The Great Hunt Read Along Part II

JordanGreatHuntBannerWelcome back everyone. This week we are dissecting Chapters 7-11 of Book 2 of The Wheel of Time series, The Great Hunt. Please stop by On Starships and Dragonwings, who is hosting this week. Next week, we’ll be back here for Chapters 12-20. If you want to see the entire schedule, it is over HERE.

1. What do you think of the potential dark prophecy the Halfman wrote on the wall? Do you think it is a prophecy or a taunt?
If it is prophecy (which is used left and right in this series), then I think the Halfman is using it as a taunt. The dark side only shares information to sow despair and breed factions among the light side. Naughty Halfman! I don’t think this is spontaneous prophecy as in the Halfman and his crew were storming the castle, made it all the way to the dungeon, and then the gift of seeing struck him stupid until he could eviscerate something and scrawl the keys phrases in gore on a hard surface.
2. We finally got to find out more of Rand’s birth and Tam’s history. Did it meet your predictions/expectations? What did you think?
While I don’t think it will happen this book, I am hoping we meet up with Tam again and then get some flashbacks to get the full stereovision version of Tam’s rise int he ranks, his learning the sword, the final battle that brought him a baby, a wife, and finally home to Two Rivers. Can you see how Tam’s earning a heron blade is kind of like Rand hopefully eventually also being heron blade quality? I’m getting wrapped up in Rand’s story, so I expect that I would get caught up in Tam’s.
3. Oo lala, Lan gave Nynaeve a ring! How are you liking the development of this romance?
A little over dramatic. Wouldn’t it just be easier to agree to have a romantic relationship with hazards? It’s not like either of them has chosen an easy, protected life. Or they could choose a friendship with benefits, when they happen to be in the same city. See if it goes anywhere from there, but without the complicated, unsatisfying, ties of deep-meaning romance that we have now.
My goatmilk raised kitty Chupacabra.
My goatmilk raised kitty Chupacabra.

4. Rand kept feeling a pair of eyes on him and given that someone shot an arrow in his vicinity, it might not be unfounded paranoia. Who/what do you think is watching him?

I am watching him! He can feel my eyes, hear my snarky comments, and wonder why the hell he keeps catching the mixed scent of sandal wood, cat dander, and mesquite firewood whenever I pick up the book to read.
But you are asking about the plot. So, I think someone who came with the Aes Sedai has malevolent intentions; not necessarily an Aes Sedai, but I am pretty sure they brought some retainers to do the laundry, brush the cat, press the veils, and provide pedicures.
5. Poor Domon! What do you think of the trouble he has gotten himself into with the heartstone? Are you happy that it seems Domon will be integrated back into the story?
Domon was a favorite side character from the first book and he left us with many, many questions. So I am glad he has returned to the story to answer some of my stories. The heartstone could very well explain why trollocs and perhaps worse would be after him. And if I ever get paid a lot of money to make a mystery trip with a sealed letter, I am going to be a nosey person too!
6. What did you think of Mat and Perrin’s reaction to Rand telling them about his channeling? Anyone else feel like they need a pamphlet in supporting your friend through difficult times?
Dorks. Yep. That sums it up. All three of them.
OK let’s break this down. 1) Rand and Mat have known Perrin has changed and is feeling awkward about it for months. AND done nothing to comfort him, help him through it, or try to understand his new self with him. Dorks.
2) I think Mat has gotten the most understanding from the group. This is probably because Moiraine was able to explain the basics to everyone, freeing up folks to be empathetic and ask questions and support Mat. So maybe Mat could reflect some of that group love back at his closest friends.
3) Perrin seemed far more interested in evaluating Rand as predator or prey item. Oddly, I was OK with this.
Other Tidbits:
I wonder when Egwene and Nynaeve will have their meetings with the Amyrlin Seat… and what those will be like.
Hehe! Looks like the overall story arc from Book 1 is being repeated here – trollocs last week, separation of the Two Rivers folks this week.

