Reviews by Author


Pearl Drops: Serbian Folk Poems performed by Zeljka Cvjetan Gortinski


Great Classic Science Fiction (audio)


Aaron, RachelThe Spirit Thief (audio)

Abraham, DanielThe Dragon’s Path (paper)

Acevedo, MarioThe Nymphos of Rocky Flats (paper)

Adams, RichardWatership Down (audio)

Adichie, C. N. – Purple Hibiscus (audio)

Aghdashloo, ShohrehThe Alley of Love and Yellow Jasmines (paper)

Ahmed, SaladinThrone of the Crescent Moon (paper)

Albert, EdoardoEdwin: High King of Britain (paper)

Alexander, PiersThe Bitter Trade (ebook)

Alexander, WilliamAmbassador (audio)

Alexander, WilliamGhoulish Song (audio)

Alexander, WilliamGoblin Secrets (audio)

Allende, IsabelZorro (audio)

Alsop, ChereeThief Prince (audio)

Alva, KristianDragon Stones (audio)

Alva, KristianReturn of the Dragon Riders (audio)

Anderson, PeterSurvivor: Blackout (ebook)

Anderson, PoulBrain Wave (audio)

Angel, MichaelTreasure of the Silver Star (audio)

Asaro, CatherineAurora in Four Voices  (paper)

Asimov, IsaacThe Currents of Space  (audio)

Asimov, IsaacPebble in the Sky (audio)

Asimov, IsaacThe Stars, Like Dust (audio)

Avera, Drew2103, Act I (audio)

Avera, Drew - Reich (audio)

Ayer, T. G.Fire and Shadow (ebook)


Baldacci, David (editor) – FaceOff (audio)

Bartlett, Allison HooverThe Man Who Loved Books Too Much  (audio)

Beagle, Peter S.Come Lady Death (paper)

Bear, ElizabethUndertow (audio)

Bear, ErikThe Mongoliad (audio) with others

Bear, GregHull Zero Three (audio)

Bear, GregThe Mongoliad (audio) with others

Benson, RaymondThe Black Stiletto: Black & White (audio)

Benson, RaymondThe Black Stiletto: The First Diary – 1958 (audio)

Benson, RaymondThe Black Stiletto: Stars & Stripes (audio)

Bernheimer, JimConfessions of a D-List Supervillain (audio)

Bernheimer, JimHorror, Humor, and Heroes (audio)

Bernheimer, JimOrigins of a D-List Supervillain (audio)

Bernheimer, JimPrime Suspects (audio)

Bernobich, BethPassion Play (paper)

Berry, Stephen AmesThe Biofab Wars (paper)

Black, HollyValiant (audio)

Blaylock, James P.The Aylesford Skull (paper)

Bowman, PatrickArrow Through the Axes (audio)

Bowman, PatrickCursed by the Sea God (audio)

Bowman, PatrickTorn from Troy (audio)

Bracewell, PatriciaShadow on the Crown (audio)

Bradbury, RayDandelion Wine (audio)

Bradley, Allan C.The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (audio)

Bradley, Allan C.The Weed the Strings the Hangman’s Bag (audio)

Bradley, Marion ZimmerThe Door Through Space (audio)

Brassey, JosephThe Mongoliad (audio) with others

Bridger, J.Shifted Perspective (ebook)

Brown, Eric S.A Pack of Wolves II: Skyfall (audio)

Buckeridge, AnthonyAccording to Jennings (audio)

Butcher, JimCold Days (paper)

Butcher, JimThe Furies of Calderon (audio)

Byatt, A. S.Ragnarok: The End of the Gods (audio)


Card, Orson ScottEarth Unaware  (audio)

Card, Orson ScottEnder’s Game (audio)

Card, Orson ScottEnder’s Shadow (audio)

Card, Orson ScottSpeaker for the Dead (audio)

Carman, PatrickThe Dark Hills Divide (audio)

Carr, CalebThe Legend of Broken (audio)

Chabon, MichaelSummerland (audio)

Chepaitis, Barbara A.The Fear Principle (audio)

Clare, CassandraCity of Bones (audio)

Clarke, SerenaThe Treasure of Isian (ebook)

Clifton, D. B.  – The Last Watcher  (audio)

Coehlo, PauloThe Alchemist (audio)

Cole, KresleyDreams of a Dark Warrior (audio)

Collings, MichaelbrentBilly: Messenger of Powers (audio)

