Guest Post: Inkitt publishes 4 algorithm-picked books and launches iOS app

You’ve previously read about Inkitt on Dab of Darkness, they are the first readers-driven book publisher and a fast-growing community for readers and writers. Emerging authors share their work on Inkitt to get feedback and find an audience while fiction lovers discover new writers and ‘read tomorrow’s bestsellers today for free’. Inkitt has developed an algorithm which analyzes reading behavior: as readers read, the algorithm gathers data and analyzes to understand how strong a potential a novel has to become a bestseller.

Last week, Inkitt launched their 4th algorithm-picked book, Esper Files. Ryan Attard’s novel was the winner of Inkitt’s Sky Bound writing contest. Esper Files follows a group of supernatural people and their struggle to use their abilities for good or evil. The book launched on the 2nd of November and within hours of release became a best seller on Amazon in its genre.


Prior to that, Inkitt published two YA books, I Was A Bitch by Emily Ruben who won Inkitt’s Grand Novel writing contest and Just Juliet by Charlotte Reagan who won the Swoon writing contest. Right after launch the reviews on Amazon came pouring in and both novels quickly became best sellers in their respective categories. Just Juliet, a coming out novel by a lesbian author, received immense support and praise within the LGBT community and remains the #1 best seller 8 weeks after launch in the Teen & Young Adult LGBT Issues Fiction category.



Inkitt’s first publishing contest, Dreamlands, introduced Linda L. Garcia and her novel Catalyst Moon. This is the first volume in the exciting new fantasy series Incursion and reviewers on Amazon are already anxiously awaiting the release of the next book in the series.

Inkitt runs regular writing contests to help new writers get discovered and kickstart their career. They are all free to enter and all submissions are accepted as long as they fit within the respective guidelines. Their latest contest, The Novelist, just wrapped up and Inkitt will soon be announcing the three authors whose novels have been chosen for publication. Along with the release of these new novels, Inkitt is also hard at work to launch their next writing contest. Keep an eye out for the announcement here and on their Facebook Page.

Finally, for those of you who prefer to read on your iPhone and iPad, Inkitt has just launched their iOS app globally: it’s available to download on the App Store here.

The app offers a substantially better reading experience:

  • It’s fast and seamless, optimised for iOS devices
  • You can also read when offline, by adding stories to your ‘Offline Library’
  • Each user receives personalized reading suggestions based on selected fiction genres
  • You can customize the font sizes and background colors to meet your reading preferences

Other cool features: autoscrolling with adjustable speed and navigation between screens with a swipe. Really liked those two.

Here’s an intro video where you can get a taste of the app, it’s free to download too:

Introducing Inkitt for iOS: Read great novels by up-and-coming authors on your iPhone and iPad from Inkitt – The Hipster’s Library on Vimeo.


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