That Strange Beauty of Apex Magazine

Heya Folks! I’m giving a shout out about Apex Magazine, a wonderful science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine, featuring not only short fiction but also SFF/Horror/Mashup poetry. Every month Apex gives us a mix of originals and reprints, interspersed with interviews and nonfiction. Some of the featured authors have included: Mary Robinette Kowal, Saladin Ahmed, Genevieve Valentine, Amal El-Mohtar, Forrest Aguirre, Nick Mamatas, Theodora Goss, Nalo Hopkinson, Lucy A. Snyder, Cat Rambo, Jeff VanderMeer, Seanan McGuire, and Jennifer Pelland. Amazing new writers such as Indrapramit Das, T.J. Weyler, Alex Livingston, Ursula Vernon, Kathryn Weaver, Kelly Barnhill, Douglas F. Warrick, and Jeremy R. Butler have also been a part of Apex. And don’t forget that podcast!

Each new issue is posted piecemeal throughout the month and placed on sale the first Tuesday of every month. Content can be read for free via the website. Alternatively, annual subscriptions are available and all our issues can be purchased in single issue formats (ePub/mobi/PDF or from the Kindle and Nook stores–these versions contain exclusive content such as classic reprints and novel excerpts). [I borrowed this bit directly from their website.]

Now Apex is hosting a subscription drive to raise funds. Folks like Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner put in a lot of effort to make Apex awesome. Revive the Drive has more than just Apex subscriptions to offer. There’s collectible art, signed editions, precision roasted coffee (yes, indeed, fancy coffee!), hand-knitted items, and more!

Find Apex on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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