Audiobook Giveaway & Interview: Domino Finn, Author of The Seventh Sons

FinnTheSeventhSonsEveryone, please welcome Domino Finn! He’s the author of the Sycamore Moon series. I greatly enjoyed The Seventh Sons, book 1 in the series. Today we chat about Miami, Sherlock Holmes, a few movies, plus so much more! Also, we have a lovely AUDIOBOOK GIVEAWAY (open to US & UK) so don’t miss that at the end of the post.

What now-dead author would you like to interview? What are some of the things you would chat about?

This might be a cop out, but I’d have to go with Conan Doyle. (I considered Poe and Dumas, and while I might have more fun at a bar with them, I think I could learn the most from Doyle). As a huge mystery fan, his Sherlock Holmes adventures really inspired me to write. I would pick his brain about story ideas, research methods, and iconic character development.

Are minions/sidekicks just throwaway devices in a tale? Can they become more? Do they need to become more?

I wouldn’t say they need to become more. It’s okay for Chewbacca and Boba Fett to be one-dimensional. They can still be cool. But relationships are two-sided, and a well-fleshed out sidekick can really challenge and deepen the hero. Dr. Watson is an interesting example. The original Sherlock canon didn’t delve too deeply into his character, but if you watch modern cinematic interpretations, a living, breathing, opinionated Watson does both characters some good.

Which would rest easier on your shoulders: to never be able to leave your home city, or to never be able to go back to it?

Which is my preferred hell, huh? I left my home city of Miami eleven years ago and I used to visit often. Not as much nowadays, but I couldn’t dream of never going back. That said, I love to travel. The Americas, Europe, Asia. It’s a tough question. But because you drive a hard bargain, I suppose I’d admit there’s no place like home.

If you could, what book/movie/TV series would you like to experience for the first time all over again and why?

I HAVE SO MANY ANSWERS. The Matrix for the ground-breaking special effects (and the twist). The Sixth Sense for the emotion (and the twist). But I think I’d have to go with Seven. For some reason, I was so invested in the detectives catching the killer. Kevin Spacey played such an arrogant serial killer and I couldn’t wait for the climax of that film.

How does modern pop culture influence your work? Do modern cultural references date a piece or add touchstones for the reader?

I like to fall somewhere in the middle with references. I definitely stay away from the latest meme or twitter hashtag – that stuff won’t be funny a month from now – but a lot of modern pop culture will stand the test of time. References help fill the gaps of our fictional societies, so I go big and don’t worry about dating. Besides, time and place is what gives a novel character. I love all the pay phone stops in the first Harry Bosch book!

FinnTheBloodOfBrothersWhat has been your worst or most difficult job? How does it compare to writing?

Writing is easy compared to other professions. Let’s get that out of the way. It takes hard work, dedication, practice – but it’s not manual labor. I love my job most days. You want a difficult job? Program video games. With cutting edge technology, you need constant improvement to stay ahead of the curve. The hours alone violate the Geneva Convention.

Do you have any superstitions?

Most days I’d say no, but when I’m watching college football, I swear the players can hear me through the TV.

Would you choose to live permanently in a fictional world, or visit as many as you liked but you couldn’t stay more than a few hours?

So I’m allowed to leave Miami?

I’d definitely go with the temporary option. After a while, Wonderland gets a bit overwhelming.

What were you like as a kid? Did your kid-self see you being a writer?

I never declared that I’d be a writer, but I constantly came up with stories and games. Novels, Choose You Own Adventures, flip books, board games, computer rpgs. I’m not really sure I finished all that many but I was full of ideas. It wasn’t until my twenties that I realized I could pursue a creative field, however.

If you could sit down and have tea (or a beer) with 5 fictional characters, who would you invite to the table?

I’ll go with a guy’s night out at a bar.

Batman, for his war stories.
Homer Simpson, for years of laughs.
R2D2, for his loyal sidekick/ beer-fetching qualities.
James Bond, to class up the joint.
And Tyrion Lannister, because who would be more fun to drink with?

