The Shadow Rising Read Along Part VII

JordanShadowRisingBannerWelcome everyone! Lots of craziness went on in this section (Chapters 37-42). This was my week to come up with the questions and I had a hard time sticking to singles that would work for our mixed group (folks who have read the book/series before and those newbies, like me), so you’ll see most questions are doubled up. I encouraged the rest of the WoT Quad to pick and choose which questions they would like to answer. After all, this is all about having fun. Oh, and living vicariously through Perrin, at least for me.

Without, further ado, here are the questions, full of spoilery bits, questionable humor, and one risque video.

1) Rand and his entourage make a stop in Tardaad land because there is water, and apparently, goats. There is also a dwelling full of the signs of a slaughter. The red veiled woman Isendre had to take a peak. Why? If you know the answer, you can speculate on what will become of the goats.

I think Isendre might be the evil Rand was expecting. I have to giggle and shake my head at Mat’s musings on stealing a kiss from her. His flirtatious nature may land him in trouble this time, but I will sure enjoy the entertainment factor in it. So who is Isendre and the slaughterhouse show? Well, at the least, she is a dark friend. She could be more. Perhaps she has some control over a Myrdraal or trollocs. I expect she wanted to see the handy work of her minions – a cheap thrill for her.

I expect the goats will be rounded up and either sent back with a small group or taken with them. After all, it is a harsh land and such easily movable meat & milk will not be wasted.

2) Natael: Harmless, adverturesome gleeman, or Darkfreind? Will Mat’s skilled ‘avoidance’ of the gleeman’s questioning be enough to keep him out of trouble? If we could reach into Mat’s head and have him translate any phrase into old Manetheren, what phrase would you choose?

OK, not everyone on that caravan can be a Darkfriend, right? Not because they aren’t numerous like the spawn they are, but because that would be too simple and I think we all know that Robert Jordan is not doing simple in Book 4. It would make sense that the Darkfriends Party Train include some entertainment – for themselves and to gain easier access to whoever they come across in the Waste. So, for now, I will say Natael is on the level.

Can I get Mat to say this in old Manetheren: One Rand to rule them all, one Rand to find them, one Rand to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

3) Liandrin is back in the picture. What do you make of the conflicting orders Bors has received concerning Rand? Do you think Gyldin, the servant who is spying for the Seanchan, knows the full extent of who Liandrin is? What do you think of the idea of tattoos marking you as royal property?

Well, we have already seen glimpses of the competing factions trying to rule the known world. Bors was ordered to kill Rand and now his family members are being taken, one by one, because he has not killed Rand. Liandrin tells him not to, because they want to bind and use him. Does anyone else picture her in some very proper German matron outfit, with Dominatrix leathers underneath? Anyway, this just points to more of that in fighting that is slowing down the bad guys. Let’s not discourage them.

No, I don’t. At least not yet. She probably knows Liandrin and the others are Aes Sedai, and Black Ajah, but not the full grasp of serving the Evil One. The Seanchan are hierarchical and driven by the need for power and control, but not necessarily evil. So, for most, the Black Ajah are probably just a bunch of rebel Aes Sedai that can currently be used as a tool.

I love it when tatts mean something deep – in this case a live of unquestioning servitude. Oh, and they look cool. Tattos on a nicely muscled human form is always appreciated. Feel free to send pictures ;).

4) After a bit too much wine, an awkward conversation with Thom Merrylin, and a drunken sick in her shared room with Nynaeve, Elayne is still trusted to stand watch as Nynaeve dives into Tel’aran’rhiod. Was it wise of Nynaeve to trust an impaired Elayne with such a duty? The mysterious man resembling Lan who shot at Nynaeve in T’A’R has also been sighted by Perrin. What do you think the connection is, if any, between Lan and this deadly dreamworld walker?

Every once in a while, Nynaeve is an idiot. No, someone drunk, sick, and obviously sleepy shouldn’t be put on ‘guard’ duty. I did enjoy that conversation between Thom and Elayne tho – it confirmed some things hinted at…last book? Thom could be her biological dad – and if not, he can turn into a substitute father.

