The Great Fox Hunt by Bill Stokes

StokesTheGreatFoxHuntNarrator: Johnny Mack

Publisher: Stokes Creative LLC (2017)

Length: 15 minutes

Author’s Page

This simple tale of a weekly winter fox hunt evokes nostalgia for a simpler time. The author starts with a short note of his own real encounters with foxes over the years. While he participated in fox hunts as a kid, they were never successful in outsmarting their quarry. It’s clear from the beginning that the author has a deep respect for wildlife and took joy in his non-destructive encounters with foxes, even if it was a mere glimpse.

The tale itself is about a group of teenage boys meeting every Saturday in the winter to hunt a wily fox. They meet up in a warm kitchen where someone’s older female relative takes pity on them, making sure they are full of good cooking before they rush off into the snow and ice. At first, I was concerned that I wouldn’t like this story much because I don’t particularly approve of fox hunting. However, this is not your traditional English fox hunt with horns and horses. And I will tell you upfront that the fox wins out the day.

OK, so the tale itself gave me some good chuckles. The main character telling the tale is honest in that they don’t often see the fox and that there are many times where the fox seems to be leading them on a merry chase, enjoying the game.

When one of the kids does finally see the fox, he’s in no position to shoot at it. Instead, he simply has to admire the wit and regalness of the fox as it lopes off. I also liked the reference to their regular farm chores and how tired they are.

I received a free copy of this book.

Narration: Johnny Mack was a good pick for this short story. He has a fine voice for a tale about teenage boys. During the humorous parts, there’s just a hunt of laugh hiding in the narrator’s voice. 

What I Liked: Evokes nostalgia; the author’s opening note; the cover art; great narration; a fun tale of boys trying to be men; the wily fox.

What I Disliked: Nothing – a fun tale!

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