Collings, MichaelbrentDarkbound (audio)

Collings, MichaelbrentThe Loon (audio)

Cooper, SusanGhost Hawk (audio)

Coorlim, MichaelAnd They Called Her Spider (audio)

Coorlim, MichaelMaiden Voyage of the Rio Grande (audio)

Coorlim, Michael - Sky Pirates Over London (audio)

Corey, James S. A.Leviathan Wakes (audio)

Cowper, MarcusCommand: Henry V (audio)

Crichton, MichaelEaters of the Dead (audio)


Damrosch, DavidThe Buried Book (audio)

DiBiasio, JameGaijin Cowgirl (ebook)

Dixon, JohnPhoenix Island (audio)

Doctorow, CoryMakers (audio)

Dunn, RobThe Wild Life of Our Bodies (paper)


Eliot, GeorgeSilas Marner (audio)

Evanovich, Janet - One for the Money (audio)

Evans, Mary AnnSilas Marner (audio)


Fahy, WarrenFragment (audio)

Fay, Mary JoBlatant Deception (ebook)

Files, Gemma – A Book of Tongues (audio)

Files, GemmaA Rope of Thorns (audio)

Finn, JayLooking Back (ebook)

Flores, RichardDissolution of Peace (ebook)

Follett, KenThe Hammer of Eden (audio)

Ford, Ford MaddoxParade’s End (audio)

Foster, Alan DeanThe Human Blend (audio)

Fremantle, ElizabethQueen’s Gambit (audio)

Fremantle, ElizabethSisters of Treason (audio)

Furst, AlanMidnight in Europe (audio)


Gabaldon, DianaOutlander (audio)

Gaiman, Neil - Coraline (paper) with P. Craig Russell

Gaiman, NeilThe Graveyard Book (paper)

Gaiman, NeilNeverwhere (paper)

Gaiman, NeilStardust (audio)

Galland, NicoleThe Mongoliad (audio) with others

Gediman, Mary LouConnections (paper)

Gibson, WilliamSpook Country (audio)

Gibson, WilliamZero History  (audio)

Gregory, PhilippaChangeling (paper)

Gregory, PhilippaFools’ Gold (audio)

Gregory, PhilippaStormbringers (audio)

Gregory, PhilippaThe White Princess (audio)

Grimes, KenDouble Double (audio) with Martha Grimes

Grimes, MarthaDouble Double (audio) with Ken Grimes

Grimes, MarthaHelp the Poor Struggler (audio)

Grimes, Martha - I Am The Only Running Footman (audio)

Grimes, MarthaStargazey (audio)

Grimes, MarthaVertigo 42 (audio)

Gunn, ValIn the Shadow of Swords (audio)


Haldeman, JoeForever Peace (paper)

Haldeman, JoeThe Forever War (audio)

Hamlet, J.Hand of Chaos (ebook)

Harstad, Johan - 172 Hours on the Moon  (paper)

Harshaw, DawnDream Magic: Awakenings (ebook)

Hasson, GuyThe Emoticon Generation (ebook)

Hatcher, JeffreyThe Man Who Murdered His Mother-In-Law (audio)

Haygood, WilThe Butler: A Witness to History (audio)

Hearn, LianGrass For His Pillow (audio)

Hearne, KevinClan Rathskeller (audio)

Hearne, KevinThe Grimoire of the Lamb (audio)

Hearne, KevinHunted (audio)

Hearne, KevinTrapped (audio)

Hearne, KevinTricked (audio)

Hearne, Kevin - Two Ravens and One Crow (audio)

Henderson, Troy LeeEathed: A Dragon’s Tale (audio)

Henderson, Troy LeeErian’s Lair (audio)

Heinlein, RobertThe Green Hills of Earth (audio)

Heinlein, RobertThe Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (audio)

Herbert, FrankThe Heaven Makers (audio)

Herz, HenryBeyond the Pale (ebook)

Herz, HenryNimpentoad (ebook)

Hill, Liesel K. – The Hatching (ebook)

Hill, Liesel K.Persistence of Vision (ebook)

Hoffman, AliceThe Museum of Extraordinary Things (audio)

Holloway, J. KentThe Djinn (audio)

Howard, Robert E. – Wolfshead (paper)

Hubbard, L. RonDead Men Kill (audio)

Huddleston, ChipSnowbeard the Pirate & the Naughty List (audio)


Iden, MatthewA Reason to Live (audio)