FinnTheSeventhSonsThe Seventh Sons book blurb:

Two years after his wife went missing, Detective Maxim Dwyer is still running down leads. The isolated woods of Sycamore are home to many lawless men, and no one’s talking, but that hasn’t stopped Maxim from gathering suspects. Topping his list is the local motorcycle club, the Seventh Sons. His biggest obstacle? Everyone swears the bikers are werewolves. The small-town residents are wary of provoking the MC, and the marshal’s office is no exception.

Everything changes when a routine biker brawl turns fatal. Going against procedure, Maxim presses an enigmatic stranger for answers. But Diego de la Torre is running his own con. The outlaw deals in lies and legends, and no adversary can back him down. Not even the police.

It’s too bad that nobody’s above the law for Maxim. He’s willing to risk his badge, and his life, to prove it.

The Seventh Sons is whispersynced (with the ebook purchase, the audiobook only costs $1.99). The first 5 chapters are up on Domino’s site.

FinnTheBloodOfBrothersThe Blood of Brothers book blurb:

Diego de la Torre is officially an outlaw now, a full-fledged member of The Seventh Sons Motorcycle Club. The werewolf MC runs the wild lands of Sycamore with ease. At least until a dead body shows up and points to them as the culprits.

Detective Maxim Dwyer presses the Seventh Sons hard, but there are other guns in play. California bikers look to expand their drug trade. A mercenary outfit seeks revenge. Top that with an overbearing FBI agent who undermines local police, and both detective and outlaw have their hands full.

Brothers or not, Sycamore’s about to get a whole lot bloodier.

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Domino Finn is giving away two Audible copies of Book 1 (The Seventh Sons) and two of Book 2 (The Blood of Brothers). Each book stands on it’s own. Winners will need to redeem the audiobook gift through or You don’t need an Audible account to redeem the gifted audiobook, just an Amazon account. Enter the Rafflecopter below, or answer the following in the comments: 1) How do I contact you if you win? 2) Do you have a preference of book if you do win? 3) Which 5 fictional characters would you invite out for a night of beers? Giveaway ends Midnight Aug. 31, 2015.

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Back by Sunrise by Justin Sloan

SloanBackBySunriseWhere I Got It: Review copy

Narrator: Rebecca Greene

Publisher: Justin Sloan (2015)

Length: 2 hours 38 minutes

Series: Book 1 Eternal Light

Author’s Page

This story is primarily about Brooke and how she deals with a very difficult time in her life. She and her dad have been working on painting a mural in her bedroom. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to finish it together before he is called out to serve his country over seas. Brooke awaits her father’s return only to hear the sad news he will never return. Yet she has this necklace from him, which turns out to be magical. Through her adventures, she learns to let go of some of her anger and to carry the sadness.

This was a rather touching little piece of magical modern-day fantasy. I’ve listened to several other Justin Sloan books and this one is the tamest and perhaps the slowest of pace. Brooke is a typical kid, occasionally arguing with her brother, not always obeying the parents right away, painting on walls, etc. The first part, which sets the scene for the family dynamics, goes by very quickly. Once Brooke finds out her necklace has the power to change her into a bird, the story picks up.

Her adventures as a bird start off pretty small. She stays close to home, makes a friend or two, and learns to eat bird food (which her human brain tells her isn’t very tasty at all). There’s some humor, a little action. Mostly, this part of the story is tame exploration of Brooke’s new world. It is a bit slow at this point and that is my only mild complaint on this book. But then Brooke wants to be a human again and that turns out to be a bit challenging.

My favorite part of the story was the last bit. The action really picks up, Brooke has foes to face (in bird form), and has to figure out how to turn into a human again. This is where Brooke’s emotions towards her mom and her now-gone father really bubble to the surface and she has to make an active decision as to how to deal with them. I really liked this aspect because it shows a kid making an adult decision and I think many of us have had moments like that when we were kids.

