The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

Pico is fixated on another kitty off-camera.
Pico is fixated on another kitty off-camera.

Why I Read It: I’m participating in this wicked little thing called a Series Read Along.

Where I Got It: Own it.

Who I Recommend This To: Epic fantasy nuts.

Narrators: Kate Reading and Michael Kramer

Publisher: Macmillan Audio (2004)

Length: 24 hours 31 minutes

Series: Book 3 The Wheel of Time

If you have not read Book 2, The Great Hunt, beware of spoilers in this review for the series up to the end of Book 2.

OK, so that isn’t a picture of the audiobook, but I own both and I like this ever so serious picture of Pico.

Once again, Rand must face several challenges, including grappling with his growing power. In this installment of the series, he sets off on a quest and the heroes are once again split up. In fact, the bulk of the book focuses on the other main characters and their struggles and adventures as they do what they can to aid and support Rand. Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne have their own trio of Lady Power adventure while Mat, who was suffering greatly from the possessed (or possessive?) dagger, attempts to dodge responsibility and only ends up with more, plus a returning friendly face. Perrin rides with Lan and Moiraine as they attempt to stay ahead of some supreme evilness, and another character enters the story to keep Perrin on his toes.

I really enjoyed how Robert Jordan put this book together. Yes, the entire series is about Rand and the ultimate battle between good and evil. Yes, Rand is pretty freaking important. But, hey, let’s see what all these other characters are doing. Focusing on these other main characters was a great way to show that the main character, Rand, can’t do it all on his own. If you have read up to this point in the series, you know that Book 1, The Eye of the World, was nearly completely from Rand’s point of view. So this is quite the switch to have nearly zero Rand point of view. But have no fear; nearly everyone is thinking of Rand, so he is still very much a part of the story.

If you have read my reviews of the first two books, you probably picked up on the fact that I felt there were some strong similarities to Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Well, here in Book 3, I am very happy to say that Robert Jordan is finding his own voice, relying less and less on well established fantasy tropes and creating his own world. This book was much more satisfying for it.

The Aiel also make a worthy appearance in this novel. They have been mentioned before, with brief glimpses, but in this book we get to see the warriors with their honor code and unique fighting abilities. I especially love that the Aiel bring the element of the warrior woman to the story in a believable, fully fleshed way. As we already know, Rand can channel and Perrin talks to wolves. Well, turns out the Wheel wasn’t done with Mat and his special ability turns up in this book. It definitely makes things interesting.

Kate Reading and Michael Kramer were excellent readers, as always. They must keep sound samples to keep all the side characters straight. There was one side character that got some sort of New York Italian accent that threw me for a loop at first, but I guess with a cast of characters this large it would be hard to avoid doing such a thing for the entire series with at least some of the side characters.

What I Liked: Jordan has found his own voice; we get to see lots of the other characters, being carried around in their heads; the Aiel are no longer just myth and rumor; women warriors!; the ending was more concrete than the dream endings of Books 1 & 2.

What I Disliked: We still had a little predictability in that the story arc started the same as for Books 1 & 2.

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The Shadow Rising Read Along Part I

JordanShadowRisingBannerWelcome everyone to Part I of The Shadow Rising read along. Sue over at Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers is hosting this week, so make sure to swing by her place for lively chitchat. This week, we covered Chapters 1-3. Spoilers are having a picnic below, complete with peppermint tea and peanutbutter cookies. You have been warned.

1. Min’s viewings when she returns to Tar Valon are enough to make anyone worried: any guesses as to what will cause the death and mayhem? Also, is anyone else curious to know the story behind the name Elmindreda?

Well, both Min and Siuan seem to think there will be some large battle. That could be Whitecloaks or the Seanchan. But we could also be looking at some sneaky and well planned attack by a small force of powerful Black Ajah/Dark Friends/Myrrdraal. I’m sure the Black Ajah have a back door or two into the White Tower, and therefore, security wouldn’t really prohibit several aes sedai dying in one night if the enemy was sneaking around the place offing folks.

Obviously, one of Min’s parents had a soft spot for silly romantics. I am betting it was her father, poring all his notions of beauty and femininity into his daughter, providing her with the perfect name for catching the boys’ eyes…..or snickering jests, is more like.

2. We now know some of Elaida’s reasons for being so fixated with Morgase, but do you think that she will actually help or hinder the fight against the Dark One?

