BTIBMTGT: David Lee Summers & Johan Harstad

Space Pirates on my exercise equipment!

Books That I’ve Been Meaning to Get To (BTIBMTGT) is an idea from the depths and crannies of Lady Darkcargo (check out her stuff at On a random basis, I plan to bring you a post about 2 or more books that have been on my TBR Mountain Range for longer than I like to admit. In that spirit, check out these other bloggers and their TBR lists.

Lady Darkcargo

Chuck Parker

Paula S. Jordan

David Lee SummersThe Pirates of Sufiro (1995) has been on my list since I met My Main Man (M3) back in 1997. M3 and his family has been friends with David and his wife Kumie and their kids for years. While I myself have only met David twice, I have enjoyed some of his later works Like Owl Dance (2011). So, yes, this signed book has been kicking around my house since the glory days of college. This past week, I sat and read the first chapter, all in one sitting, easily ignoring one of my favorite action movies (Salt with Angelina Jolie). If this pirate scifi book can distract me from Jolie being a badass, then it has got something going for it. I fully intend to finish this one, so be on the look out for a forthcoming review.

172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad is a hardback I recently won in a giveaway. In the first chapter, the story is well set up: mysterious coverup by the government, mystery on the moon, and a plan to revitalize the space program – a lottery draw to send youngins up in the next ship. Yep, teenagers in space. So far, everything intrigues me except the teenagers bit. I can see great potential for this book if the highschool shenanigans don’t take over on the moon – and end up saving the day. Will keep you posted.

So what’s been sitting on your cushioned, coddled, dusty, shadowy TBR pile?


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