If the Fish Is a Trout: A Love Story by Bill Stokes

StokesIfTheFishIsATroutNarrator: Johnny Mack

Publisher: Stokes Creative LLC (2017)

Length: 13 minutes

Author’s Page

This is a sweet reminiscence of a man falling in love with a trout taking place in the Wolf River in Wisconsin.

I have never been fishing but this short tale has piqued my interest. I now want to fall in love with a river and her fish and the sport of claiming a meal with patience and perseverance.

Bill Stokes eloquently talks of cool misty mornings as well as steamy afternoons along a river as fish hunters claim their spots and do their best to entice a large trout to sink their mouths on their carefully crafted (or bought) hook-in-disguise. While I have always had some respect for fly fishing, since it requires skill and patience, I now see some beauty in it as well.

As always with Stokes’s works, there’s some humor tucked in here and there. I especially enjoyed his references to love affairs with the fish, his wife’s reactions to his addiction, and the light jabs to those weekend fishermen who drive right up to a chosen spot in the river instead of hiking along the bank a quarter mile or so.

I’ve listened to a few tales by Stokes at this point and I believe this is his most eloquent work. Obviously, he has a love of not only the sport of fishing but also a love and respect for the trout as well.

I received a free copy of this book.

Narration: Johnny Mack did well with this tale. He seemed to get caught up in the beauty of trout season and that came through in his narration.

What I Liked: Eloquent depiction of trout fishing; bits of humor here and there; respect for the fish; good narration.

What I Disliked: Nothing – now I want to try fishing!

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