The Biofab War by Stephen Ames Berry

Heldig snuggling MY book.

Why I Read It: Scifi + Action. Need I say more?

Where I Got It:

Who I Recommend This To: Lightspeed action-packed scifi junkies.

Publisher: ACE (1984)

Length: 192 pages

Series: Biofab Book 1

The Biofab War is a fast-paced near-future science fiction adventure that spans the universe. The K’Ronarins are a millenniums-old humanoid species – basically genealogical cousins of Terran Humans. They are running a loosing battle against the insectoid race S’Cotar. In a last-ditch effort to stem the tide, the battleship Vigilance is sent out to track down and recover Old Empire technology that may give the K’Ronarins the edge they need. And they end up at Earth, which is how the rest of our heroes enter the story. KGB, an Israeli woman, and CIA folks all combine to unravel this mystery and then to stand by the K’Ronarins to defend home Earth and the Universe.

It was a crazy good ride. I enjoyed this book immensely and ordered the next three in the series before finishing the first. This week, I have had a head-cold and have been crashing out a bit earlier than usual. With that said, I have been literally reading this book up to the point that sweet oblivion takes, dropping off in mid-sentence. My Main Man has found me sacked out with this book on my face for the past 4 nights. I sooo wanted to read the whole book in one night; alas, my snotty nose and light fever had other ideas for me. Check out Stephen Ames Berry’s works.

What I Liked: Fast paced; multiple extra-terrestrial races; powers of Earth must join together to save mankind as we know it.

What I Disliked: I got distracted by other shiny books and haven’t gotten back to this series (hey, I know it’s happened to you, don’t try to deny it).

Note: This review was originally published on on 11/24/2011 and republished, and reformatted, here with permission of Lady Darkcargo.

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