The Scare Rows by Edward Lorn

LornTheScareRowsNarrator: Commodore James

Publisher: Edward Lorn (2015)

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

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This story is part of the anthology Bad Apples: Five Slices of Halloween Horror but it’s available by itself on

Set in Edward Lorn’s fictional town of Bay’s End, a new Halloween attraction, The Scare Rows, has come to town. People are excited and interested; however, soon they will be horrified or dead.

Mr. Stuart Keane has brought his attraction to town. He says he’s from Lubbock, but he doesn’t really know since his memory is a short and questionable thing. He wanders about Bay’s End handing out tickets to his attraction.

Sara and Scott are out that night for a bit of fun, or arguing, the two mixing together. They go play in a cornfield and something rather unmentionable happens to Sara. Those that knew her begin to forget her. Scott and his pitbull, Little Scott, are hired by Mr. Keane to provide security for Keen’s attraction while he finishes setting it up.

The attraction finally opens on Halloween and at first, it is everything and a bit more than folks were expecting. Pretty soon things turn messy as the more fantastical elements of the attraction come to life and take their toll. At first, I was a little horrified and this pleased me because this is a horror story. However, things did get a little repetitive. Corn was a major theme and so once I saw one corn monster, the others weren’t that scary nor were they unexpected.

The tale did end on a strong note, with some mystery left. Bay’s End will have to pull itself together, again.

Narration: Commodore James did a great job with this book. He had a handful of accents to do, and he did them well. I also liked his arguing couple – Scott and Sara.

What I Liked: I will never look at cornfield attractions the same way again; fun, horrific premise for the story; solid ending.

What I Disliked: The monsters were a little repetitive and predictable after the first appearance.

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