Well, supposedly Lan has zero living family. So, either the close resemblance is just coincidence (and we all know how Mr. Coincidence has been rather scarce in this series, with Miss Prophecy prancing around), or Lan has some half brother or close cousin running around who has an all-star T’A’R pass. I think it is too simple for Lan to be without any family and to find out he does have at least one male member, and a baddie at that, would create all sorts of grief and consternation. So, I am looking forward to that reveal when it happens.

5) Lord Luc decided to leave Perrin’s hunting party after the latest batch of trollocs was identified but before Perrin’s group was ambushed. Coincidence? Perrin says he trusts Faile, his bow,  and his axe. Which, in your opinion, is the most dangerous?

I still don’t trust Lord Luc, and neither does Perrin. the sequencing of events was too convenient: 1) The Aiel ID location of trollocs and report to Perrin. 2) Lord Luc bows out of the hunt, trying to take Faile off with him. 3) Trollocs appear in the wrong place. Adult Aiel hunters rarely, if ever, make such a location ID mistake. So, I am thinking Lord Luc hustled out of there and told the baddies they had been spotted, and then they managed to circle around and create havoc. Bastard.

Well, if I was attempting to gain Perrin’s affections, I would say Faile. So, since he is so heavily guarded, I won’t. In battle, I will say his axe. If his wolf pack was around, I would say the wolf pack is the most dangerous asset Perrin has.

6) Ila of the Tinkers and Faile have a discussion about The Way of the Leaf: One believes it is for everyone and one believes it is not for everyone. What did you think of this conversation? We finally learn about Faile’s family and upbringing: Surprised? How do you think this will affect her relationship with Perrin?

OK, the Tinkers are peace lovers, singers, vegetarians. But they keep these really large dogs. What do they feed the dogs? Dogs can survive on vegetarian fare for a while, perhaps a few years, but biologically, they are not made for it. So, are they allowed to hunt their own meat, like squirrels and frogs? And The Way of the Leaf allows for group shunning – which is psychological damage. So, I have to say that insisting The Way of the Leaf is for everyone is a bit presumptuous, if I am being polite. I’m with Faile on this one.

I think Perrin and Faile will be closer, for now, because of sharing this info back and forth. they st will be a close couple, sneaking kisses, traded flirts and compliments, and generally being rather too cute about it all in public. At least until Perrin must be introduced to Faile’s relations. In fact, where is the royal hunting party sent out to locate Faile and drag her ass back to court?

7) In Tel’aran’rhiod, Perrin learns that the nearest Waygate, the one shut by Loial when they all came through to Emond’s Field, has been opened. Who do you think did so and why? In your head, how do you picture the sa’sara dance Faile kept threatening/promising Perrin with?

I suspect Lord Luc or Alanna, but mostly Luc. I think Verin and Alanna were told that Loial closed it from the outside and Lord Luc could have found out some how, or simply went up to check. Then there is Padan Fain in the area, and depending on whether or not he wants more trollocs (because wasn’t there a hint that he was a renegade and needed to be taken down) Fain could have reopened the Waygate. Then if any of the Emond’s Field folks are Darkfriends, like a Congar or such, they could have been ordered to it.

I picture the sa’sara to be the female version of this:

Yep, Faile definitely will make Perrin’s blood boil with moves like that.

Other Tidbits:

Anyone else wondering what Min is doing? Wasn’t there suppose to be death and mayhem at the White Tower?

Damn, Perrin, you got skewered! Apparently Alanna is the only one who can heal him…or is Verin holding back to put Perrin in Alanna’s hands? I have a deep concern that Perrin is going to end up Alanna’s very reluctant Warder.

I am so very, very curious about Elayne’s letters to Rand. Why does he think they are conflicting? Are they conflicting? Why 2 letters? Egwene and Aviendha assume Elayne said only loving things in those letters, but I suspect that might not be so. Poor Rand.

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The Shadow Rising Read Along Part V

JordanShadowRisingBannerWelcome back everyone. This week we covered chapters 24-30 and Sue over at Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers will be hosting. So make sure to swing by her place to see what everyone else thought. I am suffering from a summer cold, so if some of my responses seem muddled, out in left field, or completely irrelevant to the question, just smile and pat me on the head as you head off to CCCP for serious discussion.

Spoilers lurk behind every comma, question mark, and exclamation. Avert your eyes now if you have concerns.

