrin might not make it to the end of the book if they string him up!) or more likely, Perrin will be ostracized further, forced to flee for his life. Perhaps he’ll take numbnuts idiot Mat with him. If Mat doesn’t freak out too much.

Ooo! And that little bit we heard from Ingtar about Elyas once being a warder. That makes Elyas double deadly, and thrice intriguing.

4) Who and what do you think Selene is and from where does she draw her power? What is her hunger for the Horn? If you already know, feel free to critique her choice in clothing.

Wow! So where did this mysterious, deadly, sexy beast of a woman come from? Hmm… Well, I don’t believe she doesn’t know how to get into…..where ever they were. She obviously hates aes sedai, and that kind of hatred is from intimate knowledge, so perhaps she was trained as one once. She really, obscenely wants power and she’ll most definitely use Rand to gain that power. But she has nice white legs, so I am sure she will stay in the storyline for a while at least. Easy on the eyes Evil – that’s Selene.

5) Hehe! What was your favorite part of the first meeting between the Amrylin and Nynaeve & Egwene?

I LOVE that Egwene has so much on Nynaeve now – because she is finally equal, and human in Egwene’s eyes. I think the Amrylin was brave to get Nynaeve all riled up the first time. She probably had a few bruises walking away from that meeting. However, Nynaeve really needed the lesson – because it showed how important control is in channeling.

6) Wow! I did not expect Rand to go for the Horn and Mat’s dagger. What do you think finally pushed him over into doing so?

So many factors here. There’s Selene egging him on with her not-so-subtle sex magic. There’s the Power intoxicating him, defintiely clouding his judgement and hiding the risk factors from his decision making center. Then there is the true need to save Mat’s life and to keep such a powerful artifact (the Horn) away from Darkfriends. In the end, I think that if that last part hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t have strolled into a camp full of trollocs and myrrdraal killing Darkfriend. Ahh! He did if for friendship and the good of the realm! And that is why he’s the hero. An idiot hero right, but a hero.

Other Tidbits:

That dagger is dangerous, as we already know. It is interesting that Selene is not attracted to it in the least, whereas Fain didn’t mind carrying it around at all. So now I have to wonder if maybe Selene draws her evil power and questionable motives from some source other than The Dark One. I mean, we have Perrin and Hurin who have interesting powers not of The One Power and are doing good deeds. Why not the same mirrored on the side of evil?

I am starting to wonder about Egwene and Rand – how much of their ‘love’ is expectation – being raised in a small village, expected to marry, so falling in love is natural? Perhaps they are both suffering from a deep friendship and puppy love?

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13 thoughts on “The Great Hunt Read Along Part III”

  1. 1. I don’t think they’re really messing with her, but she’s the strongest initiate of the tower in centuries, so they will definitely push her as hard as they can. (Egwene, too.)

    2. Pretty sure it was just Rand channeling. I think so, anyway.

    4. So who have we heard about, or met, who fit all these points, then? At least I think we can agree that she smells all kinds of wrong, no matter how stupendously good-looking she is.

    6. There’s also fate, pulling Rand, trying to turn him into the hero he needs to become. Remember, in some ways ta’veren have less freedom than we ordinary folk.

    Other: Maybe I can refresh your memory a bit. Aridhol turned on itself in a seething pit of suspicion brought on by Mordeth and fueled by the Trolloc Wars. It is evil, but it is the kind of evil that comes from going too far in the name of good. (In a sense, the Whitecloaks represent the same.) It is not the Dark One type of evil, and in some sense is opposed to it. This could be why Myrdraal and Trollocs fear Shadar Logoth so much. So if anything, it is Fain and not Selene that represents the “other evil”.

    As far as Egwene and Rand are concerned I think it’s mostly expectation. Remember, Min had this to say about them: “You’re in love with her. She loves you, too, but she’s not for you, or you for her. Not the way you both want.”

    1. Great point about the ta’veren and their lack of freedom. I had not taken that into account.

      The ‘other evil’, huh? Like when folks take the road of ‘the means justify the ends’ kind of thing…but without the happy ending. Since it started with good intentions, the true evil folks of the Dark One can’t or don’t want to play with items from Shadar Logoth? Interesting idea.

