Pirates of the Outrigger Rift by Gary Jonas & Bill D. Allen

Narrator: Kate Rudd

Publisher: Brilliance Audio (2014)

Length: 8 hours 23 minutes

Series: Book 1 Tales of the Outyonder

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Sai Collins is an efficient courier and she’s on a secret mission to deliver her last package from the recently murdered security director of Nebulaco. Things don’t go as planned. Pretty soon, she’s teaming up with jaded PI Mike Chandler and prickly pilot Hank Jensen. Oh, and there’s pirates.

This was a fun, light read. There’s plenty of action, snarky comebacks, and humor. While this book is pretty entertaining, don’t look for much depth here. Most of the characters are archetypes; beloved archetypes, but still pretty much cookie cutter characters. Mike is your typical private investigator that’s fed up with the system and wants to do something that will make a positive difference for once. Hank doesn’t mind breaking a few rules to make a little extra cash or even just to stick it to some government agency. He’s kind of a cross between Malcolm Reynolds and Han Solo. They’re fun characters, no doubt.

Sai Collins is pretty much the only female character. She’s a great character, having the most uniqueness of the crew. She’s got these psi-tech abilities, which is her big secret and also the thing that saves her more than once. She’s efficient and can make decisions. Yet…. well, do we really have to attach her to a man to satisfy some plot line? Apparently….

The pirates… well, this story isn’t really about them despite the title. It’s about Sai, Hank, and Mike. The pirates do come into it but they aren’t the central aspect nor the main threat. In fact, most of them are just comedic relief and not very good at being pirates.

In short, it’s a fun read. Just don’t expect too much from the characters or plot. The setting was fun and I did enjoy all the ‘big galaxy to explore or hide out in’ stuff. Also, I’m a sucker for a tale that has a small number of individuals going up against a big corporation.

I listened to this audiobook through Kindle Unlimited.

The Narration: Kate Rudd was fantastic as Sai. She really owned that role and she was great with all of Sai’s emotions and humor. She also had distinct male voices for all the guys.

What I Liked: Great cover art; fun setting; the central plot is one I always go for; Sai Collins is a great character; fun side characters; great narration.

What I Disliked: Not much depth in the characters; Sai is the only female character; the pirates were mostly a joke.