Tough one. I am going to split hairs and say that Elaida will first hinder, maybe even help the dark side or inadvertently kill some good guys, come to her senses and help the (hopefully) winning team, the Light Side. I want to see her smug ass be saved by a male, and better yet, by a male that can channel.

3. We are introduced to Ordeith, but there is little description of him. Do you think we have met him before, using a different name, or is he yet another in the growing list of baddies? Also, how do you think Two Rivers will cope with him and the Whitecloaks and will we get to see Mistress Luhhan in action again?

I am guessing that Ordeith is what his face…. the gollum wannabe. Darn it! I need a master character list. Padan Fain. That’s who Ordeith is. He has a grudge against Rand, swore to do his family and friends harm if he didn’t show, and he is also well familiar with Two Rivers. I want Mistress Luhhan to knock his head in.

I am guessing that those few Traveling Folk who wandered off are going to warn Two Rivers. Now, whether the folk of Two Rivers pay them any mind until too late… that is another thing. Two River folks can be distrustful of outsiders and complacent in their idea of all being right with the world.

4. High Lady Suroth seems to think that she will be able to capture Rand and make him into a type of damane. Do you think this is likely, or is she underestimating him and being wildly optimistic?

Now like any other hot-blooded woman, I wouldn’t mind seeing Rand in a color on his knees, but this isn’t that type of book. So, if somehow Rand is ever collared, it won’to last for long and the jerks who collar him will be mighty sorry. In this particular case, I don’t think Lady Suroth will be the one to collar Rand in any way and I look forward to him schooling her in the ways of her ineptness.

This is Waffles. Normally she is a sweet, toothless kitty. Today, I am concerned she will burn a hole through me with the Evil Eye.
This is Waffles. Normally she is a sweet, toothless kitty. Today, I am concerned she will burn a hole through me with the Evil Eye.

5. Holy bubbles in the Pattern, Batman! Was I the only one frantically reading to see if the three lads would even survive their ‘interesting’ evening? This made a nice change from the Trolloc attack motif of the earlier books, but how long do you expect our characters to survive with things like this happening more frequently?

These boys are going to have to get use to sleeping in armor. Or taking shifts, one sleeping while the others stand guard. Yes, this is a very nice change from the trolloc thing. I am sure we will see trollocs again, but I am glad they are not the first evil & disruptive thing to rear it’s ugly head in the book. I am still looking forward to seeing Mat’s reaction to Perrin’s and Rand’s evening encounters, because he is still under the impression that it was Rand’s wandering powers that caused his near death carding.

6. Sexytimes! Last week we discussed the relationship between Perrin and Faile and it seems to have ‘progressed’ quite a bit. Do you think that they are an item now, with full sexytimes privileges, even though it seems a little unclear from the book so far? Also, what about Berelain and her ever so subtle attempt to seduce Rand: how funny was it when she thought he was just talking dirty to her? Finally, how far do you think the Maiden’s Kiss game went to keep Mat awake all night???? 😀

Haha! I loved all these bits and so much of it left up to the reader’s interpretation. First: Perrin & Faile. OK, I don’t think they are into full privileges yet because Perrin seems to be missing a lot of hints, etc. In fact, he seems down right innocent on some things.

Second: Rand & Berelain. Haha! rand had that awkward, but totally natural for a young man, dream. Then Berelain walks into his rooms with him just in his underclothes. Wow! She was offering everything with no strings attached, if that can be believed. On one hand, I applaud her for being so clear on her desires, on the other, there will always be strings attached when it comes to sleeping with the most powerful man in the world. Dorkess for thinking she could just have Rand ignore that bit while she flashes some skin.

Third: Mat & Any Woman. So Mat likes to chase the skirts, we all know that. Perfectly normal for young males and females to enjoy sport sex. But the Aiel ladies take this to a whole new level, and bless their athletic looks and pointy spears, I sure do enjoy watching them teach Mat a thing or two. I expect the Maiden’s Kiss game went beyond kissing, but not into heavy petting as Mat seemed more disgruntled by the experience than satisfied. And, let’s face it folks, by and large, ladies are better at and more enthusiastic about drawing things out, whereas men are hardwired to sew their oats as quickly as possible, again and again. So, the Maiden’s Kiss game could go on for hours at Level 1 (kissing) easily with armed ladies in charge of the game.

Other Tidbits:

Rand’s dream about Min, Elayne, and Egwene seems to point to him realizing that he has to let that dream of marrying Egwene go. Perhaps he will be happy with Elayne or Min, or both, and perhaps not.