The final ending was very satisfying. After Brooke’s sadness and anger, all her adventures, we get this ending that tied up the story nicely. The story started with that bedroom mural and we get to return to it. That really closed the loop on this story, or at least this installment of it, for me.

I received a copy of this audiobook from the author at no charge in exchange for an honest review.

The Narration: Rebecca Greene did a very nice job. She was a very good fit for Brooke. She had these very believable little kid voices, which she used for the kids, but also for the young animals bird Brooke befriends on her adventures. She had an excellent way of imbuing quite the range of emotions into Brooke’s character.

What I Liked: Touching story; a touch of magic; dealing with the difficult subject of loosing a parent as a kid; watching the progression of Brooke’s emotions; the bird adventures; the ending.

What I Disliked: Part of the story is a bit slow, but this minor criticism would not keep me from recommending this book.

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Teddy Bears and the Halloween Ghost by Justin Sloan

SloanTeddyBearsAndTheHalloweenGhostWhere I Got It: Free on the author’s YouTube channel

Narrator: Michael Gilliland

Publisher: Justin Sloan (2015)

Length: 24 minutes

Series: Book 2 Teddy Defenders

Author’s Page

Note: Even though this is Book 2 in the series, it works fine as a stand alone.

Halloween is my favorite holiday and when I saw Justin Sloan had a Teddy Defenders book set on this holiday, I couldn’t turn it down. It’s Halloween night and Rick and his little sister Tiffany are getting dressed up to go Trick-or-Treating. Meanwhile, the Teddy Defenders alternate between playing deaf and dumb cute toys and discussing the fun of being taken out with the kids on this fun night. However, things don’t go as they planned. Mia, Tiffany’s Teddy Defender, and her friends are able to move around more freely on this night because of all the costumes. They overhear a conversation about a scary ghost scaring the kid’s at Tiffany’s school and they head there to investigate and take care of the ghost. After all, we know that goblins and such are real; why not ghosts?

While this is a short story instead of the longer novella that Book 1 (Teddy Bears in Monsterland) is, I felt that it was better balanced. The pacing is better, the plot tighter, and we have a better mix of the genders. I also like that we get to know Rick and Tiffany a bit more as they had very small, if significant, roles in Book 1. Additionally, the Teddy Defenders have kept some of the friendships they made in Book 1 as well, so we get some non-Teddy characters in the mix.

We learn a little more about the Teddy powers, especially if they are stressed. Plus Tiffany has a little secret and we all know that Halloween isn’t just the night for treats, but also for tricks. Mia was quite stunned at the revelation and it was fun to see the Teddy Defenders caught off guard and their various responses. All in all, this was a fun little tale fit for the family and it makes a good lunch break listen. I’m looking forward to seeing where Sloan takes this series!

The Narration: Michael Gilliland narrated Book 1 and I am glad the author kept him for Book 2 even though most of the character viewpoints are female. Gilliland has pretty good female voices and excellent little kid voices. He does a great job of keeping each character voice distinct. He also does an excellent job of imbuing the characters with emotion when required. I especially liked his determined or ticked off voice for Mia.

What I Liked: The cover art; Halloween!; more time with the female characters; get to know the kids and the Teddy Defenders better; a fun ending.

What I Disliked: Nothing – I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Audiobook giveaway & Interview: AJ Spencer, Author of The SnowRaven Chronicles

SpencerSnowRavenArt1Everyone, please welcome AJ Spencer. It is with great pleasure that I have AJ on the blog today. I absolutely adored his SnowRaven Chronicles! So I was thrilled when he agreed to be interviewed on the blog. We chat about the long road to producing The SnowRaven Chronicles, crazy dinner parties, movies, and plenty more. Also, AJ has offered up a wonderful audiobook giveaway so make sure to check that out at the end of the post!

Saska SnowRaven is a warrior, sexual, strong-headed, loyal, and endearing. How did you come up with such a winning character?

