Vick's Vultures by Scott Warren

WarrenVicksVulturesNarrator: Steven Barnett

Publisher: Parvus Press LLC (2016)

Length: 6 hours 30 minutes

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In a galaxy full of politicians, aliens, and royalty in distress, Victoria Marin her crew of the privateer U. E. Condor are having difficulty locating some worthy salvage. The Vultures are getting restless, so Victoria takes a chance on a faint distress signal. What the Vultures find may be more than they are prepared to handle – First Prince Tavram and his entourage.

This was a fun fast-paced space story. Vick and her Vultures are an efficient crew. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of Tavram and his crew, same as Vick. I was pleased to see several of Tavram’s people meshing with the Vultures. There’s even a little side romance.

Meanwhile, the aliens that tried so hard to take out Prince Tavram won’t easily be put off. Best Wishes of the ship Spring Dawn is in pursuit. I really enjoyed the names of these aliens, such as Modest Barry. Wishes and his crew have their orders and their empire has these hidden motivations that eventually become clear. There are bigger things at work and Vick and her Vultures are now caught up in the middle of this mess.

I read somewhere that this book has been compared to the TV series Firefly. For me, Firefly has a lot of great humor, and it’s a mix of the obvious and the subtle. This book really only has the obvious humor, which is good but I wouldn’t compare this book to Firefly in that way. This book has a great mix of cultures represented in the characters, such as Hu-wan, Uri, Red Calhoun, Vega, etc. In some ways, this story has greater diversity than Firefly.

Over all, it was a pretty fun, light action story. There’s no great in-depth meaning or some soulful love story. It was the perfect book for a busy time of the year when I just want some brain candy. I look forward to seeing what the author does next with this series.

The Narration: Steven Barnett does a great job with all the accents and then the made-up alien accents as well, which included a kind of bug voice and a slightly bubbly like underwater voice. I was really impressed with his range. 

What I Liked: Great cover art; just a fun read all around; great narration; Vick’s Vultures and how they mesh with Prince Tavram’s crew; Best Wishes and his hunt.

What I Disliked: Nothing – it was a fun light read.

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