While Mat is a flirt, i did appreciate his reaction to the Tyran (spelling?) nobleman’s drunken remarks about the commoners, especially his uses for the commoner women.

They are going to put Min in a dress, makeup, and curls. Not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, yes, a disguise is a good idea. On the other, being a practical woman myself and not inclined to makeup, curls, and skirts only on hot dates with my man, I know the feeling of a forced make over: Not Fun.

When Faile slapped Perrin, right after the mad axe incident, and Perrin caught her hand as she was preparing to slap him again and commanded her not do so again, I cheered. I get that she was deeply worried about him, that her emotions and adrenalin were pumping, and that slapping and yelling at him was her way to let off some of that. But if it had been Perrin slapping Faile for all the same reasons, it would have been a big Hell No! So, I thought Perrin’s reaction was firm, appropriate, and even restrained as he didn’t harm her.

The Dragon Reborn Part VI

JordanDragonReborn BannerHere we are at the end folks. I hope everyone has enjoyed the ride as much as I. This week Liesel over at Musings on Fantasia is hosting, so make sure to stop by her place to see what she and everyone else thought of the ending to The Dragon Reborn. Also, if you are a little sniffly over the last page of Book 3, we are starting Book 4 straight away. Here is the schedule for The Shadow Rising.

And now for the discussion questions. Spoilers ride bare back and care free below. Chapters 49 to The End are covered.

1) We saw Rand at the beginning of TDR, and then VERY briefly throughout, and then at the end. Overall, for the main character, he wasn’t in the book much. What do you think of this format? Did it work?

On one hand, I missed hearing Rand’s inner thoughts for most of the book. On the other hand, it gave many of the other characters time to shine. Overall, I really enjoyed exploring the inner workings of these other characters. Also, I think much of Rand’s inner thoughts would have been filled with paranoia, self-doubt, and worrying about shit he can’t fix (at least not yet) and having a story line filled with that would have been overmuch for me as a reader.

2) This time when Rand “killed” Ba’alzamon, there was a body left behind, and everyone seemed to agree that he was dead this time. Yet, Moiraine insists this isn’t the Dark One, but probably Ishmael, one of the Forsaken. What do you think of this explanation? Is she right? Is it believable? If so, what does it mean for Rand and his friends?

Let’s see…how many more books do we have in the series? 11? Or is it 10 (we can’t count the prequel as all that stuff happens before this book). So, I would say that we have not defeated evil soundly and that Mr. Big Bad Dude has lived to fight another day. Perhaps he has learned some discretion and will be sneakier in the next book, which means we may actually start loosing good guys, permanently, in attacks by the bad guys. Not that I wish it; I am merely emotionally prepared for it.

3) Juilin Sandar betrayed our girls, but then felt guilty and helped Mat get into the Stone. Do you think we’ll see him again? Will he be ally or foe from here on out? (Also he’s totally crushing on Nynaeve. Do you see that coming back into the story at all?)

Juilin Sandar was obviously coerced into betraying the ladies. But can he be so controlled by the evil side again? Is he a liability even if he means well? Personally, I would keep him close to keep an eye on him and pay particular attention to anything course of action he suggests or pushes for, just in case they give hints as to what the bad guys are wanting or planning. I can always slip a knife between his ribs if need be. Like Moiraine, I would have no hesitation in the matter and I hope Nynaeve has the strength of will to follow through on such a course if need be.

I don’t really see Nynaeve responding to flirtations, crushes, or courting from any man but Lan because she is stubborn and sometimes has blinders on. She has already made up her mind to give her heart to Lan. Any other man, or woman for that matter, would have to do something spectacular repeatedly to gain her affections.

4) Perrin sort of had a meltdown and went into full knight-in-shining-armor mode when Faile was suddenly in danger. He defied both Moiraine and Hopper, putting his life (and perhaps more?) in danger to save her. Did you see that coming? What do you think their relationship will be now?

I felt this was a bit sudden. these two haven’t kissed or even exchanged mutual interest in the form of flirtation or even flat out straight forward mutual appreciation remarks. So, while I did see Robert Jordan pointing us in that direction, I expected a bit more self-realization from Perrin before throwing complete and utter loving devotion in at the end. Should be interesting to see what Perring does with Faile in the next book. Does he go back to ignoring her, or will someone finally get around to having a complete adult sexual relationship?

