Naamah's Kiss Part III

Clementine being cute.
Clementine being cute.

The read along continues with Naamah’s Kiss, Book 1 of Moirin’s trilogy! Everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the SCHEDULE for the read along.

This week, Grace at Books Without Any Pictures is our host. We’re covering Chapters 27-36, so be prepared for spoilers below!

1. What are your impressions of Queen Jehanne?

Wow! This lady has issues. She’s a bit of a control freak and she needs to be the center of attention. On the other hand, she does hold true to her vow to Naamah, even if she skirts the edge a little. So I think her service to Naamah must have given her something she desperately needed and that she cherishes. I’m guessing stability, purpose, and love.

2. Moirin has found herself in the middle of a sticky love triangle. How do you think it will play out?

I think Moirin will tired of it and be the bigger person. She will wish them well and walk away. Or, at least, I hope so. I really don’t recall how that love triangle ends.

3. Now that we finally get to meet Moirin’s father, what do you think of him?

Phanuel was great, wasn’t he? He was very accepting and curious about his daughter’s life. She was also curious about his life. I liked that there was this instant trust, and in Phanuel’s case, I don’t think it was misplaced (like it was with the Queen’s Poet and Jehanne herself).

4. The scene with the summoning of Valac seems to be a shift in tone from the rest of the series. Is the Circle in over its head? What do you think is happening here?

Here we have D’Angelines actively doing magic, and I don’t feel it is their strong suit. Obviously, the Circle isn’t too interested in listening to Moirin’s input. Also, I think there should be plenty of writings in the School of Magic about demons and their trickery, so I think these particular D’Angelines must also be on an ego trip.

5. What do you think of the descriptions so far of the Ch’in?

So far, we’ve had very little. We know there were Tartar raids in the past and we know that in at least some of the Ch’in cultures public affection is a no-no. I’ve never been much of a believer in chakras or chi, but I think these things definitely add to the Ch’in characters.

Other Tidbts:

That fox hunt was all the things about trophy/sport hunting that I don’t like. I’m a meat eater and I’ve raised and butchered my own goats and chickens. I have a lot of respect for hunters when they do so like Moirin (for sustenance).

I recall in the first trilogy when Phedre decided to re-enter Naamah’s service as a woman of the peerage, how it was such a scandal at the time. Now, it’s fairly common place.

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4 thoughts on “Naamah's Kiss Part III”

  1. I’m a little delayed on commenting, but finally found some time this holiday season :).

    I really don’t like fox hunting either (and I am also a meat-eater). There’s something that feels wrong about killing animals for no other purpose than diversion. I feel the same way about bullfighting.

    I am eager to see more of Ch’in.

  2. “So I think her service to Naamah must have given her something she desperately needed and that she cherishes.” YES! And I hope for her sake that she can continue to find that. 🙂

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