Naamah's Kiss Part II

Clementine being cute.
Clementine being cute.

The read along continues with Naamah’s Kiss, Book 1 of Moirin’s trilogy! Everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the SCHEDULE for the read along.

This week, I am your host. We’re covering Chapters 13-26, so be prepared for spoilers below!

1) How does one go about finding their destiny? Do you think Moirin is doing a good job of finding her’s? How did you find your own destiny, or have you?

I think one has to step outside their comfort zone to find their destiny. I think it’s rare for it to simply plop into someone’s lap and even if it did so, that person would have to grab it by the horns and master it it. So, with that in mind, I think Moirin is doing the right thing right now – leaving home and searching for her father.

However, on the other hand she seems to think her destiny is tied to a man. She checks with her inner voice each time she’s attracted to a man – like with Theo the cab driver, and the sailor boy, and finally with Raphael. I have only vague memories of this book, but I don’t think her destiny is tied solely to a man, so I look forward to her coming to that realization and looking beyond to something bigger.

I thought I had found my destiny, but this past year I have had to reevaluate all that since I have been rather ill and have had to give up most of my activities. Hopefully, that will all be different within a year’s time. Heck, maybe I have 2 destinies and I already fulfilled Destiny #1 and now I need to find Destiny #2.

2) Moirin is pretty uncomfortable within stone walls and cities in general. Have you ever found yourself in a similar position, whether in the forest or at sea or in a large city?

Yes, definitely. I have always lived in small cities. I think the largest was probably Clinton, Illinois in the mid 1980s. After college, my man and I went to New York to visit his sister for a week and that was quite the difference. I tried to overcome my uncomfortableness by being polite and friendly and a little outgoing with people, but mostly people just looked at me strangely.

I think Moirin is doing a better job than I did. She knows she has to get used to it if she is to be successful in her travels, but she also realizes that she has to do it in steps.

3) We continue to meet or hear about descendants of characters we met in the first 6 books. Who has caught your attention the most?

Oh! Definitely Amarante, who has turned out to be Moirin’s great time 3 or 4 grandmother on her father’s side. I think that’s awesome that we have these ties back to the first 2 trilogies, but they aren’t so much that folks just jumping into this series will be annoyed or lost by it.

4) The Maghuin Dhonn. The Tsingani. Do you see parallels between the two or how they are treated?

So far, it looks like the Tsingani are more accepted now than they were a few generations back. So I feel that the Maghuin Dhonn are currently in the same social acceptance place that the Tsingani were back in the the time of Phedre and Joscelin. I hope the Maghuin Dhonn do become as accepted and as successful as the Tsingani.

With that said, there’s obviously still the social snobbiness in Terre D’Ange culture. For instance, the Tsingani do tend to live in a specific section of the City of Elua, a bit removed from the rest of the folks. And, obviously, Moirin is seeing first hand how people react to her Maghhuin Dhonn heritage.

5) First impressions of the denizens of the City of Elua? Of Raphael de Mereliot?

The City of Elua seems a bit harsher towards outsiders in this series, but it might just be we are seeing it now, whereas the first 2 trilogies were told through the eyes of a native to the City. I like that Moirin gave the opinionated ladies she shared the cab ride with a second chance. In some ways, they meant well even if they had superiority complexes.

Raphael seems to have all sorts of ulterior motives. First, there is his spat with his lover, Queen Jehane. That just has DANGER all over it. Then he has some mysterious business going on that we’ve only seen hinted at so far. He does seem really interested in Moirin’s small magics.

6) Morin continues her hunt for her D’Angeline heritage. What do you expect from Phanuel, her father?

I really have forgotten how that turns out. Since Phanuel is a priest of Naamah, I expect he will be accepting of Moirin, but I really am not sure how much responsibility he will feel towards Moirin. After all, he has probably had a few dozen couplings and he may very well have fathered several children. Hopefully, we shall see how that falls out n the next section.

Other Tidbts:

I like that Moirin continues to talk to trees, but I also appreciate that she can’t do the same thing with sea creatures. J. Carey has done a great job of putting limits on Moirin’s magical abilities and so far is sticking to them.

Moirin really has no impulse control when it comes to calling the twilight and spying on people. I don’t think she means any harm by it and she does have this very curious nature. Plus, this was totally acceptable where she came from and was a survival technique. However, I do worry that it could get her in trouble.

Raphael’s loss of his parents was definitely sad. I think it’s good he is finally talking to someone about it, even if he is a bit surprised and defensive at first in doing so.

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8 thoughts on “Naamah's Kiss Part II”

  1. I wonder about Phanuel and how many children he may have! Then again, if he mainly stayed on his own shores he probably won’t have too many children as the women of Terra D’Ange have that closed womb affair going on don’t they?
    Raphael – I couldn’t help feeling if there was more to the story of his parents – as though he thought their accident maybe wasn’t an accident??
    Lynn 😀

  2. I am also a small city person. I don’t think I could be happy, long-term, in a city like NYC.

    I think at least Phanuel wants to meet her, since he has asked people at the shrine to keep an eye out for her! So far I think I have the most positive view of him than of anyone else in the book, and we haven’t even met him yet :).

    I think Raphael’s bound to hurt her in some way, but at least so far his ulterior motives have been pretty… above board? If Moirin expressed any interest, it seems like he would discuss his plans with her. As it is, I fear she’s going to blunder into a world of pain at his hands.

    1. True. Raphael has been honest about his dual interests in her – he likes her AND she will drive Jehane a little crazy with jealousy. Still, even with the honesty, this might not be the healthiest of relationships.

  3. Even though she does keep asking questions about whether men are tied to her destiny, I think we’ve seen enough so far to assume she’s bi, so maybe she’ll be surprised to find out that her destiny involves a woman?

    1. Yes, I do believe you’re right. It’s just at this stage she seems to be thinking her destiny is linked to a romantic interest, and it may very well be bigger than that.

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