Iggulden, Conn - Emperor: The Blood of the Gods (audio, ebook)

Iggulden, ConnEmperor: The Death of Kings (paper)

Iggulden, ConnEmperor: The Field of Swords  (paper)

Iggulden, ConnEmperor: The Gates of Rome (paper)

Iggulden, ConnEmperor: The Gods of War (audio)

Ironside, L. M.The Sekhmet Bed (audio)

Ish, Barbara FriendThe Shadow of the Sun (paper)


Janel, SelahOlde School (ebook)

Jang, Jin-sungDear Leader (audiobook)

Johnston, AaronEarth Unaware (audio)

Joinson, Suzanne - A Lady Cyclist’s Guide to Kashgar (audio)

Jones, DaryndaFirst Grave on the Right (audio)

Jones, Stephen (editor)H. P. Lovecraft’s Book of the Supernatural (audio)

Jordan, RobertThe Dragon Reborn (audio)

Jordan, RobertThe Eye of the World (audio)

Jordan, RobertThe Fires of Heaven (audio)

Jordan, RobertThe Great Hunt (audio)

Jordan, RobertLord of Chaos (audio)

Jordan, RobertThe Shadow Rising (audio)


Kemp, Paul S.The Hammer and the Blade (audio)

Kozeniewski, StephenBraineater Jones (ebook)


Lackey, MercedesThe Elvenbane (paper) with Andre Norton

Laumer, KeithGreylorn (audio)

Ledgard, J. M.Giraffe (audio)

Lee, ToscaIscariot (audio)

Lindberg, JudithThe Thrall’s Tale (audio)

Lody, LisaBringing Avalon Back (paper)

Lofthouse, LloydRunning With The Enemy (ebook)

Lond, LauraMy Sparkling Misfortune (audio)

Lorn, EdwardDastardly Bastard (audio)

Lorn, EdwardLife After Dane (ebook)

Lorn, EdwardHope for the Wicked (ebook)

Lowachee, Karin – The Gaslight Dogs (paper)

Lynch, ScottThe Lies of Locke Lamora (paper)

Lynch, ScottRed Seas Under Red Skies (paper)

Lynch, ScottThe Republic of Thieves (audio)


Marai, Sandor - Casanova in Bolzano (audio)

Marshall, Sandra K.All Bets Are Off (audio)

Martin, Gail Z.Deadly Curiosities (ebook)

Martin, George R. R.A Clash of Kings (audio)

Martin, George R. R.  – A Game of Thrones (audio)

Matchett, RobinApocalypta (paperbook)

Matheson, Richard - I Am Legend (audio)

Maxey, JamesGreatshadow (paper)

Maxey, JamesHush (paper)

McCaffrey, AnneDragonflight (paper)

McCullough, ColleenThe Prodigal Son (audio)

Mckenzie, ScottDrawing Dead (audio)

McKinley, RobinThe Hero and the Crown (audio)

McKinley, RobinSunshine (audio)

McMillan, TracieThe American Way of Eating (paper)

Meyerhofer, MichaelWytchfire (ebook)

Miller, John A.Gladstone (audio)

Miller, William BryanKyrathaba Rising (audio)

Mims, LeeHiding Gladys (paper)

Montgomery, L. M. - Anne of Green Gables (audio)

Moo, CooperThe Mongoliad (audio) with others

Moore, MelindaA Sunset Finish (ebook)

Munteanu, NinaOuter Diverse (audio)


North, DardenPoints of Origin (audio)

North, OliverHeroes Proved (audio)

Northrop, ChrisThe Reason for Dragons (paper) with Jeff Stokely

Norton, AndreThe Elvenbane (paper) with Mercedes Lackey


O’Rourke, TimDoorways (audio)

O’Rourke, TimThe League of Doorways (audio)


Pataki, AllisonThe Traitor’s Wife (audio)

Pauli, FrancesA Little Short for an Alien (audio)

Pauli, FrancesUnlikely (audio)

Pehov, Alexey - Shadow Chaser (paper)

Pehov, AlexeyShadow Prowler (audio)

Perenyi, KenCaveat Emptor (audio)

Peters, ElizabethThe Curse of the Pharaohs (paper)

Phillips, LesleyThe Midas Tree (paper)

Poznansky, UviApart From Love (audio)

Poznansky, UviRise to Power (audio)

Poznansky, UviTwisted (audio)

Pratchett, TerryA Hat Full of Sky (paper)