5) Quite a bit is revealed at the end of TDR about the role the Aiel will play. This was an earlier question we had. What do you think of their role and how will it impact the story?

They have totally taken over the body guard duty of The Dragon Reborn, Rand. I assume they also cook his meals, clean his clothes, toss the chamber pot, clip his nails, and sharpen his weaponry. I think they will be the rock his army is built upon and will allow Rand to sweep away opposition, if not coerce other nations/peoples into joining him. I also hope we learn more about Rand’s parentage through the Aiel. They’re badasses and I look forward to seeing them deal with some opposition with extreme attitude.

6) There were some people who didn’t like how nebulous the endings of books 1 and 2 were. How did you feel about this ending? Did it work? Did you have any complaints?

Overall, I enjoyed this book much more than Books 1 & 2. I can really see how Robert Jordan is coming into his own voice and developing his own fantasy world instead of relying heavily on previously created fantasy worlds/tropes. While there were still several dream sequences (Egwene and Perrin mostly), they made a lot more sense  and were more informative than the bulk of dream sequences from the previous two books. I can see from this book how folks get caught up in the series. As we go forward, I am hoping, and looking forward to, seeing how folks become life-long fans.

Other Tidbits:

Through out the book, I loved hearing about Thom’s and Morgase’s past relationship. I know Thom says he no longer loves her, but I think he won’t know for sure until they lay eyes on one another again.

Mat searches so hard for the ladies, when he saw their hiding place first thing in a streak of lightning that revealed the Wise Woman’s house. Too funny, that he had to slog through muddy streets and bad weather for days before finding them.

Perrin got to spend some time smithing, and was gifted a smith’s hammer. This was very fitting and I am glad Robert Jordan took the time to build it into the story line.

When everyone ends up on the rooftops, I had to laugh. Mat thinks he’s the only one climbing around up there. Then there is Sandar, then the Aiel. I had to laugh along with Mat at his humor of the situation.

The Dragon Reborn Read Along Part IV

JordanDragonReborn BannerWelcome back everyone. This week covers Chapters 31-39. Evind, our awesome commenter, came up with the discussion questions this week. He doesn’t have a blog, so please leave your links, and any comments/questions you have for Evind, in the comments below.

Spoilers dance riotously below. Just saying.

1. So Thom is back! …again! What do you think happened in Cairhien since we were there last?

I was very happy to see Thom. Unfortunately, I had hoped that he would have gone into some sort of superhero vengeful training, making his super fit and ready to kick some major ass. But, alas, no. He is drunk. And wenching. And puking. Sigh. Thom, Thom, really? This is how you are going about making revenge on those who killed your latest love?

As for what has been going on in Cairhien since, well I would say not as much butt kicking as I had hoped. Has anyone else read The Dark Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks? Yeah, well, I wanted Thom to go all dark angel on the high, mighty, and evil of Cairhien.

2. Perrin and the girls bring us some more info on the Aiel, turning them towards Tear in the process. What role do you think this elusive people will play?

I am very excited to see some Aiel. They have this prophecy that seems to not only involve Rand, but themselves, in being instrumental in marshaling in a new world, a new age. So, I hope that means we will be seeing a lot more of the Aiel. I like that the women, as well as the men, can be deadly hunters and warriors, and that the Aiel don’t think this odd at all. As for what they may or may not do specifically in Tear, assuming they make it there around the same time as Rand, I am not sure. Put on their black masks and dance a bit with some bad guys? *fingers crossed, hoping*

3. Our newest character is Zarine Bashere, or Faile, or whatever. She fulfills half of Min’s viewing. What do you make of this one?

I am ambivalent. She started off skulking, but not tattling. So this probably means one of two things: 1) She is to gather intel and report to someone else (good or bad?); or 2) She is in this for herself and is seeking adventure. I am not sure I like her yet, though she does have a practical streak that shows in her clothing. This bodes well. Plus, she carries knives, which is a plus in my book. You rarely catch me without at least 1 knife. Mandarb might be a little presumptuous of her to call herself. I liked how Perrin pointed out the horse of the same name.

4. We get a rare bit of insight into the workings of the enemy when Perrin overhears a conversation between Lanfear and Ba’alzamon. Does it strike anyone that they could be more effective if they worked together a bit more? What do you think of the nature of Ba’alzaman?

