The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

Why I Read It: Started the series as part of a read along over at Stainless Steel Droppings.

Where I Got It: Own it.

Who I Recommend This To: If you’re into epic fantasy, this series is a must.

Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates (2008)

Length: 796 pages

Series: Mistborn Book 2

Vin kicks even more ass!

This sequel picks up a year after Book 1, Mistborn: The Final Empire. Elend is king, but can he hold his crown with his even-handedness and high ideals? The Assembly he created to help rule Luthadel is constantly arguing. Meanwhile, multiple armies are marching to take Luthadel by force. Vin is Elend’s love, and his body guard. Many, many people would love to see Elend dead. Vin’s companions in the mist are quite an eclectic lot: assassins, her helpful kandra, some sort of mist creature, and another Mistborn with mysterious intentions.

With Kelsier gone, his remaining crew try to stay true to Vin in their own way – strengthening Luthadel’s defenses, intrigue, spying, and even returning to a besieged city. Sazed had wandered far in pursuit of his dream of teaching the Skaa about the world’s lost religions. However, he finds few willing, let along enthusiastic, students. Instead, he comes across tales of mist mysteriously appearing during the day and killing people. Kelsier’s brother Marsh appears on the scene and leads Sazed to an abandoned Steel Inquisitor tower, where they find few answers and only more questions. Sazed is convinced he must return to Luthdel, despite the imminent danger the city is in.

I believe this book was even better than Book 1. Book 1 set up several of the main characters and the world. In this addition to the series, Brandon Sanderson explores more of the world. For instance, we learn about Koloss society, Mistborn and Feruchemist abilities, and the complicated kandra. We also get more info on the legend of the Hero of Ages. This book was full of action, friendship, betrayal, hard choices, and a little bit of kissing.

What I Liked: The relationship between Elend and Vin was more real; kandra in a dog suit; Vin in everything she does; Zane as a crazy counterpoint to Vin; Elend’s growth in character; Sazed and Tindwyl.

What I Disliked: I found the sudden relationship between Breeze and Allrianne to be a bit forced plot wise.

8 thoughts on “The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson”

  1. I missed Kelsier, but I enjoyed this one a lot. It’s got a very different tone than book one, which keeps it interesting, and I was glad that this isn’t one of those trilogies with middle book syndrome. 🙂

  2. I had a hard time putting this one down and down I’m almost done with the third. Sanderson is becoming one of my faves and I’m super excited for him to publish the next Way of Kings.

    1. I’m also looking forward to the next Way of Kings. I will have to go back and reread Book 1 in that series tho…. so much went on.

      I’m hoping to start Book 3 Hero of Ages this evening. Really looking forward to where Sanderson takes us next.

  3. really enjoyed this series; interesting magic system (which is the kind of thing Sanderson is really good at creating)…I wonder if somebody RPG’d it yet?

    Also, need to pick up the “x number of years later” sequel set in the world one of these days.

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