Books That I’ve Been Meaning To Get To

My best good buddy over at is doing a BTIBMTGT Party and I am bringing my books to play.

In her words:

Maybe your BTIBMTGT pile includes a classics or two, maybe a book that (gasp) is non-fiction, perhaps your hang-up is…well, I don’t know what your hang up might be, but some of the hitches in my get along are:

  • I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about this book and I don’t want to be disappointed.
  • It’s big. I’ll read it when I finish these seven-thousand other shorter books.
  • I don’t have a copy. (??? don’t look at me like that! I dunno, these things happen.)
  • I’m not sure I can or want to review this book on my blog and so I should read these others that I feel more comfortable reviewing.
  • No one should know that I read this book…and live to tell the tale.

So here’s what I thought would be fun. Gather your books and arrange your affairs for whatever time is good for you to do LeaveMeAlone Booky Time, sometime over the weekend after next weekend (23rd-27th August-ish).

On YOUR BLOG, I want to read a post about the books that you tried on for size and fit, I want to know why you chose them, what you thought of them and so on. They don’t have to be whole reviews for the whole book, just the initial impressions. (If a post like this doesn’t fit well in your blog for whatever reason, I’m happy to post guest posts here.) I’ll continue to post cross-links for the participating blogs so that we can go and explore.

If you want to play with us, you can sign up for email updates and Organizing Book Readers (worse than herding cats) kind of stuff either here in the comments or over at Darkcargo’s Post.

As you can see by the pictures, I have a nice little stack of books ready to go. You?

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