I dreamed up the character more then 10 years ago (her exploits have been rattling around in my head for a long time)

Originally, I envisioned The SnowRaven as a series of stand-alone stories, either as a comic book (one or two pages each story) or some sort of animation (five minute shorts) possibly online, or as part of an established magazine (I pitched the idea to “HEAVY METAL” Magazine many years ago, but they passed…..)

That is why the stories are so episodic in nature.

And why she has the white fur hat, B&W Face paint and fur lined boots, because I wanted to have a wide array or Artists working on the series with their own unique styles (Classic Comic book, American Cartoon, Japanese Anime, etc….) but you would always recognize her as The SnowRaven.

I also thought Linx would be a fun idea for an artist to play with – that he would always be in motion (like a living feather boa).

The SnowRaven books (as they are now) were born from 3 separate story ideas:
One, a LORD OF THE RINGS like epic (with the insect like Vosharian hordes)
Two, a Fantasy Adventure centering on energy orbs (with Tommy Calvoore as the lead character)
And The SnowRaven Shorts themselves.

After many drafts over many years – I had quite a collection of rejection letters – then I had the idea of combining many of the main elements from all 3 stories (with the SnowRaven as the lead). That is why the stories are so dense (a lot packed into them) and how I was able to write them so (back-to-back) fast.

SpencerSnowRavenArt2If you could be an extra on a fantasy series or movie, what would it be?

I think it would be great to be an extra in the new Star Wars (I would luv to be an action figure)…..and become a bit of movie trivia (everyone can point to my one scene and say “That’s the guy that wrote the SnowRaven Chronicles.”)

If you could, what book/movie/TV series would you like to experience for the first time all over again and why? 

I do enjoy a good mystery the first time, but it’s also fun to watch them again knowing who-dun-it. Come to think of it, I feel exactly the same about many of my favorite movies and TV shows no matter how many times I’ve seen them.

Quite a bit of graphic art went into the creating of the series. Tell us a bit about that please. 

There are 3 things you need to know about writing a book-

#1 You Write what you know

#2 You Must Have a great hook

#3 You need a GREAT book cover

Comic books are in the SnowRaven’s DNA – so I googled Freelance Comic Book Artists – and found OctoGraphics.

They do great work and being a frustrated artist myself (who paints with words), I relished the chance to describe what the SnowRaven looks like – the pose, the weapons… was great fun to see her come alive with their help.

I launched a KickStarter Campaign to fund some promo comics a while back – the campaign was canceled but my video intro is still there:

SpencerSnowRavenArt3If you couldn’t be a writer, what would you chose to do?

My dream job would be having my own Animation Studio – bringing fantasy to life as only animation can.

In this age of publishing, self-promotion is really necessary for the author. What do you enjoy most about advertising yourself and your works? What do you find most challenging?

I do not enjoy that part of self-publishing at all (I wish I had my own promotional team to handle all of that). It is very challenging trying to stand out as a self published author (I often feel like I am being lost in the crowd – or rejected out-of-hand because I self publish……).

If you could sit down and have dinner with 5 dead authors, who would you invite to the table? What would they order?

Ernest Hemingway (A big juicy steak), F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda (both would order the salad bar so they can mix and mingle with all the people in the restaurant), Robert E. Howard (who wouldn’t order, but just bang away on his typewriter the whole time), and Hunter S. Thompson, who would order something so completely gonzo that the waitress would just stand at the table with a blank stare.

Oh, what a night that would be…..

SpencerSnowRavenArt4I have to ask about the clothing-optional fighting that often occurs in the SnowRaven Chronicles. I love it but how has the overall response been to this?

I have always loved fantasy artwork – especially Frank Frazetta. Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell’s calendar has hung on my wall for many a year. I wanted to capture some of that look and feel in my books.

I also like to “play against type” – insects do not live in Arctic Regions, and medieval warriors usually wore as much armor as possible. It’s fun to mix things up.

What do you do when you are not writing? 

The usual day to day stuff that makes up Modern American Life. I am a BIG Movie Guy from a BIG Movie Family – a lot of my free time has been spent with my DVD collection over the years.