12 thoughts on “The Great Hunt Read Along Part II”

  1. 1. Indeed, it is a prophecy. I don’t know why the Shadow decided to share it, but there are some big hints in there for those who are prepared to listen. Verin, Moiraine and Siuan all provide clues, too.

    By the way, around here Moiraine thinks to herself that she hasn’t told Siuan everything. Indeed, she has neglected to tell her that the Forsaken are free! Why would she keep this secret?

    3. I want to tell them to just do it already, but the warder bond has some unfortunate side-effects. It wouldn’t be… as private…

    4. The other possibility is that we are seeing him losing his mind already, from the taint on Saidin. Or is he subconsciously acting insane because he expects to be? Hmm…

    5. Yes, now we know why he’s been followed by shadowspawn. The description of this object matches the one found at the Eye after the climax of the previous book. He’s in possession of one of the seven seals of the DO’s prison! (To clarify, he’s not being hunted because he owns heartstone, it’s the seal that matters.) We already know one is broken (last book), and one of the others has now turned up in Domon’s hands. The other five are still at large.

    Fun fact: One of the Amyrlin’s titles is «Watcher of the Seals», and it’s precisely these seals that she’s supposed to be watching.

    If I’m not mistaken, there is some Egwene/Nynaeve/Siuan action coming right up.

    1. Not as private, uh? Hmm….. Interesting. Did you ever read the Dark Angle trilogy by Brent Weeks? I don’t want to spoil anything, but if you are hinting what I think you are hinting, then Weeks did something similar in his book and it was quite funny.

      Moiraine keeps secrets for all sorts of reasons, most of which we don’t know. Either she is not as good a person as we thought, or she has reason to not trust Siuan thoroughly, or some taint is upon her directing her in some small things to keep her mouth shut. Option 2 might be most viable if Siuan is suppose to be watching the seals – shouldn’t she then know 1 is broken and another rogue?

      1. No I haven’t, I’m not as well-read in this genre as you power readers.

        I actually don’t know why she kept this from Siuan, just throwing some questions out there. 🙂

      2. I have a suspicion that the title is more an honorific than anything, and that the Seals have been lost over the millennia.

  2. Great answers! Your snark made me smile. Your answer to #4 is very Neverending Story-ish. Don’t know if your familiar but it’s all: Can the characters hear/sense/smell us when we read about them. And you’re right about the story arc as well. It’ll be interesting to see if that trend continues in later books. 😀

    1. I grew up watching the Neverending Story again and again. Then I found a copy of the book and read that too. Many more quests for Atreu in the book.

  3. 1. I like the idea of the Halfman desperately reciting the prophecy whilst trying to get enough blood to write it down! 😀

    2. It would be great if Tam got the chance to tell Rand the truth of what he knows, and I would like to find out how truly badass he was in his past. I have a suspicion that Rand’s Aiel ancestry will make sure that he can be heron-worthy . . .

    3. It sounds like you are even more allergic to Romance than I am! 😀

    5. The Darkfriends were so totally unsubtle that I can’t imagine that their plan would actually work: this gives me hope for the final resolution of the Last Battle.

    I am looking forward to the show down: The Amyrlin Seat vs Nynaeve! 😀

    1. Yes, the Darkfreinds do seem to be quite ballsy – which usually leads to failure.

      I too will enjoy the eyebrow raising ‘discussion’ between Nynaeve and Siuan.

      I like the romance to fit the characters. Lan & Nynaeve are pretty practical, strong-headed folk and if they want to be together, they would find a way… or break down the barriers to create a way. I don’t see that happening here. So I sneeze in their general direction.

  4. Definitely agree that the Halfman is probably using the prophecy as an opportunity to taunt and twisting everything to sound worse than it necessarily is…. since that is kind of their job xD

    Interesting idea for Lan and Nynaeve, they are acting a bit like teenagers in their need to label and angst over it, lol

    1. Taunting Halfman Wanted: Will provide specialty training in Wicked Laughter, Knife Twirling, and Evil Prophecy Snippets. Apply with The Dark One – Simply whisper my name 3 times in front of mirror. I’ll find you.

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