Book Giveaway & Interivew: Goncalo J. Nunes Dias, Author of The Good Dictator

Folks, please give a warm welcome to Gonçalo J. Nunes Dias. He kindly lets me heckle him with questions and is also offering up 5 ebook copies of The Good Dictator, open internationally! Also, he has a GoodReads giveaway for a hardback going on. So check that out as well! Scroll to the end of the post to check out that giveaway!

In addition, on April 12, 2017, The Good Dictator will be free on both and Smashwords!

If you had to choose someone to rescue you from the jaws of certain death would it be a superhero, supernatural creature, or a space alien?

Definitely a space alien that takes me to their planet.

What has been your worst or most difficult job? How does it compare to writing?

A bartender, I really was the worst bartender of the bar, I had no patience for dealing with the clients. Writing, to me, it’s a hobby, I do it for pleasure.

If you had to survive an apocalyptic attack on Earth, which 4 post-apocalyptic authors would you want with you?

None, in a post-apocalyptic world I prefer handyman people.

Who are some of your favorite book villains?

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille from Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment
Teresa Mendoza from The Queen of the South

Do you have any phobias?

Rats like Winston Smith in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

In my experience, some of the best fiction is based on facts. Did you draw upon your Environmental Engineering degree for some aspects of your book?

Yes, no doubts, here’s an excerpt:

Look, Rafael, I don’t know what that is or who they are, but one week ago they parked an object on the Moon and they didn’t make any kind of contact with us until now. This message is not the work of a lunatic who wants to spend money; it would have already been discovered, this message is from someone who sees us as a threat, some kind of plague, and, after an analysis on our consumerist, selfish and destructive behavior decided that six billion of us must die. I don’t know how they are going to do this, but certainly they will do this in a very technologically advanced way and if they are worried about other species, I understand that they will attack especially large cities, I don’t believe they will attack the Amazon region. As such, I believe our only possibility of survival would mean going to an isolated region from the rest of mankind.

If you could sit down and have tea (or a beer) with 5 fictional characters, who would you invite to the table?

I would prefer to sit down and have a nice beer with my grandparents just liked in the old days

What do you do when you are not writing?

Working; playing with my kids; travelling in my own world; trying to find the meaning of life.

Finally, what upcoming events and works would you like to share with the

Well, I will continue writing and publish books, even if no one wants to read them.

About Author GJN Dias:

Gonçalo JN Dias was born in Lisbon in 1977, and graduated in Environmental Engineering and Natural Resources of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco. He lives today in the Basque Country, Spain.

The Good Dictator I, was his first novel, became a bestseller in Portugal and Brazil, and consequently it was translated in two more languages.

Before writing the second part of The Good Dictator, he’s now writing a crime fiction. Besides writing, he is an Ork Tree Expert and Ornithologist.

Places to Stalk GJN Dias

website ~ facebook ~ twitter ~ goodreads ~ Amazon

Book Blurb about The Good Dictator

Synopsis I
An unidentified object parked on the moon – and no one seems to know where it came from. Gustavo, a middle-aged computer programmer with a comfortable and grey life, decides to make a list of what he would need to survive a hypothetical attack. He becomes obsessed with the list, spends a fortune, robs a drugstore: his own family thinks he is going insane. However, after the attack, it’s the insane who are well prepared for a new era in society. First book of a trilogy.

Synopsis II

– A genre-busting book that includes adventure, thriller, dystopia or utopia and an exciting love story.

– A trilogy: part one happens in southwest Europe, in our time.

– The main character, Gustavo, does not get along well with his parents-in-law, and his wife does not like Gustavo’s friends.

– There’s an object parked on the Moon, but curiously, the unfolding of the story does not take place in New York, for instance.

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Check out the GoodReads giveaway for a hardback going on.

In addition, on April 12, 2017, The Good Dictator will be free on both and Smashwords!

Gonçalo is graciously offering up 5 ebooks of The Good Dictator [OPEN INTERNATIONALLY]. Do the Rafflecopter thing below or answer these questions in the comments: 1) Who are some of your favorite book villains? 2) Where do you live? Giveaway ends May 12th, 2017, midnight.

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