Bound for Eternity by Sarah Wisseman

Why I Read It: I love mysteries with a archaeological/ museum bent.

Where I Got It: From the publisher through Audiobook Jukebox (thanks!)

Who I Recommend This To: If you enjoy the mysteries of Elizabeth Peters, who’ll probably enjoy this modern-day sleuth.

Narrator: Priscilla Holbrook

Publisher: Iambik Audio (2012)

Length: 6 hours and 29 minutes

Series: Book 2 in The Lisa Donahue Mysteries

An ancient mummified mystery gets wrapped up in a modern day tangle of death in this Boston crime fiction. I enjoyed this book from the beginning. Lisa Donahue is a widowed mother and is currently on as a probationary hire competing for a permanent position as curator with the Boston University Museum of Archaeology and History.

See, that right there was enough to have me wanting to read this book. Call it a mystery fetish: I like things going down in museums. And Sarah Wisseman must have known this and hence set out to entertain me by creating this series of books (I believe there are currently 4 in print). Even though this is Book 2 in the series, it read just fine as a stand-alone mystery.

Lisa, the narrator of the story, and sleuth of ancient and just-yesterday mysteries is so real because she worries about her job, her kid, her friends, and her love life. She makes mistakes and tries to fix the ones that matter. In this mystery, we have one dead child mummy, and we start off pretty quickly with a dead museum worker. The cop keeps things close to his chest (like he should, as a professional) and Lisa blunders around a bit putting several clues together before she hands them over to the police. I liked this aspect because that is how it is in the real world – you pull the string tracking something down and eventually realize that it could be tied to a major crime and smack yourself in the head for not turning the whole headache over the authorities sooner. The mystery itself had me bouncing between 2 suspects until near the end. Once it became apparent to me as the reader who was the evil-doer, said person behaved within character in attempting yet another murder.

As a sideline to the main conundrum, Lisa also has her romance life to figure out. James the Doctor enters the scene and he is everything a woman could want – successful, sensitive, a widower father, good with kids, and available. If this story has a main character flaw, it is that James was without flaw, and hence, without character depth. But I was able to overlook this as I wanted some tranquility for Lisa, who is stuck in a difficult job situation as a single parent and with the added pressure of having her coworkers knocked-off on a regular basis. Overall, this was an entertaining read.

Priscilla Holbrook gave us accents from the East coast and did a believable job on male voices. I found it easy to listen to her narrate this book primarily in Lisa’s voice. If the audio had a flaw, it was with the variation in audio level; it was never enough so that I had to adjust my settings, but it occurred throughout the book.

What I Liked: Mummy murder mystery; main character has flaws; good people don’t have to have the same morals as you (such as dating the boss); museums are the place to be.

What I Disliked: James The Boyfriend was pretty one dimensional.

Not only was this book read for it’s mummy-ness, I also read it as part of Stainless Steel Droppings’ R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril event (fulfilling the category of Mystery). It’s not too late for you to play along, so check out Stainless Steel Droppings for details.

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