1. What is it with Mat and doorway ter’angreals? These foxy people certainly seem very similar to the snake people, but with subtle differences. Any ideas about why they decided to hang Mat and what his new medallion does?

Mat’s an idiot.

OK, that was the short answer. Mat has a serious impulse control problem. Lucky for him, his friends, associates, and luck usually pull him through. I think in this case he spoke, questioned, and then demanded without thinking about the consequences. I believe the answers he received (verbal and the medallion) were in trade for his life, or his essence, or his utter terror at being hanged. These foxy/snakey beings seem to crave human emotions/fears.

I don’t know what the medallion portends for Mat, but I expect it is wrapped up with his ta’veren status and the answers he received from the first doorway he nearly broke.

2. Now that we have been into Rhuidean, were you surprised by the city within the mists or did you expect something different? What do you think has happened to the Jenn Aiel?

I was surprised. I was expecting practicality, not big grand palace like buildings left and right.

I’m guessing that after Lews Therin broke the world, there was a prophecy of the next Dragon Reborn (Rand) and that prophecy pointed to a child of the Jenn Aiel. The Aes Sedai of that time put a huge burden on the Jenn Aiel of nonviolence and 0 men allowed to channel. I think over time this agreement (coerced or otherwise) was forgotten by everyone (nearly everyone?). Obviously the bitch called Prophecy will not be denied.

3. The history of the Aiel is revealed to be very complex. Were you surprised to discover that they were originally a people sworn to non-violence and that the Traveling People were actually an offshoot from the original Aiel?

Yes, this did surprise me, but it made some sense, giving a kind of balance to the story as we know it so far. I have to wonder now if the Aiel we know today have the song the Traveling People are hunting for. I’m looking forward to seeing what Robert Jordan does with this complexity.

4. Could you have stood aside, like the Jenn Aiel did, and allowed your friends and family to be murdered or attacked without raising a hand in violence? What do you think of those Aiel who broke their vow of non-violence?

Simply, no. By doing nothing to stop violence, you enable it, and hence, you bear some of the responsibility and guilt. Those Aiel who broke their vow of non-violence did it for the right reasons under very understandable circumstances. Being banished from their people was an act of emotional violence on the part of those who did the banishing. That can be just as wrong as physical violence.

5. Perrin encounters a strange woman, who seems to know a great deal about the Wolf Dream and the two races beyond the doorways, the Aelfinn and the Eelfinn. She seems familiar: is she someone that we have already met, as she suggests? What do you think about the ability to reach their dimension directly from tel’aran’rhiod?

I believe this to be Lanfear/Selene. She crops up more often than I thought she would, but she is turning into a very interesting ‘bad guy’. Tel’aran’rhiod is simply a dangerous place for untrained, unguided folks to be mucking about in. I am surprised that Perrin and Egwene have not been seriously damaged yet.

6. Perrin’s homecoming is far from happy. Were you surprised by what he discovered? Also, did Faile react in the way you expected? Were the people in the old cottage who you expected?

Wow! This section in particular I was not expecting. I mean, up til now, Robert Jordan had not killed off too many people, other than trollocs and myrrdraal. So to hear of the slaughter of Perrin’s family brought a tear to my eye. As sad as this is, I think it changes the game for Perrin. Those he cares the most about are already gone, so letting himself be hanged won’t gain his folks anything.

I am so glad that Faile dropped the bitchiness. It was getting tiring listening to her antics and wanting to slap her. But in that moment, when Perrin learns the fate of his family, she couldn’t have done better. For that one act, she is redeemed and I am once again hoping these two become a real couple.

I wasn’t expecting Warders, but I sure am glad to see some professional warriors on site. The Whitecloaks, trollocs, and especially Padan Faine are going to be in for some major hurt.

Other Tidbits:

So, Faile slapped Perrin, not once, but twice, and was going for a thrice when Perrin did….what? Oh! I wish Jordan would tell us. Apparently it was embarrassing. I love the lady Aiels’s response of staying out of it because Faile picked the fight. Damn straight!

I really liked how Jordan told bits of the Aiel history through Rand’s experience of living these memories of folks who witnessed significant events.

Once again, another hair-raising escape from the ways – trollocs and that crazy deadly wind. Somehow, I never get tired of exploring, or rather racing through the ways as quietly and swiftly as possible.