If the bad guys were united, the Two Rivers folks would not stand a chance. So, I am glad to see that Lanfear and Ba’alzamon are not the best of buddies and seem to be at cross purposes. So far, through the first 2 books and Book 3 up to this point, Ba’alzamon does not seem to be of high intelligence. He has all this great power and seems to be use to using his single trick – dream messaging – to bully people into doing his bidding. Lanfear, on the other hand, strikes me as a planner and schemer and someone I would lose easily to at chess.

5. For a book named after him, Rand PoVs seem conspicuously rare. This time we see him slay a dozen people unprovoked. Madness setting in, or justified?

He slaughtered folks unprovoked? Am I a bad listener? I don’t recall that. Hmm… rifling through paperback……this may take a moment. OK, I found it. The end of Chapter 36 – Rand kills a woman and her guards. Then he has all 10 corpses kneel to him, but oddly there are 11 and the 11st holds a dagger. So, at first I think this is all real, that he has actually killed those folks. But then the kneeling corpses and the added 11th makes me think that may be a dream sequence. For some reason, Rand felt the woman was the most dangerous – perhaps fearing Black Ajah? I hope we hear more on this bit.

Tofu being Shy Kitty.
Tofu being Shy Kitty.

6. There seems to be a connection between Egwene’s T’A’R and Perrin’s wolf dream. Do you think he is a dreamer, too? Can Egwene speak to wolves? Does Rand have anything there to do? Speculation is welcome.

We’ve seen Perrin chitchatting with the wolves in dreams for all three (or two?) books so far, so yes, in a this one way at least, Perrin is a dreamer. Now is it all T’A’R, or is it two different dream worlds that occasionally overlap, I don’t know.

No, I don’t think Egwene can talk to wolves. Well, perhaps if there was a great need and Perrin taught her, if that is possible. But right now, no. In the future? Who knows, long series, lots of crazy shit can still happen.

Does Rand have anything to do in T’A’R? Well, for the last two books, Rand had to fight Ba’alzamon in a dream sequence, which was probably T’A’R. So, I am going to guess that he may have to do so again because it seems to be the only way Ba’alzamon has of interacting drastically with mortals.

Other Tidbits:

So, last week we had a question about Mat escaping from Tar Valon anytime soon. Well, here we are, one week later, and Mat did escape. Haha!

I like that Loial is able to travel with the crew and not be completely an anomaly. In fact, several places seem to think he is good luck and have special beds just in case an Ogier happens by!

I do get tired of Moiraine telling all the younglings to not question her. really, Moiraine, how the hell are they to learn anything, comprehend the situation if you treat them like mushrooms all the time? I love Perrin for pushing back.

Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne fall prey to brigands, and are being sold to Myrrdraal. Shudder. Then Nynaeve whips out some balefire to set things right. Hmm….Note to self: Do NOT piss off Nynaeve.

What Others Think:

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The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

JordanGreatHuntWhy I Read It: We have this active and fun read along going on The Wheel of Time series.

Where I Got It: Own it.

Who I Recommend This To: Those who enjoy sweeping epic, yet PG-rated, fantasy.

Narrators: Kate Reading, Michael Kramer

Publisher: Macmillan Audio (2004)

Length: 26 hours 8 minutes

Series: The Wheel of Time Book 2

It’s almost impossible to chat about this book without spoilers for Book 1, The Eye of the World. Still, I will attempt to keep key things vague. If you have not read Book 1 (and you care about such things), continue at your own peril. So, Rand and crew start off at the keep, with Rand getting sword lessons from Lan. Pretty soon the book starts to follow the same story arc as Book 1. Something evil and unexpected shows up and the folks have to leave the keep for various reasons and are separated. Yep, there is even a river and ferry involved early on. Yes, I do have to gently joke about this. In a way, Robert Jordan made Book 2 feel like an old friend before you have even finished it. In another, this similar beginning was a little predictable in the big sweeping story arc.

In general, in this book we get to meet more Aes Sedai and learn what the different colors of Aes Sedai mean. Rand, Mat, and Perrin all get to go gallivanting off in the hunt for a powerful item. We see a lot of growth in Rand and Perrin, coming into their powers. Mat was still on the sidelines, providing some comic relief here and there but far less of a presence than in Book 1. Loial is still around being the cutest Ogier possible. We learn about these transportation stones that are remnants from before the last breaking of the world that allow a person to access a parallel world and travel a short distance there equal to great distances in their home world. We also get more info on the world myths of both the various versions of the Dragon Reborn and also of the ancient hero Artur Hawkwing and how he took his folks across the seas.

