Interview: Liesel K. Hill, Author of Persistence of Vision

HillPersistenceOfVisionIf you’ve been paying attention to Dab of Darkness, then you might recall a review of a unique time travel novel, Persistence of Vision, last week. Today I bring you an interview with the author of that interesting tale, Liesel K. Hill.

1)      In writing in three genres (SFF, crime drama, and historical fiction), what tricks do you use to keep a distinct feel to each of your works?

I think details are the most important thing to remember. With historical fiction, one has to keep in mind differences in speech cadences and details of the historical context and time period. For the crime drama, I tried to maintain a more gloomy, creepy atmosphere with how I did scene and description. With Interchron, I get to use more contemporary speech patterns and references. Such things can set the mood for a genre.

2)      At what age did you discover your love of cooking? What are some of your favorite dishes?

I’ve loved to cook since I was just a kid. At some point, I realized it calmed me. Whenever my emotions got on the rampage (happened a lot as a teenager) I would bake. Something about the logic of following the recipe helped even out my emotions. I also have a large family and I enjoyed cooking for them and the validation it gave me. As I got older, it became more of a hobby and an art.

3)      Did you rely heavily on your local library for resources to research each of your three books (16th century Russia, police procedures, brain science)?

Yes and no. Really, all three of those subjects are hobbies of mine anyway, so they’re things I already knew a lot about. I originally studied science and took pre-med classes in college. I was fascinated with the brain and did a lot of projects based around it. I did a lot of contemplating on where the physical brain met the metaphysical conscious. Thinking about those subjects is where a lot of the Interchron story came from.

HillLieselKAuthor4)      Coming from a large family, do you draw upon that as a source of inspiration? Were there a lot of spur of the moment plays or shadow puppet shows?

I definitely take inspiration from my family. We didn’t do puppet shows, or many plays, though there were a few of those. We were more the watch-TV-and-movies-and-analyze-them-to-death types. I think the biggest way my family influenced me was in seeing a whole mess of personalities coming together and getting along. That definitely influences a story with more than one or two characters in it.

5)      What other book projects or events do you have going on or coming up soon?

The first volume in my 16th century, Russian historical fiction, entitled Citadels of Fire is slated for release September 7th of this year. I also have my first crime drama, The Botanist, coming out in 2014. I’m working on putting out the second volume of Interchron as well. I’m hopeful that I’ll have it out before the end of this calendar year.

Thanks so much for having me here today!

This interview is part of Liesel’s blog tour. For more on the tour, click HERE. If you want to find her on El Internet, she has several hangouts:


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  1. Three genres! That’s pretty cool. I’ll keep an eye out for this author and I wish you much success. Thanks for the interview!

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