Contact/Review Policy

So you have wandered into my corner of the blogosphere. Did you bring a hard hat and steel-toed boots? No? Well, don’t expect us to issue any.

I read. A lot. And I feel the need to tell the world what I think of the books I read. In detail.

Read Alongs

Recently, I have also found I had a hidden addiction to Read Alongs/Group Reads. I do play well with others, in a controlled setting, as long as I don’t have to do face time. Simple. Feel free to contact me via email ( if you would like to plan a read along together.

What I Like

While much of what I read fits into science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction I have been known to read some non-fiction, mysteries, and modern-day adventure/thriller fiction. I love the feel of a paper book in my hands, am an audiobook junkie, and have an older kindle. Yes, I believe this points to some sort of addictive disorder, but I am quite fine ignoring that, if you are. There are a few genres I don’t particularly click with, like contemporary romance. Feel free to contact me with any questions (

Favorite Authors

Cussing, violence, and sex do not deter me from reading a good book. Some of my favorite authors are Jacqueline Carey, Patrick Rothfuss, Jim Butcher, Karin Lowachee, Orson Scott Card, Terry Pratchett, Elizabeth Bear, J. Bridger, Guy Gavriel Kay, Elizabeth Peters, Brandon Sanderson, Gemma Files, Ken Follett, Neil Gaiman, Octavia Butler, N K Jemisin, Alan Dean Foster, Ann Lyle, Ilana Waters, Stieg Larsson, Mary Roach, Scott Lynch, James Maxey, Kevin Hearne, among many many others.

Review Policy

Dab of Darkness does accept ARCs and review books. Feel free to contact me via email ( to see what my current schedule looks like and to ensure your book fits into my reading tastes (because if it doesn’t, it does neither of us any good).

All reviews are honest reviews. Period. I can not be bribed with chocolate, baby animals, quality sex, money, or ammunition.

Because I work part time for a government check and full time on a small farm, it may take some months to get to your book. I will not guarantee that I will read every review book that ends up in my hands. Unsolicited review copies will go to the bottom of the pile unless I get really excited about them, in which case they will be devoured like any other great book.

Format preference:

Audio (lets me read while my hands are busy, and they are often busy)

Print (I love the feel, smell, and solid thump of a book as it smacks my face as I drift off to sleep)

ebook (mobi, or I have a smashswords account are preferred, tho I can accommodate epub, kindle, & pdf)

Book Tours

Typically, I do an interview of the author. I love to delve into whatever I can find on the web, the author’s blog, their tweets, what is on the publisher’s site. If I have time, I also read their book (provided by them or their author). I don’t charge for this; this entire blog is for fun. Unless I get laid off, in which case this page will be updated.


I really enjoy doing interviews. There is an amazing amount of info about a published person on the internet and I like to rake through it and see what I can pry into. I don’t keep a stock of 200 questions and randomly pull 10 for you to answer. No, I tend to come up with new ones each time. Also, you don’t have to be an author for me to be interested in you. Do you make maps for books? How about card games based on books? Are you publisher or editor? Narrator? Then I probably want to pick your brain. I won’t be gentle.



twitter: @nrlymrtl

S Voss, PO Box 371, Ojo Caliente, NM, 87549, USA

6 thoughts on “Contact/Review Policy

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  3. [...] particular read-along is being led by nrlymrtl, host of the Dab of Darkness blog. Here is [...]

  4. lynnsbooks says:

    hey missus. I nominated you for this purely because I want to see your answers but don’t take part if you’re too busy!
    Lynn :D

  5. lynnsbooks says:

    ha, ha, can’t wait!
    Lynn :D

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