You have to run an obstacle course. Who do you invite along (living or dead, real or not)? Will there be a tasty libation involved? 

The champion of NINJA WARRIOR (did you ever see that show?) no libations….I go through life stone cold sober…’s quite an experience!

SpencerGIJoeVX257Finally, what upcoming events and works would you like to share with the readers?

I did write a new short story – part of “The Kindle Worlds” Program. GI JOE VX 257 – based on the classic animated show from the 1980’s – It was great fun!

SpencerSnowRavenChroniclesShafra&CopianBook 1: The Shafra-Copian book blurb:

The lady Snowraven becomes entangled in a tempestuous industrial revolution that promises to liberate the bleak mountaintop kingdom of Arkel-nia from the dominance of the Vosharian – a race of cunning and cruel bio-luminescent insects who have drained the kingdom’s wealth for centuries. Nightmarish creatures whose taste for human flesh has decimated countless generations of Arkel-nian maidens – human sacrifices given in exchange for the glowing orbs that only the Vosharian can create. A vicious, unending cycle for the orbs, prized above all for the light and warmth they give. The only source of energy in the whole of the desolate snow covered mountains- until now…

SpencerTheTreasureOfOkra-BaneBook 2: The Treasure of Okra-Bane book blurb:

The lady SnowRaven sets out to claim the fabled treasure of Okra-Bane, hidden amongst the mysterious circle of stones – the ancient remnants of a long forgotten civilization deep in the snow covered mountains of Andora.

But little does she know that a swarm of vengeful Vosharian are stalking her, awaiting the ideal moment to strike, or that the circle of stones holds many, deadly secrets to ensnare treasure seekers. The most terrifying is the ancient creature that sleeps deep within the mountains: a pagan god to the ancients, mere myth & legend to this enlighten age, a force to be feared by all who dare to steal its most coveted treasure.

SpencerSnowRavenChroniclesWine&WizardsBook 3: Wine & Wizards book blurb:

It is adventure on the high seas when the lady Snowraven sets sail to reclaim the fabled banner of the doomed expedition, lost long ago.

But, she is soon entangled in the war of ideology that is reshaping the very fabric of her world – between those creating machines of industry, fueled by ethanol, and those clinging to the old ways of “magic” holding steadfast to the glowing Nexil-Orbs and the elite classes that create them.

The Snowraven guided by fate.

For an ancient prophesy foretells the coming of a new age – heralded by a mighty queen to sit upon the throne of Nubodia – the wealthiest realm of them all.

But one inflicted with a truly monstrous foe of both nature and man’s creation. A vile creature that shows the most terrifying enemy – is the enemy within.

SpencerSnowRavenChroniclesThianOilBook 4: Thian Oil book blurb:

The lady Snowraven, fallen out of favor with the duke’s inner circle, returns to the simple life of a humble shepherdess… But to lead her flock through the very heart of the mighty Andereke mountains, she must either cross the fabled bridge of Nelchatta… and pay the troll’s terrible price… or risk being trapped by the nightmarish Thian Oil pits… a dark and terrible fate from which few escape… The putrid sludge from centuries of nexil-orbs – haunted by the vile creatures transformed by its insidious evil.

SpencerTheThol-raWhile this is not part of The SnowRaven Chronicles, I really enjoyed The Thol-ra as well. Here is the book blurb:

A city under siege…. An ancient book of forbidden magic…. A power that will save or destroy all!

The ancient desert city of Al-zora is under siege by a swarm of man eating insects – unleashed by a deposed queen’s vengeful curse.

But on the eve of total destruction hope for salvation comes…. In the form of Princess E’feena – the renegade princess who enlists the help of the noble swordsman Alcar, her sworn protector, and Jzemlek the alchemist and thief. To claim an ancient book of forbidden magic.

A book hidden deep in the very heart of the city – a vile swamp haunted by man eating plants every bit as ravenous and deadly as the attacking swarm.

But to save her beloved city from total annihilation E’feena will risk anything – ignoring the warnings of the sages, defying her father, the king -whose word is law! Defying all who fear the uncontrollable magic will bring a far greater calamity!