Mistress Alvere took it in stride having Aiel walk into her inn….followed shortly by an ogier. She’s made of stern stuff.

The Shadow Rising Read Along Part III

JordanShadowRisingBannerWelcome everyone to the third week of the read along. This week, we covered Chapters 11-17. Post a link to your answers in the comments so we can all visit one another.

Spoilers are throwing a party below. There may be language, references to nude behavior, and run on sentences. You have been warned.

1) Egwene dives back into Tel’aran’rhiod to investigate Tanchico and comes out with an Aiel Wise Woman’s contact info. Egwene kicks herself for not having the knowledge and skill to interpret her dreams. Have you ever given dream interpretation a shot? Do you think Egwene’s plans to train and pass that on to Nynaeve and Elayne will work out as she plans?

I think this was the funnest trip to Tel’aran’rhiod yet! Egwene got several lessons, such as messing with another’s hunting dream can lead to all-over sunburn! I think it is great that at least one of the Supergirls is going to actively pursue some training. But will Egwene be able to pass that on? Perhaps, but I doubt it will go smoothly or as she plans. Something will crop up, and distance and time between Egwene and Elayne and Nynaeve I expect will be a factor.

I have never really dabbled with dream interpretation. In college, a friend told me that if you dreams include anything even marginally phallic, like candles, lying broken all about willy nilly, then you have ‘man issues’. Hmm…. So, what means you have ‘woman issues’ in dreams? Broken clams? *snort laugh*

2) Robert Jordan loves setting up the battle of the sexes, doesn’t he? In this section we see that Perrin and Faile are having a contest of wills. Rand versus the Aes Sedai (Moiraine in particular). Thom versus Moiraine. Even Min! What do you think of Jordan’s use of this?

In Min’s case, I found it very amusing. Her whole disguise and being a helpless airhead – and men were OK with it! But for Perrin and Faile, I found this a bit over done. While initially amusing, I sometimes do get a little tired of the underlying message that men & women are different for two reasons: 1) over done and 2) not necessarily true. So, a bit of it is amusing; too much takes away from the story line.

3) Mat, Perrin, and Rand finally hear about Whitecloaks in the Two Rivers. Perrin feels an obligation to return, tries to break some ties, and then finds out he won’t be going alone. Were you surprised at Perrin’s self-sacrificial take on this situation? Will the White Cloaks get more than they are looking for?

At first, I believed Perrin was going back to defend Two Rivers, not to put himself in a gallows tree! I was pissed at him when I figured out that was his plan. I was worried Rand would be the one to consider some form of suicide, but no, it is Perrin I must keep my eye on.

So Perrin is gathering quite the small, effective strike force to take with him. Faile alone, in her current state of pissiness, would give the White Cloaks a second thought about messing with Two Rivers. But then throw in Loial and the Aiel and now it looks like I might have to feel sorry for the White Cloaks.

I do worry that we will have some Two Rivers death to mourn before this book is over. Will this book maintain it’s PG rating, or will the shit get real and we loose some characters we care about? I don’t expect Perrin or Faile to be taken out this early in the series, but some Two Rivers parents or friends may have to die to move the plot along :(.

4) Ladies and their weapons: We saw some hand-to-hand altercations and some subtler weapons in use in this section. Who do you deem the more dangerous – Berelain or Faile?

Berelain. Hands down. She is not afraid to harm folks to get what she wants, she is driven by power not goodness, and no one expects her to be trained in hand-to-hand combat in those oh-so-sheer and skimpy clothes.

Faile is dangerous too, but she has a strong moral compass that won’t allow her to manipulate people (without very good reason) as Berelain will. She has to have a clear signal that someone needs to be taken out before she’ll take a knife to them with conviction.

5) Of course Mat goes through the doorway! But once he is done with his question and answer session and tossed out, he realizes he wasn’t the only one seeking answers. What kind of beings do you think the folk in the doorway were? What do you think Rand and Moiraine asked and had answered?

Mat, Mat, Mat! If anyone could break a ter’angreal, it would be Mat. Those beings made me think of succubi – beings that feed off the life force or emotional energy of others. Leeches, if you will.

I expect that Rand and Moiraine went into the ter’angreal with specific questions in mind, just as Mat. Rand seemed, perhaps not content, but at least set on a decision based on what he learned. Moiraine gave no hints at all. I am guessing that Rand and Moiraine got the run around same as Mat, but perhaps were asking bigger view questions that Mat.

