Greylorn by Keith Laumer

LaumerGreylornWhy I Read It: It was just sitting there and I had some time to kill.

Where I Got It: Librivox via Ambling Books.

Who I Recommend This To: Classic SF nutters.

Narrator: Mark F. Smith

Publisher: Librivox Recording

Length: 2 hours 12 minutes

In essence, this is a story about saving the world. A horrible, but hardly described, fungus (or mold?) is taking over the world, destroying life as we know it. Affectionately known as the Red Tide. Modern science has barely caught up to meet necessity and the human race may not survive this unthinking evil. But fear not! For we humans shot a group of pioneers into space decades back, and they made hold the key to defeating the Red Tide, and if not that goal, then at least prolonging the existence of humans in the galaxy. Commander Greylorn has been tasked with finding this colony and reestablishing contact, and hopefully saving the humans of Earth.

Too bad there is mutiny on the ship while in transit. Tsk tsk….. Greylorn barely manages to control it long enough for their ship to bump into a sentient alien race. Food and energy are exchanged. Unfortunately a wee surprise joke by the aliens enrages the crew even more, and once again Greylorn faces mutiny. And that is all the plot you are going to get out of me.

I don’t recall there being a single female in this tale, so major negative points for leaving out not only have of the human species, but also half of the alien species too (I’m making a biological assumption there). Other than that, I had fun listening to Greylorn try to thwart the various insubodinates, their half-assed attempts in the beginning, and final culmination. Also, I was not expecting there to be an alien race, and their joke had me laughing. If you read this, or eventually do read it, you will probably question my sense of humor.  Overall, not a bad way to spend 2 hours. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more Keith Laumer tales.

Mark F. Smith was our narrator, and for a volunteer at Librivox (free audiobooks, like Project Gutenberg supplies free ebooks), he did pretty darn well, tho everyone had a very slight Tennessee or Kentucky accent.

ScifiExperience2013BadgeWhat I Liked: Lots of action; entertaining idiot posturing; the aliens were a surprise for me.

What I Disliked: Zero females, just like The Hobbit. Sigh……

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3 thoughts on “Greylorn by Keith Laumer”

  1. I read my first Keith Laumer a few years back. It was a collection of his short stories featuring the Bolo’s, sentient war robots that are essentially large tanks. I was very impressed and liked the stories very much. One included his well known character, Retief, and that lead to buying some Retief novels and short story collections. I’ve read several of the short stories and love them. The character is cut from the same mold as one of my favorites, Slippery Jim DiGriz, the Stainless Steel Rat from Harry Harrison’s stories. If you go back to Laumer these are both good places to visit.

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