Tricked by Kevin Hearne

Why I Read It: The first 3 in the series were a lot of fun.

Where I Got It:

Who I Recommend This To: Urban fantasy fans!

Narrator: Luke Daniels

Publisher: Random House Audio (2012)

Length: 10 hours, 41 minutes

Series: Book 4 in the Iron Druid Chronicles

Tricked starts off with a death of a main character and then an orgy. Now if you have read Kevin Hearne‘s works, you are saying, “Of course. That’s how these books roll.” At the end of the previous book, Hammered, Atticus, Oberon, and Granuile all had to make plans to exit their current lives. They actually went far less physical distance than I expected. Tricked takes place in and near Tuba City, AZ. I love that Hearne kept the series based in the desert Southwest. If you think Hammered took on some heavy hitters in the world of the supernatural, wait til you read this addition to the series. Nasty, near-indestructible, pure evil, coming right at you.

Skin walkers.

My advice to our main characters was to flea. But did they listen? No! Not the smartest decision, but it made for a highly entertaining story. On top of these evil entities, Atticus owes Coyote a big favor and pat of that favor is sabotaging a local coal mine. Yet more bare-ass antics ensue. Then there is still tension with the lawyer werewolves and of course the whole void in vampire power for the region is making everyone who knows about it antsy. Atticus has to spread his trust around in this book: his apprentice, Oberon, Coyote, the local Elemental Colorado, his werewolf buddies, the coven, local Medicine Man, etc. But he puts his trust in one wrong person and takes a beating. Ouch. Just thinking about it, even though I read it days ago, still makes me cringe.

While I wouldn’t say this is my favorite in the series, I still enjoyed it from beginning to end and look forward to the next in the series. Oberon and Granuile had more to do in this book, and Coyote kept all the main characters guessing.

Luke Daniels did a superb job once again. He has to shift between accents and characters pretty quickly during dialogue and he carried it off quite well. One small thing: the pronunciation of the last name ‘Yazzie’ was off. I only know because I work with a Yazzie.

What I Liked: desert Southwest; crazy, crazy food; skinwalkers; Oberon’s vocabulary is growing; sabotaging the coal mine.

What I Disliked: pun humor. Enough said.

6 thoughts on “Tricked by Kevin Hearne”

  1. I’m really enjoying this series. I haven’t read Tricked yet but I will do eventually. Don’t you think these are getting a bit darker as the series progresses. The first one practically had me in stitches and I totally loved Atticus and Oberon, the second was slightly more serious – more bloodshed and the third you could sense that things are going to get deeper and darker. I’ve not read all your review of Tricked because I want to read it first. What was your feeling – did you think this was getting more serious?
    Lynn 😀

    1. Hammered definitely ended on a darker not than the previous 2 books. Tricked added some levity, and doesn’t end on such a dark note. I kind of like Tricked the best so far because it is a little more serious, but that is my personal tastes. Tricked takes folks back to some bare-butt jokes and such and still holds true to the story arc.

      1. I don’t mind it getting more serious – it’s sort of inevitable really given that Atticus was living under the radar but has now become rather blatantly obvious! What I really like about this series is that the author seems to be having fun with it all and I think it shows in the writing. I think I read that he was into comics and was originally thinking of that for these stories. Actually, I think they’d make pretty cool comics.
        Lynn 😀

        1. Maybe Kevin Hearne will work with an artist to create the Graphic Novel version, like Jim Butcher’s Dresden series.

          Also, Hearne came out with a novella set between Tricked and Trapped. I am looking forward to reading that.

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