6) Finally, Loial is back in the story. While he seems to be content as a chronicler, do you think The Wheel will let him sit in a corner with pen and ink the entire book? What do you think of Faile’s twisting his arm to visit The Ways?

It was so very good to see Loial again (chapter 16 folks!). No, I don’t think The Wheel is done with Loial and it’s set up nicely for him to have need to hit the road again – avoiding his mother and her plans to marry him off. hehe.

Faile. tsk, tsk. I think Faile has taken things too far on this one. Yes, Perrin was harsh with her. But dragging Loial into their lover’s spat, basically lying to and manipulating Loial….not cool. Poor Loial is stuck in an awkward position now. And Faile pushing Perrin to the breaking point when she knows that he is trying to get to Two Rivers swiftly, to protect his family, friends, and home town – well, kind of low of her. These two will need counseling after this if they intend to remain a couple. Should I root for them, or just for Perrin at this point?

Other Tidbits:

Moiraine had a summons for Egwene from the Aiel Wise Women…..which she received long before Egwene’s visit to tel’aran’rhiod. Spooky!

We ran into some very, very interesting side characters in this section, but I have to say I am very interested in Rhuarc and his comments to Berelain about their past conversation. I wish I knew the back story on that one!

When Perrin ran into Gaul, who told Perrin that he and some Aiel would be going along, Perrin comments about using The Ways for travel. Gaul’s response, paraphrased – ‘We all must face death sooner or later’ – had me laughing out loud. I hope we get to know Gaul better.

Gawayne and Galad – one is so sweet and one is scary in his convictions, his flirting with the White Cloak way of life.

Thom and Moiraine have a very interesting and revealing conversation about their names. I so very much want a back story on both these characters!

What Others Think:

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The Shadow Rising Read Along Part I

JordanShadowRisingBannerWelcome everyone to Part I of The Shadow Rising read along. Sue over at Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers is hosting this week, so make sure to swing by her place for lively chitchat. This week, we covered Chapters 1-3. Spoilers are having a picnic below, complete with peppermint tea and peanutbutter cookies. You have been warned.

1. Min’s viewings when she returns to Tar Valon are enough to make anyone worried: any guesses as to what will cause the death and mayhem? Also, is anyone else curious to know the story behind the name Elmindreda?

Well, both Min and Siuan seem to think there will be some large battle. That could be Whitecloaks or the Seanchan. But we could also be looking at some sneaky and well planned attack by a small force of powerful Black Ajah/Dark Friends/Myrrdraal. I’m sure the Black Ajah have a back door or two into the White Tower, and therefore, security wouldn’t really prohibit several aes sedai dying in one night if the enemy was sneaking around the place offing folks.

Obviously, one of Min’s parents had a soft spot for silly romantics. I am betting it was her father, poring all his notions of beauty and femininity into his daughter, providing her with the perfect name for catching the boys’ eyes…..or snickering jests, is more like.

2. We now know some of Elaida’s reasons for being so fixated with Morgase, but do you think that she will actually help or hinder the fight against the Dark One?

Tough one. I am going to split hairs and say that Elaida will first hinder, maybe even help the dark side or inadvertently kill some good guys, come to her senses and help the (hopefully) winning team, the Light Side. I want to see her smug ass be saved by a male, and better yet, by a male that can channel.

3. We are introduced to Ordeith, but there is little description of him. Do you think we have met him before, using a different name, or is he yet another in the growing list of baddies? Also, how do you think Two Rivers will cope with him and the Whitecloaks and will we get to see Mistress Luhhan in action again?

I am guessing that Ordeith is what his face…. the gollum wannabe. Darn it! I need a master character list. Padan Fain. That’s who Ordeith is. He has a grudge against Rand, swore to do his family and friends harm if he didn’t show, and he is also well familiar with Two Rivers. I want Mistress Luhhan to knock his head in.

I am guessing that those few Traveling Folk who wandered off are going to warn Two Rivers. Now, whether the folk of Two Rivers pay them any mind until too late… that is another thing. Two River folks can be distrustful of outsiders and complacent in their idea of all being right with the world.