For E’feena means to unleash the most powerful force locked within the mysterious tome….a force with the power to not only destroy the insatiable swarm….but also create a true nightmare….a fate far worse then the horde encircling the city walls -For princess E’feena means to unleash the dreaded Thol-ra itself!

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All the audio books are available on  

AJ has most generously offered up 5 copies of EACH SnowRaven audiobook! Yes, it is possible to win 1 of each book, but no worries if you don’t. They each stand alone quite well. Enter the Rafflecopter below or answer me the following in the comments: 1) Do you have an account? 2) Leave a way to contact you. 3) What are some of your favorite comic books and/or graphic novels? Giveaway ends August 31, 2015, Midnight.

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London Warriors by Paul Rudd

RuddLondonWarriorsWhere I Got It: Won a copy

Narrator: Fred Wolinsky

Publisher: Thorstruck Press (2015)

Length: 10 hours 24 minutes

Author’s Page

The world as we know it no longer exists. The boundaries with Hell have fallen and a variety of demons and mutated humans run amok. London has taken drastic measures to protect some of its human population by building a big wall around the inner city.  Plenty of humans, mostly the poorer ones, have been left on their own. Now Roman leads a band of disgraced and hardened convicts on a suicide mission to thwart the demi-god Demiurge.

This book had a lot of potential. I dived into it thinking it would be a great hit. On the surface, it has a lot of elements that I enjoy: mutated humans, supernatural forces, suicide mission, questionable heroes. But as I got further into the book, I realized this one wasn’t for me.

Let’s start with the questionable heroes. Some of these guys, and one gal, had interesting jobs, like bounty hunting, that got them in hot water and then incarcerated. Some were incarcerated for rape and murder. So it is a pretty interesting mix of ‘heroes’ for this book. Because some of these guys have impulse control problems coupled with a violent nature, they often made sexually violent remarks to the few women. At first, this added to the flavor of the book and gave me a few characters to hate. But these remarks, and later actions, became so common place they outshone the plot.

There is a lot of threatened, implied, and carried out violence towards women in general in this book. It was not balanced out with strong, competent female characters. I’m not a squeamish reader. I enjoy books with cussing, violence, sex, and the occasional terrible event that defines our characters. However, the author chose to put our female characters in skimpy hot pants for the fighting. Yep, hot pants. Who in their right mind wears hot pants to a suicide mission? None of the men did. Also, we were often told how awesome the few female characters (I recall 3, but there might have been a few more) were instead of shown. Much of their awesomeness happens off stage and we don’t get to live through their great deeds. Plus they often have to be rescued. Also, nearly all the plot decisions are made by male characters.

I will say the pacing was fine and I kept getting sucked back into the plot hoping things would even out. Many of the characters have some sort of super power and those were fun to explore. There’s a touch of romantic feelings between Roman and Eden (they use to be on the same espionage team until Roman got thrown in prison and Eden captured while on a mission). Yet despite the individually interesting characters, the action-packed plot, and the Hellish setting, this book was dud for me. It started off strong but then devolved quickly with the overboard gender-biased violence.

I won a copy of this book from the publisher via the Beauty in Ruins book blog.

The Narration: Fred Wolinsky did a fine performance. He had strong voices for the demons and other monsters and had a fine, commanding voice for Roman.  He had quite a range of characters to perform for this book and he did them well. 

What I Liked: The cover art; the story’s premise; mutated humans; Hellish monsters; suicide mission; questionable heroes.

What I Disliked: Overboard with the gender-biased violence; weak female characters; much of the women’s accomplishments happen off stage and we don’t get to live them; while the women get skimpy outfits, the men are dressed appropriately for the mission.