So there is the set up without giving much away. I really enjoyed the adventuring through the land, getting to know the various cultures better. Also Min, Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne all get some time to bond and grow a bit. Nynaeve and Egwene especially are tested and show some character growth by the end. The pacing and detail was excellent. On the flip side, there were two things that didn’t really do it for me. The climatic ending went by too quickly and was rather nebulous compared to the rest of the detailed narrative. Honestly, I wanted details, in full glory, peoples’ thoughts and feelings, etc. But that wasn’t there and I noticed it’s absence immensely.

The second point it spoilerish. SPOILER ALERT! The Seanchan are a highly organized, hierarchical race from across the sea. In the last quarter of the book, give or take, they show up and completely overwhelm the various forces of …..Randland (for lack of a better term). I don’t remember much of the book from ~2 decades ago when I first read it, but I remember this. Sad to say, it through me off balance again and I felt it was something thrown in by the author to shake things up a bit. Still, with that said I am interested to see how the Seanchan fit into things in the future installments of the series. END SPOILER ALERT.

The narrators were excellent – Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. We got to hear things from the ladies’ points of view quite a bit more in this book, so we got a lot more Kate Reading. Michael Kramer provided a variety of male voices – and I think my favorite was Loail.

What I Liked: Character and world development; good use of myths and prophecy; various characters from Book 1 turn up eventually in Book 2; I am loving hating Padan Fain.

What I Disliked: The ending wasn’t as detailed as I would have enjoyed; the sudden appearance of certain folks near the end threw me for a loop.

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The Dragon Reborn Read Along: The Schedule

JordanDragonReborn BannerHello Folks! As you know, a few of us bloggers have undertaken the crazy quest to read along The Wheel of Time series. We recently wrapped up Book 2, The Great Hunt, and will be starting Book 3, The Dragon Reborn shortly. The WoT Quad will be hosting – that’s right, there are 4 of us taking turns hosting. Liesel from Musings on Fantasia, Sue from Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers (she made our awesome banner), Eivinid (a most entertaining & insightful commenter), and myself here at Dab of Darkness. Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings had to bow out of hosting on Book 3 due to grad school, work, and life in general. But she will be popping in and out as time allows her to. It was great of her to get me started on this series (my man definitely thanks her as this is one of his favorite epic fantasies).

If you would like to join us in our madness, simply leave me a comment below. I’ll put you on an email list to receive the discussion questions a few days before post date. As you can see from the schedule, we will be taking an easy pace of ~100 pages a week.

1) Prologue – Chpt. 8 (114 pages) 04/21 (Dab of Darkness)
2) Chpt. 9 – Chpt. 20 (111 pages) 04/28 (Musings on Fantasia)
3) Chpt. 21 – Chpt. 30 (116 pages) 05/05 (Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers)
4) Chpt. 31 – Chpt. 39 (110 pages) 05/12 (Eivinid)
5) Chpt. 40 – Chpt. 48 (106 pages) 05/19 (Dab of Darkness)
6) Chpt. 49 – END (108 pages) 05/26 (Musings on Fantasia)

The Great Hunt Read Along Schedule

JordanGreatHuntBannerHello everyone! Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings and I have decided to carry on The Wheel of Time madness with Book 2, The Great Hunt. As many of you know, we will be wrapping up Book 1, The Eye of the World, on Feb. 10th. Some of us are not as organized as we would like to be and did not plan for the great length of time it can sometimes take to get a book in the mail, so we plan to take 1 week off. I know, some of you are chomping at the bit to start Book 2, some of you have already read it, and a few of you have even finished the series (my hat off to you, btw). However, most of the fun of a read along is sharing with others.

So, I hope those of you from The Eye of the World will continue with us, and I hope a few more of you would like to join. If you would like to join, we have a little form below, or tell me so in the comments.

JordanGreatHuntBelow is the schedule.

Post 1: Chpts. 1-6 Feb 24 DoD
Post 2: Chpts. 7-11 Mar 3 Ss&Dw
Post 3: Chpts. 12-20 Mar 10 DoD
Post 4: Chpts. 21-27 Mar 17 Ss&Dw
Post 5: Chpts. 28-34 Mar 24 DoD
Post 6: Chpts. 35-42 Mar 31 Ss&Dw
Post 7: Chpts. 43 -END April 7 DoD