Naamah's Kiss Part IV

Clementine being cute.
Clementine being cute.

The read along continues with Naamah’s Kiss, Book 1 of Moirin’s trilogy! Everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the SCHEDULE for the read along.

This week, Allie at Tethyan Books is our host. We’re covering Chapters 37-48, so be prepared for spoilers below!

1) The Circle of Shalomon still moves forward, despite the spirits’ tricks and the drain on Moirin. Do you think there is any deeper intent behind the gift Moirin receives, and the kindness of the spirits to her? Do you have any thoughts on how the gift might be involved with her destiny?

I really don’t recall where this demon-summoning business goes. I think Moirin has been respectful and that counts for something with the demons since it seems the Circle has been rather rude to them. It really shows that being polite doesn’t hurt and can sometimes save you a bit of pain.

As to how it might relate to her destiny, well that’s still hidden, right? And the charm is to reveal hidden things. Perhaps she won’t be able to figure it out herself, even with the hot/cold flaring of her inner Bear.

2) Moirin’s gift puts her in a difficult position, where wanting to help people could eventually kill her. Do you think you would be able to refuse the healing and/or the summoning if you were in Moirin’s place?

Tough question. She’s in a foreign land, and while she does have her own funds, she is still trying to get her feet under her. I would definitely have trouble refusing the healing gifts, but the summoning is another thing entirely. No one else in the Circle seems to be drained like Moirin is and it’s very disappointing that they don’t really acknowledge that effort. Plus they are dealing with tricky spirits that have their own motivations, motivations that the Circle certainly doesn’t understand.

3) Phanuel returns! Do you have any new thoughts about him on his second visit? Later, when he is ill, do you think he would have agreed for Moirin to take such a risk (including her bargain to Raphael) to heal him?

Phanuel is such a steady, good influence on Moirin. He’s accepting but also gentle in pointing out areas that she perhaps needs to give more attention to.

No, I don’t think he would have agreed for Moirin to take such a risk, nor would he have agreed on the bargain she made with Raphael. But, honestly, it’s Raphael I want to smack! He totally guilted Moirin into giving more and more and then he blamed her for his embarrassment with the court, when that was all his doing.

4) Were you surprised when Jehanne is finally the one to rescue Moirin from being bled dry? Do you trust her motivations? On the other side, what do you think about how Raphael and Thierry handled her being rescued from them?

Turns out Jehanne has more layers than I recalled. I think she was genuinely concerned for Moirin. She is fond of her. The fact that she basically brought the garden to her rooms to assist in healing her showed compassion and caring.

And yet… Do I trust her? No. She has been living a life full of double meanings and twisting words to suit herself. She has been the center of attention for so long. I think it’s hard for her to give that up because it has been her source of power (and stability) for so long.

Raphael was a right ass as I said above in a previous question. Thierry, well, he was a little bit of an ass as well, but I think his apology was sincere and he and Moirin will be good friends.

5) Do you think Moirin is a good Queen’s Companion? What do you think of her influence on Jehanne, and has your perspective of Jehanne and the complicated love polygon changed?

I thin kMoirin is doing the best that she can. She’s young and this is a new job to her entirely. They don’t have Queen’s Companions where she’s from so even the concept is something rather new to her (unless she read about her great (X 4 or 5) grandmother Amarante). I do think she is a very good influence on Jehanne. My only concern is that Moirin is still learning the politics of the City of Elua and could possibly push Jehanne astray unknowingly in some matter.

Jehanne seems to be making a true effort at motherhood despite all her fears. I think it was good for her to open up to Moirin about her own mother and her fears.

6) We see another Longest Night! Did anything notable stick out to you this time? What did you think of the court festivities with respect to the Night Court?

I wish Moirin’s outfit was on the cover of the book. The black ravens and all. Sounds so lush! The Night Court afterwards was fun. I think it was wise of Thierry to refuse to go with them. It would be odd to see your stepmother and your former lover enjoying a bit of debauchery. I liked how Moirin summoned the Twilight and they basically had sex in a public place. Good for them!

Other Tidbts:

Lo Feng’s and Bao’s rolls weren’t very big in this section but I’m still enjoying them as characters. Feng seems to see more than he lets on and is obviously concerned for Moirin as well as Raphael.

I think King Daniel is being very reasonable about all this. I just hope that Jehanne keeps her promise, especially now that she’s gone through the open-your-womb rights. I don’t doubt that her current pregnancy is due to her time with King Daniel, but I worry about after the birth and down the road. Jehanne seems rather mercurial.

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6 thoughts on “Naamah's Kiss Part IV”

  1. I hadn’t thought of using the gift to reveal her destiny. That’s a good idea. I guess I was only thinking of it in terms of finding physical objects, but they didn’t say it had any kind of limitation like that.

    I was really frustrated on Moirin’s behalf that no one in the Circle seemed to care how badly it was hurting her.

    As for Moirin accidentally leading Jehanne astray, I hope Jehanne is experienced enough to keep that from happening :). I guess we’ll see in the next bit!

    1. The Circle has ‘benefited’ from Moirin’s efforts (at least they now know they were headed in the right direction even if they weren’t capable of summoning a spirit) and I think they should show more concern for her well-being. But I’m also enjoying disliking them and hoping that most of them get a lesson from the spirits (but not one that proves fatal).

      1. Good point– if nothing else, using up Moirin means they no longer have the power to summon anything. They really should be more patient and give her more recovery time. They kinda got one lesson already, with the super-annoying ant language. I am afraid their ambition will get them in more trouble, though.

  2. This was a reread for me as well and I had completely forgotten all of the demon summoning bits, which is strange considering that’s something I really enjoy. Reading about summoning demons, not doing it, that is. 😀

    I enjoy King Daniel’s character so much, and I love seeing the way that he and Jehanne negotiate the boundaries of their relationship.

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