Pratchett, TerryThe Wee Free Men (paper)

Priest, CherieMaplecroft (audio)

Provost, WallaceThe Moon Is Not For Sale (paper)



Raven, JamesSentinels of Tzurac: Terra Major Under Threat (audio)

Reeves, ScottColony (audio)

Reichs, Kathy206 Bones (audio)

Reichs, KathyBones of the Lost (audio)

Reichs, KathyCross Bones (audio)

Rolfe, BillThe Living Room (paper)

Russell, P. CraigCoraline (paper) with Neil Gaiman


Sakurazaka, HiroshiAll You Need Is Kill (audio)

Samson, ArtThe Captains’ Airline (paper)

Sanderson, BrandonThe Hero of Ages (paper)

Sanderson, BrandonLegion (audio)

Sanderson, BrandonMistborn: The Final Empire (paper)

Sanderson, BrandonWarbreaker (paper)

Sanderson, BrandonThe Well of Ascension (paper)

Scalzi, JohnRedshirts (audio)

Schoon, ChristianZenn Scarlett (ebook)

Scudiere, A. J.Resonance (audio)

Sebold, GaieShanghai Sparrow (ebook)

Setterfield, DianeThe Thirteenth Tale (audio)

Shafak, ElifThe Bastard of Istanbul  (audio)

Sheffield, CharlesAftermath (audio)

Shelley, MaryFrankenstein  (audio)

Showalter, GenaAwaken Me Darkly (audio)

Showalter, GenaDark Taste of Rapture (audio)

Showalter, GenaEnslave Me Sweetly (audio)

Showalter, GenaSavor Me Slowly (audio)

Shrum, Kory M.Dying for a Living (audio)

Silverman, JoshuaThe Emerald Tablet (paper)

Silverman, JoshuaGardens of Ampheia (ebook)

Silverman, Joshua - The Soul of the World (ebook)

Snow, Robert P.Folsom Point (paper)

Snow, Robert P.Turning Point (paper)

Spendlove, JanineWar of the Seasons: The Human  (ebook)

Spurlock, MorganDon’t Eat This Book (audio)

Stableford, BrianCritical Threshold (ebook)

Stableford, BrianThe Florians (ebook)

Stephenson, NealThe Mongoliad (audio) with others

Stackpole, Michael A.Vol’jin: Shadows of the Horde (audio)

Stokely, JeffThe Reason for Dragons (paper) with Chris Northrop

Summers, David LeeThe Pirates of Sufiro (paper)

Summers, David LeeOwl Dance (ebook)


Tayler, Kassy - Ashes of Twilight (audio)

Tayler, KassyShadows of Glass (audio)

Teppo, MarkThe Mongoliad (audio) with others

Theodoratus, M. K.Troublesome Neighbors (ebook)

Thibeault, PatrickMy Journey as a Combat Medic (ebook)

Thomas, DonaldThe Execution of Sherlock Holmes (audio)

Thomas, Lynne M. (editor)The Book of Apex, Volume 4 (ebook)

Thompson, Hunter S.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (audio)

Tolkien, J. R. RThe Hobbit (paper)

Tregillis, IanBitter Seeds (audio)

Troost, J. MaartenThe Sex Lives of Cannibals (audio)

Tucker, AlanKnot In Time (paper)

Turner, LouiseFire and Sword (ebook)



Vartparonian, ArdashSolstice High (ebook)

Venkatarman, BarbaraThe Case of the Killer Divorce (audio)

Venkataraman, BarbaraDeath by Didgeridoo (audio)

Venkataraman, BarbaraA Trip to the Hardware Store & Other Calamities (audio)


Walls, Jeannette - The Silver Star (audio)

Ward, KatieGirl Reading (paper)

Waters, IlanaThe Adventures of Stanley Delacourt (ebook)

Waters, IlanaPaying Piper (ebook)

Waters, SarahThe Little Stranger (audio)

Wein, ElizabethCode Name Verity (paper)

Weiner, LarryRichmond Smokes a Joint (audio)

Weissbourd, BurtIn Velvet (ebook)

Westerfeld, ScottLeviathan (audio)

Weston, ThomasRevenge of the Simians (audio)

Willis, ConnieAll Clear (audio)

Willis, Connie - Blackout (audio)

Wilson, Dean F.The Call of Agon (ebook)

Wisseman, SarahBound for Eternity (audio)




Zane, The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth (audio)

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