The Thief Taker by C. S. Quinn

Narrator: Napoleon Ryan

Publisher: Brilliance Audio (2014)

Length: 11 hours 28 minutes

Series: Book 1 Charlie Tuesday

Author’s Page

Set in 17th century London, the plague is on! Death is every where. Charlie Tuesday is a thief taker – he’s hired to find those that steal from the dead. Now Marie has hired him to find out who killed her younger sister. Charlie is soon caught up in witchcraft and is a suspect himself.

This was a very interesting book. I was caught up in it right away. I have a morbid interests in plagues so the description for this book had me hooked before I even started it. Now I can’t speak to the validity of the historical details, but on the whole, it was an entertaining fiction.

Charlie Tuesday is a great character. He’s got this dodgy past that’s hinted at throughout the tale, though we learn more of it by the end. While he’s definitely interested in making enough to keep himself fed and housed, he’s also got a moral compass. When he sees what was done to Marie’s sister, he can’t walk away. There are certain details that lead him to believe that her death is not an isolated murder. Someone walks the streets of London dressed as a plague doctor killing people.

Enter the witchcraft aspect. Now I could have used a little more here, but it was still used well to build suspense and provide that sense of the forbidden. Charlie could end up in dire straights indeed if he is arrested for witchcraft!

Then we have Marie. I liked her well enough at the beginning. She had her own motivations and made some tough decisions. Then she gets wrapped up with Charlie and much of her time is spent being the comedic relief or the damsel in distress. I would have enjoyed her character more if she had kept on her initial character arc.

All told, it was a chilling tale of plague, murder, and witchcraft. I look forward to exploring the rest of the series.

I listened to this audiobook through Kindle Unlimited.

The Narration: Napoleon Ryan did a really good job as Charlie Tuesday. I’m not an expert on the various English accents, but I feel Ryan did a good job, keeping all the characters distinct. I also thought his female voices were well done.

What I Liked: Great setting; excellent cover art; chilling murder mystery; the plague!; witchcraft!; Charlie Tuesday is a very interesting character; great narration.

What I Disliked: Could have used more witchcraft; Marie’s character started off good but then became rather silly.

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