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Dead Lucky by M. R. Forbes

ForbesDeadLuckyWhere I Got It: Free copy

Narrator: Jeff Hays

Publisher: Quirky Algorithms (2015)

Length: Approximately 2 hours

Series: Book 0.5 Ghosts & Magic

Author’s Page

The world has changed in the several decades since magic was reintroduced. For some, it is better, for others not so much. Connor Night is dying of cancer and he is one of the few Necromancers currently living. He and his partner (Danelle AKA Dani) along with his reanimated corpse, Evan, do odd jobs. Indeed, they are quite odd and often involve breaking the law. This time, Connor and his crew get drawn in to an unexpected job and the outcome is not quite what they had in mind.

This book was a world of fun and I definitely didn’t want to put it down. Connor is a pretty unique protagonist. He’s on death’s door and only the illegal, expensive, experimental drugs are keeping his cancer from devouring him. Basically, he isn’t your basic studly hero. Yet he has a certain fatalistic charm and gallows humor that had me attached to him from the beginning.

Connor’s crew are also a fun bunch, in a knife-wielding, verbally abusive sort of way. Dani is the weapons master of the bunch and often the planner of each job, keeping everyone on track. I really liked her practical approach to problems. Meanwhile, Evan is a stinky rotting corpse that has to be kept on ice when not in use. He seems pretty pissed about being reanimated and who can blame him? But for this job he will get to have a little fun.

A compulsion has been laid on Connor and he must leave his town of Chicago and get to New Orleans as quick as possible or go insane from the constant mental pressure. New Orleans holds many surprises. There will be fancy dress attire, weapons, ogres, gambling, voodoo, and some other surprises our heroes didn’t see coming. It was a very fun mix and the story kept me engaged the entire time. I definitely look forward to listening to the rest of the series.

At the time of posting this review, this novella was free to listen to on the narrator’s YouTube channel. I don’t know how long it will be available before it goes to Audible.

Narration:  Jeff Hays has done another fine performance. His somewhat gravelly voice for Connor was perfect. He even tossed in some coughing fits here and there to get across to the listener just how ill Connor is. He has an amazing range and his female voices were very realistic. He did some regional accents along with big ogre voices. It was a highly entertaining performance!

What I Liked:  Connor is an interesting protagonist; Evans and his attitude; Dani and her weapons; the job was fun; plenty of little twists and turns; ogres and other magical beings; interesting ending that makes me want to dive into the next book; excellent narration.

What I Disliked:  Nothing – it’s a great listen!


Kushiel’s Chosen Read Along – The Schedule

Tofu kitty with a very good book.

Tofu kitty with a very good book.

The Terre D’Ange Cycle by Jacqueline Carey (of which Kushiel’s Chosen is Book 2) is one of my all time favorite series. The red along continues! Book 1 was so much fun and I am ever so glad so many folks wanted to continue with Book 2.

Here is the current schedule:
Week 1: August 2, Chpts. 1-14, hosted by FaeStruck Review
Week 2: August 16, Chpts. 15-26, hosted by Books Without Any Pictures
Week 3: August 23, Chpts. 27-36, hosted by Tethyan Books
Week 4: August 30, Chpts. 37-49, hosted by Over the Effing Rainbow
Week 5: September 6, Chpts. 50-61, hosted by Dab of Darkness
Week 6: September 13, Chpts. 62-72, hosted by Lynn’s Book Blog
Week 7: September 20, Chpts. 73-END, hosted by Emma Wolf

And here is the current list of participators:
Allie at Tethyan Books
Lisa at Over the Effing Rainbow
Lynn at Lynn’s Book Blog
Grace at Books Without Any Pictures
Nancy at FaeStruck’s Reviews & More
James at James T. Witherspoon
Emily at Emma Wolf
Susan (me) at Dab of Darkness

As always, folks are welcome to jump in and join us. You don’t have to be a host or a blogger. You can always choose the easy route and tackle the weekly discussion in the comments of the hosting blog. We also have a Goodreads Group started for SF/F Read Alongs in general, and there is a specific folder for this read along. You are welcome to follow the fun there as well. If you want to be on the weekly email, just leave me a comment or shoot me an email with KUSHIEL’S CHOSEN in the subject (