Caliban’s War – The Schedule

I read Leviathan Wakes (Book 1 of The Expanse series) some years ago and I have watched the first season of The Expanse as well. Now the wonderful folks on the SF/F Read Alongs GoodReads group have put together this group read and we’re into Book 2, Caliban’s War. I know I’m a bit late in sharing the schedule and getting my discussion posts up.

Here is the current schedule:

Week 1: Friday 7th July, Prologue to Chapter 12, hosted at Over The Effing Rainbow
Week 2: Friday 14th July, Chapters 13 to 27, hosted at There’s Always Room For One More
Week 3: Friday 21st July, Chapters 28 to 42, hosted by The Illustrated Page
Week 4: Friday 28th July, Chapters 43 to End

Book Blurb for Caliban’s War:

James S.A. Corey’s best-selling hit Leviathan Wakes earned Hugo and Locus Award nominations. In Caliban’s War, the second chapter of Corey’s Expanse series, a desperate Earth politician works tirelessly to prevent war from reigniting. Meanwhile, upheaval takes root on Venus and Ganymede. And amidst this tumult, James Holden and his crew on the Rocinante are charged with the impossible task of saving humanity from a terrifying fate.


As always, folks are welcome to jump in and join us. You don’t have to be a host or a blogger. You can always choose the easy route and tackle the weekly discussion in the comments of the hosting blog. We also have a Goodreads Group started for SF/F Read Alongs in general, and there is a specific folder for this read along. You are welcome to follow the fun there as well.

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