Caliban’s War Part II

The read along of Caliban’s War, Book 2 of The Expanse is off and running! I’m a bit late in posting but this is an awesome group that isn’t rigid about such things. Everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the SCHEDULE for the read along. I’m listening to the audiobook, so apologies for any misspellings.

This week, Imyril at There’s Always Room For One More is our host. We’re covering Chapters 13-27, so be prepared for spoilers below!

1) So – lots of character development this week, and not necessarily in a good way. What do you think about Amos and Jim’s behaviour?

It’s nice to see that Amos has a soft gooey center for kids even if it is rather tiny and hidden under lots of armor and probably full of hard pebbles. However, he’s not the great thinker of the group, is he? In a twisted way, I like that he enjoys bar fights and can be so casual about violence. It makes him immensely useful.

Jim has gotten lazy. He’s been flying around on the Rocinante with all her big guns and hasn’t had to do much quick thinking and smooth talking to get what he wants lately. It’s made him a little too quick to reach for his gun but I don’t feel he’s off the deep end. I wonder why Naomi is so put off by it as I don’t feel it’s extreme. After all, she’s been Amos’s boss (‘friend’ seems like the wrong word) for years now and he’s quick to violence (tho his discernment of when to dish it out seems to be better than Jim’s right now). I think Jim is many far steps from being Miller.

2) What do you make of Avasarala’s management style? Do you think Bobbie will go the distance?

Ha! She makes me laugh. I wish I had more bosses like her because she’s pretty direct about what she wants and how she wants it and she doesn’t mind if you verbally spar with her as long as you’re useful. I hope Bobbie goes the distance. She managed to get this far which is further than I expected.

3) Okay – we’re halfway – time to place our bets. Who do you think is behind the situation on Ganymede? What do you think they are trying to achieve?

I think the protospore has been modified and this is yet another petri dish to see what it does. As to who is behind it, I’m not sure. Holden seems convinced it’s OPA behind it but I’m not sure. Yes, the only publicly known mess of this alien spore was in OPA hands but there’s all that stuff on Venus (and I bet there’s a way to get a probe to steal a bit of it) and then there’s the corporation that placed the goo on Eros. Perhaps they held back a sample that fell into other hands or is still in the hands of the remnants of that corporation.

I don’t know how these kids tie in. They lack a real immune system unless they get regular meds and I think that lack is the key. If you wanted to see what this alien spore could do to human tissue, probably best to find some human tissue that can’t defend itself (lacks an immune system).

4) Is it dead? Do you think putting it out an airlock was the right decision? (…although if you can think of any better ideas, I’m all ears)

I don’t think they had any other better choices in the moment. If they had another friendly ship nearby, I guess they could put the Roci on autopilot for the nearest uninhabited rock or the sun and evacuate. But they didn’t have a nearby friendly ship and it would be a shame to lose the Roci. I hope it’s dead or they just spread bits of this alien spore all over the space near Ganymede. Can it latch onto other ships or even rocks and survive a drop through burning atmosphere? Perhaps.

Other Tidbits:

We haven’t gotten much of Naomi or Alex this round. Tho Naomi’s ability to control that food riot was pretty awesome…. but then folks get food only a few hours before Ganymede starts falling apart. I hope folks died with full stomachs.

I like Prax’s full name (Praxidike Meng).

Holden’s ability to hire security on the fly was great. Amos using canned chicken to get the info was brutal but efficient. Prax’s use of his gun wasn’t particularly useful. I like Amos’s casual acknowledgement that it was his bad.

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Susan (me) at Dab of Darkness

We also have a Goodreads Group started for SF/F Read Alongs in general, and there is a specific folder for this read along. You are welcome to follow the fun there as well.

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