4. High Lady Suroth seems to think that she will be able to capture Rand and make him into a type of damane. Do you think this is likely, or is she underestimating him and being wildly optimistic?

Now like any other hot-blooded woman, I wouldn’t mind seeing Rand in a color on his knees, but this isn’t that type of book. So, if somehow Rand is ever collared, it won’to last for long and the jerks who collar him will be mighty sorry. In this particular case, I don’t think Lady Suroth will be the one to collar Rand in any way and I look forward to him schooling her in the ways of her ineptness.

This is Waffles. Normally she is a sweet, toothless kitty. Today, I am concerned she will burn a hole through me with the Evil Eye.
This is Waffles. Normally she is a sweet, toothless kitty. Today, I am concerned she will burn a hole through me with the Evil Eye.

5. Holy bubbles in the Pattern, Batman! Was I the only one frantically reading to see if the three lads would even survive their ‘interesting’ evening? This made a nice change from the Trolloc attack motif of the earlier books, but how long do you expect our characters to survive with things like this happening more frequently?

These boys are going to have to get use to sleeping in armor. Or taking shifts, one sleeping while the others stand guard. Yes, this is a very nice change from the trolloc thing. I am sure we will see trollocs again, but I am glad they are not the first evil & disruptive thing to rear it’s ugly head in the book. I am still looking forward to seeing Mat’s reaction to Perrin’s and Rand’s evening encounters, because he is still under the impression that it was Rand’s wandering powers that caused his near death carding.

6. Sexytimes! Last week we discussed the relationship between Perrin and Faile and it seems to have ‘progressed’ quite a bit. Do you think that they are an item now, with full sexytimes privileges, even though it seems a little unclear from the book so far? Also, what about Berelain and her ever so subtle attempt to seduce Rand: how funny was it when she thought he was just talking dirty to her? Finally, how far do you think the Maiden’s Kiss game went to keep Mat awake all night???? 😀

Haha! I loved all these bits and so much of it left up to the reader’s interpretation. First: Perrin & Faile. OK, I don’t think they are into full privileges yet because Perrin seems to be missing a lot of hints, etc. In fact, he seems down right innocent on some things.

Second: Rand & Berelain. Haha! rand had that awkward, but totally natural for a young man, dream. Then Berelain walks into his rooms with him just in his underclothes. Wow! She was offering everything with no strings attached, if that can be believed. On one hand, I applaud her for being so clear on her desires, on the other, there will always be strings attached when it comes to sleeping with the most powerful man in the world. Dorkess for thinking she could just have Rand ignore that bit while she flashes some skin.

Third: Mat & Any Woman. So Mat likes to chase the skirts, we all know that. Perfectly normal for young males and females to enjoy sport sex. But the Aiel ladies take this to a whole new level, and bless their athletic looks and pointy spears, I sure do enjoy watching them teach Mat a thing or two. I expect the Maiden’s Kiss game went beyond kissing, but not into heavy petting as Mat seemed more disgruntled by the experience than satisfied. And, let’s face it folks, by and large, ladies are better at and more enthusiastic about drawing things out, whereas men are hardwired to sew their oats as quickly as possible, again and again. So, the Maiden’s Kiss game could go on for hours at Level 1 (kissing) easily with armed ladies in charge of the game.

Other Tidbits:

Rand’s dream about Min, Elayne, and Egwene seems to point to him realizing that he has to let that dream of marrying Egwene go. Perhaps he will be happy with Elayne or Min, or both, and perhaps not.

While Mat is a flirt, i did appreciate his reaction to the Tyran (spelling?) nobleman’s drunken remarks about the commoners, especially his uses for the commoner women.

They are going to put Min in a dress, makeup, and curls. Not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, yes, a disguise is a good idea. On the other, being a practical woman myself and not inclined to makeup, curls, and skirts only on hot dates with my man, I know the feeling of a forced make over: Not Fun.

When Faile slapped Perrin, right after the mad axe incident, and Perrin caught her hand as she was preparing to slap him again and commanded her not do so again, I cheered. I get that she was deeply worried about him, that her emotions and adrenalin were pumping, and that slapping and yelling at him was her way to let off some of that. But if it had been Perrin slapping Faile for all the same reasons, it would have been a big Hell No! So, I thought Perrin’s reaction was firm, appropriate, and even restrained as he didn’t harm her.