Apex Magazine Short Fiction Podcasts #1-5

Apex Magazine regularly puts out a podcast that features short science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories. Below are my reviews of the first few podcasts. You can find all their podcasts HERE. The narrator for all five is Lynne M. Thomas.

Podcast #1: If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love by Rachel Swirsky

Coming in at just over 5 minutes long, this short piece poses the question of how life might be if your lover was a dino. What shape they would take, how the lovers’ lives would be spent, and how their relationship would bolster science to new heights of bio-engineering. I loved how the author didn’t try to sugar coat what living with a dino would mean. It’s a meat eater. There might be a little gore. It was a fun piece and the narrator did a good job.

Podcast #2: The Face of Heaven So Fine by Kat Howard

In this short fiction (~5 minutes), Rose explores her curiosity about Juliet. It gives new meanings to both ‘love token’ and also ‘lover’s mark’. This luscious little tale shines a new light on love lost. The narration has a few mouth noises but the piece was so engaging I didn’t mind.

Podcast #3: Someone Like You by Margaret Ronald

Oooo! If you enjoyed Peter Clines’ The Fold then you will appreciate this nearly 12 minute long story. Asim and Athnay (I apologize if I have butchered character names) are two scientists working on a project that could change the world. However, a little glitch, something unexpected happens and a second chance is born. The ending was a little poignant, giving weight to the tale. The narrator did a good job.

Podcast #4: Becca at the End of the World by Shira Lipkin

This is a touching story about the end of the world via zombie apocalypse. A mother and daughter share some touching moments together. In only ~9 minutes, Ms. Lipkin managed to squeeze a sympathetic tear out of me. This little tale pulls on the heart strings. Excellent job by the narrator – no mouth sounds and she has clear, distinct voices for the the two characters. She was also excellent at portraying the emotions of the characters.

Podcast #5 This Is a Ghost Story by Keffy R. M. Kehrli

In 16 minutes, the author covers some serious ground. From protests to suicide to commercialism to unrealized dreams. It’s a piece that stirs the blood and makes one wonder where their inner rebel went. There is a cat in the background during this narration and its meows kept on tricking me and my cats. This gave me a chuckle. The narrator did a great job giving attitude at all the right places.

4 thoughts on “Apex Magazine Short Fiction Podcasts #1-5”

  1. I really love Swirsky’s If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love, and it think it translates beautifully to audio. It doesn’t fit the exact definition of a short story, it doesn’t fit the exact definition of a poem. the reader needs to accept that this story doesn’t fit within any labels or categories. and I appreciate that.

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