  2. I agree with Elvind Fon about Selene. I think she is from the DO, but Fain’s evil is so twisted even she wants nothing to do with it. Evil or no, she’s still more human than Fain is. I also think it’s telling that she urges Rand to throw it away. It shows that not only does she not want to touch it, she doesn’t want him to, which may mean she has plans for him. Not good.
    I think you’re right about the Rand/Egwene relationship. I remember shipping for them the first time around, but reading it a second time, it’s obvious that the second they left the Two Rivers, those plans probably went out the window. If they hadn’t left and, you know, Rand wasn’t the DR and everything, they probably would have been really happy. Interesting. That said, I thought it was hilarious that Rand kept having to remind himself that he loved Egwene every time Selene flashed a leg or a smile at him. ๐Ÿ˜€ Boys!

    1. Haha! Well, with Selene, she honestly wants Rand for something devious and she is upfront about what she is willing to offer. Poor Egwene just has this childhood friendship and the village expectation – she hasn’t had the chance to figure out if Rand is truly who she really wants. And the same for Rand.

  3. I agree that Nynaeve needs to focus before she hurts someone D:

    For some reason the stale water pushed it over the edge ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just can’t imagine that sort of hell *shudders* Haha

    *snorts* sex magic, definitely the sex magic ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Stale water is always a bad sign. If the water is not teeming with life, then you will not survive long either. Hmmm… wonder how all those folks in CA are doing with the ultravioleted, radiated, chlorinated water?

      Someone had to bring the sex magic to the dark side, right? Can’t have a proper dark side without sex magic…unless you are the Sith.

      1. And it had to be really powerful sex magic to get Loial interested . . .

        I was really worried about Hurin when she told Rand to leave the poor bloke with her . . . I expected them to come back and find a drued up husk or something! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. 1. Can I watch as you give Nynaeve her “little wake-up slap” ????? ๐Ÿ˜€

    I have a great deal of sympathy with Nynaeve because I am also genetically incapable of responding well to direct instructions – I am the kind of person who will walk out of a store if they try to sell me stuff rather than leaving me alone! You are right that she would be the first to blame herself if anything went wrong because of her lack of control, but she has to be led to making the right decision rather than pushed. It is going to be rough in the white Tower whilst she is learning . . .

    2. I think that Mr Jordan made this purposefully very vague so that we are not sure who is responsible, especially as Rand is so eager to accept all the blame. I find Selene’s appearance way too convenient to believe that she had nothing to do with this accident. Though, as the dragon Reborn, I wonder if Rand holds the memories of his former incarnations, which is why he could activate the stone to take them back to ‘reality’.

    3. Somehow I don’t feel that this will prove to be a bad decision. I had forgotten that Ingtar mentioned Elyas, but that makes me think that it is less likely that he will denounce Perrin: he certainly goes out of his way to hide Hurin’s talent .

    “numbnuts idiot Mat” – is this his new title? ๐Ÿ˜€

    4. Nobody is that pretty and powerful and good as well: it just isn’t fair!

    5. Siuan strikes me as a very brave character who is willing to push the bubble when necessary. I hadn’t thought of your point about the growing equality between Egwene and Nynaeve, but everyone says that Nynaeve is much more powerful, so I guess that they will never be truly equal.

    6. “not-so-subtle”! About as subtle as a bacon sandwich at a bar mitzvah! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I agree though, I felt that his real motivation was his desire to help Mat and keep the Horn out of Fain’s grubby little paws.

    1. Yes, I have been thinking of Mat as numbnuts idiot for some time, but I finally decided to put it in writing.

      Yes, you may watch as I give Nynaeve a wake up slap, but you will have to be alert at ready. It will be a stealth slap, delivered unexpectedly, and swiftly, followed by me running away very fast and very far.

      I hear what you say about Nynaeve’s character and I totally agree with you. But I also think that most if not all the Aes Sedai will continue to push her and us readers will be immensely entertained by what ensues. ๐Ÿ™‚

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