Sensuous, in a G-Rated Way

I love being curled in candle light, with a warm fire going.

The door is locked, the day is done, and the night is mine. Off come the combat boots, complete with laces and zippers but no heels. The pockets get emptied – pager, wallet, keys, a knife or two (depending on what the day held). Down comes the hair – no need to look professional now. Strip off the clothes one piece at a time, feeling the increased freedom with the sound of each article hitting the laundry hamper.

The evening shower is one of my favorite times of the day. The warm water sluicing over my skin, washing away the little trials of the day, and the deeper, unending aches of this failing body. I take my time.  Shoulders and chest, followed by gently raising my arms and turning, tipping my head back at the end to catch my hair. I complete the turn and nod my head down, letting the water wash my temple and face. I breath in and out, enjoying the steam. I have been known to carry out much the same ritual in the desert rain.

After toweling off slowly and surely, I slide into bed. They are fancy, 500+ count thread sheets. I take simple, unadulterated pleasure of the feel of soft sheets against every part of me. I read there, luxuriating in the warm fire, the scented candle, the simple freedom and comfort of my own nudity. It’s not complex as there is nothing lewd or provocative or shameful in it. This is one of the most basic pleasures a human can enjoy on their own.

Curled in all that warmth, comfort, and simple pleasure, I fall asleep.

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