The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

Pico is way heavier than this epic fantasy.

Why I Read It: The first 2 books in the series were incredible, so I had to see how it would end.

Where I Got It: Own it.

Who I Recommend This To: Dark, epic, fantasy freaks would love this series.

Publisher: Tor Fantasy (2009)

Length: 748 pages

Series: Book 3 Mistborn

This whole series has been amazing and I got into it thanks to a group read of Mistborn: The Final Empire hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings. The Hero of Ages starts some months, perhaps a year after The Well of Ascension ends. The world is slowly being covered in ash, the days are getting shorter, and the mists are becoming unwelcome lingering day guests. The whole tone of the end of this trilogy is dark throughout.

Vin and Elend are trying to hold the Empire together, trying to protect and save as many people for as long as possible as they can. Elend’s new powers, while strong, are not refined, having only had so many months of practice and not years. Uneasy alliances coupled with the dark chaotic power Ruin makes life difficult for Elend and Vin.

So much of what the readers learned in the first two books comes to a crazy, galloping, bloody, transcendent ending in this book. It takes clues and heroes from all the races to save the world, but can they do it? Honestly, I was biting my nails until the end, hoping they could pull it off. The giant blue, fighting Koloss hold a piece of the knowledge; the Kandra have one huge action (and gift) to give the world; the Terrismen hold the world’s knowledge in metal; and the Inquisitors will play a decisive role.

What I Liked: Very satisfying end to the trilogy; the main characters continue to grow and change; heroes everywhere in so many ways; the dark is dark and Brandon Sanderson doesn’t pull any punches; Sanderson has deleted scenes for this series on his website.

What I Disliked: I think Vin is suppose to be like 5 foot tall – damn she makes Elend look short on the cover!

As part of Stainless Steel Droppings’ R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril event, I am going to count this book as Dark Fantasy. This event is still going strong until the end of October, so feel free to hop over there and join the fun.

5 thoughts on “The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson”

  1. The cover reminds me of the Wheel of Time and Sword of Truth ones. I’m afraid that that’s my main hesitation when it comes to epic fantasies. I would love to get start a new series, but not sure which one to pick.
    Mistborn seems to get really high ratings from my GR friends… adding it to my tbr then.

    1. I tried the Wheel of Time series several years ago and it didn’t take. The same thing for the Sword of Truth series for my man. But the Mistborn trilogy has been excellent. There is then a 4th book set in the same world a few hundred years later that i still need to read.

    1. I started my Sanderson Quest with Way of Kings, on a whim actually. The library had it as an audio and a friend had highly recommended it. While I was browsing, i came across it and both my man and I loved it. I hear Sanderson will be finishing the sequel next. Hooray!

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